BOS - April 5, 2010

BOS - April 5, 2010

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APRIL 5, 2010
APPROVED April 20, 2010

• Call to Order

Mr. Hughes called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Center Resource
Board: Michael Hughes (Chairman), Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, John Bombara,
Scott Medeiros, and Michael Guzinski (Executive Administrator). Suzanne Kane
(Administrative Assistant) absent.

Mr. Hughes noted the purpose of this meeting is to reconsider the debt exclusion
Article which includes the bundling of the Library Project with the designs of the Police
Station, Highway Garage and Sewer Extension. He noted that the Library Trustees
have voted and are recommending unbundling these items.
Mr. Guzinski distributed suggested language for separate articles and motions.
He noted that should the Board vote approve the suggested Articles it has to be into the
Town Clerks office by the end of the business day tomorrow. Mr. Hughes indicated
that this would involve rescinding the previous vote and take a new vote. Mr. Guzinski
noted that the Capital Improvement Committee did discuss this; however, they took no
formal action.
Lengthy discussion ensued. Some members felt that there would be no problem
with unbundling; however, others felt unbundling could be detrimental to all the projects.
Ms. Brouillette reported as a member of the Capital Improvement Committee,
that the Committee was charged with looking at the technical needs of the Town and
put together a plan to meet those needs. The Building Needs Study has been reviewed
for a long time as well. She discussed the competitive environment as far as the
building industry due to the economic climate. She feels that this should be presented
as a plan for the community. In addition, she discussed the bonding costs which make
the bundling of projects as a comprehensive plan more attractive.
Chief Gonynor felt that if the Board agrees to not bundle the Library with the
other projects then, the Highway Garage and Police Department should be separated
also. In addition, he noted that due to debt falling off, there would not be a significant
impact to tax payers for these projects as they are bundled. He also noted the
importance of having designs ready in the event that any grant or stimulus money
becomes available. He noted the importance of the Sewer Extension due to the
potential for bringing revenues into the Town.
It was noted that the Library Project is a building correction for ADA compliance
and is a different type of project than the designs for the other projects that are
somewhat related. Further discussion held.
Mr. Medeiros made a motion to rescind the previous vote. Mr. Bombara
seconded the motion. Vote: Aye – Mr. Hughes, Mr. Bombara, Mr. Medeiros. No –
Mr. Cohen, Ms. Brouillette. Motion carries. Mr. Guzinski advised that it takes two
thirds majority to approve debt exclusion. However, it takes a simple majority to rescind
it. Mr. Medeiros made a motion to place the Articles separately on the Warrant
and on the Ballot as presented by Mr. Guzinski. Mr. Bombara seconded the
motion. Vote: Aye – Mr. Hughes, Mr. Bombara, Mr. Medeiros. No – Mr. Cohen, Ms.
Brouillette. Motion fails.
Mr. Cohen notes that for the public safety portion of the projects, the first thing
that needs to be accomplished is the feasibility and schematic design. He suggests
perhaps moving forward with a small part of this design to answer some of the larger
Mr. Guzinski noted that in reviewing the Five Year Capital Plan, the actual
feasibility study of the Police Station and Highway Garage is approximately $125,000.
This does not include a design. It would determine if the site is suitable and have all the
basic study work done. He noted that funds cannot be borrowed for a study they would
have to be appropriated. It would be his recommendation to appropriate through the
stabilization fund.
Mr. Bombara felt it would be important to speak to the land owner involved to
determine if they are willing to sell and for how much before funds are spent on a study.
Mr. Cohen indicated that the initial phase of the feasibility study would be to determine if
the site is feasible or if there is another more appropriate site.
Mr. Cohen therefore, suggested going forward with the Library Project as a debt
exclusion and simultaneously moving forward with appropriating funds out of
stabilization for the feasibility study. Ms. Brouillette pointed out that taking money from
stabilization has implications for bonding. It was felt this should be further reviewed with
appropriate data regarding the impact. Further discussion held.
Mr. Bombara made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:21 PM. Mr.
Medeiros seconded the motion. All – aye.
Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Lannon
Recording Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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