1/20/2010 - Meeting Minutes

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1/20/2010 - Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Acting Chairman Michael Yacino, Chairwoman Marylynne Dube, Leon Mosczynski, Linda Brown, Ralph Dudley, Brandi Van Roo, Kelley Donley (Associate Member), Tracey Sharkey (Associate Member) William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Maria Chesley (Administrative Secretary). Absent was David Windoloski and Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent).

a. Stormwater Management Bylaws. Cundiff stated that this bylaw is for land that has any water discharge (rivers, streams, etc) for one acre, 40,000 square feet or more and that Town Counsel consolidated both bylaws into one. The following two “draft” bylaws were submitted to the Commission for review and comment: Stormwater Management and Land Disturbance Bylaw and Post-Construction Stormwater Management Bylaw.
The Commission reviewed nine (9) issues that need to be considered to be added to the bylaw.
1. Identification of the Authorized Enforcement Agency and the Permitting Authority. The Commission agreed to issue the permit and be the enforcement agent.
2. Level of Detail in the bylaw. The Commission wants the bylaw to be kept general and regulations can be adopted later.
3. Threshold for permitting requirements. The Commission agreed to impose a threshold for a project of one (1) acre of land disturbance.
4. Exemptions. The Commission would like this to remain the same but asked Cundiff to get information from other towns.
5. Procedural Requirements. The Commission agreed that public hearings should be held for permit applications (the same procedure that is used now for any application).
6. Contents of the Application. The Commission agreed that for a Stormwater Permit, an Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan, a Stormwater Management Plan and an Operation and Maintenance Plan, for both structural and non-structural stormwater controls be submitted.
7. (#8 & #9) Fees. The Commission agreed that Administrative Fees and Review & Inspections Fees (53E ½) should be charged. Cundiff to look into this.
Cundiff, Dube and Yacino will meet and consolidate both bylaws for a subsequent meeting. The “draft” will be e-mailed to the members for their
b. Stuart Snow, 25 Hough Road: Dock filing. Due to Mr. Snow receiving a letter from DEP stating that he may be in violation for his dock, Abutter Jesse Rinaldi came in on behalf of her Grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Laramee, 17 Hough Road, who had built their dock in 1948 and wants to know if they need to file with DEP or the Town. The Commission will review all of the letters received and schedule a site walk but will take no action at this time.

7:35 PM - DEP #143-0815 (NOI) PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED – 49 Lindbergh Avenue / SOCRAT, PATRICIA & AARON
Mr. Socrat present to state that the ZBA 20-day appeal period is over. A MOTION was made by Brown to close the Public Hearing and issue an Order of Conditions, seconded by Dudley. VOTE: YES-5, ABSTAINED-1. MOTION PASSED.

1. Certificate of Compliance: Steven Bagdis, 90 Peters Cove
2. Negative Determination of Applicability: Andrew Petruccelli, 11 Newport Drive
3. Order of Conditions: Patricia & Aaron Socrat, 49 Lindbergh Avenue

After review, a MOTION was made by Brown to approve the Meeting Minutes of Monday, January 4, 2010, as written, seconded by Dudley. VOTE: YES-4, ABSTAINED-2. VOTE PASSED.

“North Village” (Chapter 40B project) located off of North Street / TAIPALE, EDWIN – NORTH BROWN, LLC
Present on behalf of the Applicant was Attorney Edwin Taipale and Paul Hutnak of Heritage Design Group. Taipale said that in the fall of 2008, BSC Group delineated the wetlands. The single family homes have been eliminated and additional condominiums were added for a total of 124. Possible water tanks will be located on the industrial zoned area. A public park will be located within the subdivision and sidewalks will be constructed on North Street. Hutnak said that the only issue was the wetland crossing, which has been resolved. Yacino asked that the perimeter of the property be marked so that the residents know their limits in the open space area. Taipale said that ZBA stated in their conditions that there would be no activity of motorized vehicles on open space land. Cundiff said that he had drainage concerns but by eliminating the houses there are no longer issues in that area and everything else had been addressed. Hutnak will make the revisions on the final plan for the next meeting. The Order of Conditions will state that there will be no motorized vehicles in the open space area and “The Association” will be the “Enforcement Authority”. A MOTION was made by Brown to close the Public Hearing and issue an Order of Conditions, seconded by Dube. VOTE: YES-5, ABSTAINED-1. VOTE PASSED.
Present on behalf of the Applicant was Eric Bazzett of Andrews Survey. Bazzett said that he staked the area of disturbance and the straw bale line. He discovered that the well had been drilled 15-feet closer to the septic system and he needs to move the leaching trenches and will use a polyethylene barrier along the outside. Bazzett will be going before the Board of Health for these changes to be approved. A MOTION was made by Brown to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, March 1, 2010, at 7:30pm, seconded by Dudley. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

At 8:10pm, a MOTION was made by Mosczynski to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Van Roo, VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria D. Chesley
Administrative Secretary
Community Development Dept.
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