BOS - April 13, 2010

BOS - April 13, 2010

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APRIL 13, 2010
Approved May 18, 2010

• Call to Order

Mr. Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM in the Municipal Center Resource Room.

Board: Michael Hughes (Chairman), Paula Brouillette, Scott Medeiros, Mitch Cohen, Michael Guzinski (Executive Administrator).
ABSENT: John Bombara.

Mr. Hughes indicated the purpose of this meeting is for the evaluation of the Executive Administrator. He thanked members for getting the working documents back to him and noted that he has provided a summary of the scores and comments categorized in strengths and weaknesses which he reviewed in detail.
Mr. Guzinski thanked the Board for a positive working relationship. He will look at improving the areas of weaknesses described.
Mr. Hughes noted that overall the scores were above average. Discussion held regarding the detail of some of the comments.
Mr. Medeiros made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:26 PM. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. All – Aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Lannon
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