BOS - September 20, 2005

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BOS - September 20, 2005

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Board of Selectmen
September 20, 2005

6:30 pm
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

7:05 pm
3. Mass Electric

4. Citizen’s Forum

7:30 pm
5. Liquor License Application

7:45 pm
6. Entertainment License

7. Common Victuallers License

8. Proposed TIP Policy

8:00 pm
9. Personnel Bylaws

10. Survey of Gilboa Street / Lackey Dam Road by Heritage Design Group

8:30 pm
11. Northwoods Subdivision

8:45 pm
12. Winter Street

13. Town Use: Democratic Town Com.; Octoberfest Com.; Birthday party

14. Administrators Report

15. Old/New Business

16. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
October 4th:
Lib. Trustees; TIFF’s
October 18th: Emergency Mgmt – Ernie Marks
TBD: Audit w/School
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
September 20, 2005
APPROVED - October 18, 2005

• Informational Workshop:
Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. David Furno was absent.

Michael Guzinski went over the following items:
Winter Street
Uxbridge Shell Station
Animal Control Officer
Gilboa Street Water Line
Town Accountant Search
4 Town Meeting
Fatal Accident in Town
Rt. 16 Project

The Board of Selectmen moved their meeting to the Resource Room.

1. Call to order:
Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. David Furno was absent.

Other Staff and Citizens: Police Chief Foley, Town Engineer William Cundiff, Personnel Board Chair Christine Hall, Personnel Board Members Ray Timpone, Cynthia Leven, and David St. George, Tree Warden Leon Mosczynski, from Mass Electric Key Account Manager Michael Peterson, CPE, Manager Disruption Design Roger Cox, ACT Program Project Manager Kenneth Finch, National Grid Claims Representative Joseph Blancato, and Lead Arborist Anne Marie Moran, Cable Advisory member Mitch Cohen, Debra Dunleavy, William Pybas, Lois Tusino, Francis Kelleher and other citizens.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
• Friends Of Preschool and Kindergarten: Shirley Mosczynski
congratulated the FOPK and their Chair’s Denise Skowronski and Kathleen Hayes for going above and beyond their goal for the playscape at the Early Learning Center.
• Octoberfest: Shirley Mosczynski announced that Octoberfest will be Saturday, October 1, 2005. She read a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from David St. George, Octoberfest Committee Parade Chairman. The letter stated Octoberfest raises money for organizations in town. Last year they donated $320,000 to various Douglas organizations. In his letter he asked the Board of Selectmen to participate in their parade which forms on West Street at 8:45 am, stepping off at 9:00 am and ending at the Post Office. She thanked David St. George and all of the Committee for all their work over the year.
• 5th Annual Greenway Challenge: Shirley Mosczynski announced that the 5th Annual Greenway Challenge starts this Saturday, September 24th. It starts at 9:00 am at the Grafton Common. The first cycling leg goes through Douglas at North and Gilboa Street around 10:30 am. There are several participants from Douglas. Good luck to all. There are about 70 groups participating – some international.

3. Mass Electric:
Michael Peterson and Roger Cox came before the Board for a Mass Electric update. Shirley Mosczynski stated that Mass Electric was supposed to give an update at their last meeting but due to the hurricane they came tonight. Michael Peterson stated the hurricane did slow them down. He stated he had sent an update by email to Michael Guzinski this morning. He went over his email. He presented his update in a format that followed the pie chart from their previous meeting.
• Animal: Low voltage electrical fences were ordered for the substations. They should be delivered and installed in October.
• Equipment Failure: Mass Electric is purchasing automatic radio controlled switchers. 42 transformers were replaced – when they change the transformer they change the pod cut out. They replaced a step-down back in the Webster Street area.
• Human Element: One thing that slowed work down was the contractors that were slated to work in Douglas are now in the Gulf region. They continue to stress a “tailboard” pre-construction conferences.
• Human Element – Motor Vehicle Accidents: There have not been a lot of accidents – most poles have a reflective strip on them.
• Tree Trimming: Spot tree trimming continues. Right now there is no main line tree trimming under the ACT program. This trimming will start soon. They have already held Planning Board hearings and have a list of approved streets. Paula Brouillette asked how they feel going into the winter season. Michael Peterson stated it’s an unknown as to what the season is going to bring but he has a good feeling. It still comes down to trees that fall – things that are out of their control. Paula Brouillette asked what the root causes for the duration being 2 ½ times when the power is out. Michael Peterson stated distance is a factor. They will look into stationing a trouble man in the community if they see/predict a trouble storm coming so they can be a first responder. They are improving but they are not there yet – not until they get the 4th line. Paula Brouillette asked about an update of measurements – how often is that updated and can they get a copy of it. Michael Peterson stated it’s generally updated on a as necessary basis. It’s something they could look at but it’s so weather related and the weather lately has been better. Paula Brouillette asked what the goal would be; all things being equal, if in all the area towns the equipment is the same and the weather is the same, the data should be the same. But it is her impression that Douglas is considerably higher. She is looking for the comparative data. Michael Peterson stated that generally they get that data calendar year, January 1 to December 31. They could probably look at quarter year data but he thinks it would give her an incorrect impression because the period is so small. The times they have problems is in the dead heat of summer and the dead of winter. They need that long time span to get a decent average. Rich Preston thanked Mass Electric for being so professional and then asked what criteria they are using to replace transformers. Roger Cox stated it is mostly summer peak load or percent load. Rich Preston asked if there is going to be a policy so they will be more proactive in terms of equipment replacement and assessment. Roger Cox stated that over the years they have had a robust replacement policy. Doing what they are doing in Douglas this year he does not perceive a problem. Michael Peterson interjected that because of the problems they have had in Douglas they are in the ‘over compensation’ mode and need to get in the middle. He does not want to get to the other end of the pendulum where they wait too long. Rich Preston asked if the re-closing system is a new system – it was his understanding that they had power coming from several different directions and if one kicked out the other would come in. Michael Peterson stated that up until June of this year there were two lines that brought the bulk of electricity into Douglas. With the addition of the third line in June it gave them more flexibility. The reclosure scheme will have the opportunity to isolate areas. They can also bring electricity to an area from a different route. Shirley Mosczynski asked what was going on at Wallace Street and Wallum Lake Road. She has a letter from Lou and Barbara Morton of 14 Wallis Street who have lost a total of $746.49 worth of equipment. Another man on Wallum Lake Road, who is here in the audience, has problems with low voltage and losing equipment. Michael Peterson stated that the three transformers that went out due to lightning strikes were in that area. When Mass Electric does something inappropriate they will pay for replacement but they will not pay for lightening damage. Shirley Mosczynski stated these are dates when there were no storms. Michael Peterson stated they will look into the Morton’s claim. Francis Kelleher of 128 Wallum Lake Road stated he has lost things and there was no lightning. Mass Electric was supposed to put a measuring device on Wallum Lake Road. That has been ongoing for two months. They put one on four weeks ago that failed. They are supposed to put another one on but haven’t yet. He knows they replaced a transformer. One other thing he has asked for is that a comprehensive maintenance plan be provided to the Town. He would like to know what the schedule is for replacing equipment. Shirley Mosczynski stated they have asked for one but they don’t have it. Michael Peterson stated they don’t have one – their equipment is not categorized for it. Roger Cox stated that the transformers have no moving parts – they last a long time. If they are replaced it is because of load. It’s not uncommon for a transformer to last 60 years. Shirley Mosczynski asked about Mrs. Wallis on Wallis Road – she hasn’t had any more calls from her but she was one of the people that still didn’t have power after everyone else came back on. Michael Peterson stated he is not sure what the problem there was. Everyone thinks that because the electricity comes from Mass Electric that it is them that cause the problems. He offered as a possibility, without picking on Mrs. Wallis, there are circumstances where the problems lie in the homeowner’s responsibility and a licensed electrician must look at it. He gave an example from another community where a every time a homeowner turned his air conditioning on all the lights in the house dimmed. It turned out that the wire size from the main switch where the meter was to the location of the air conditioner was too small. Ray Timpone of North Street asked if they had some sense of the transformers in Douglas that are overloaded beyond what they could handle. Roger Cox stated yes – replacing transformers that are overloaded is a normal course of business. There was discussion about determining overloads. Rich Preston asked if Michael Peterson gets a report of how many kilowatt hours homes are using – it would be one way to efficiently look for hot areas. Michael Peterson stated they do. Rich Preston stated he can see they are proactive. He feels they are playing catch up. He is concerned why it is that they were not more proactive in assessing demand and assessing equipment status. It’s not all about trees and Mother Nature – it’s about preventive maintenance, knowing what is out there in terms of infrastructure and staying ahead of the curve. Michael Peterson agreed – the growth rate in town exceeded their ability to restore it. They are in a position now where they are exceeding the normal operation of the standards of their company. Shirley Mosczynski thanked them. The Board wants to be kept up to date on their progress.

4. Citizen’s Forum:
No citizen came forward.

5. Liquor License Application:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Suzanne Kane, dated September 15, 2005, re: Item 5 – Liquor License; Town of Douglas New Liquor License Check List; ABCC’s Licensing Procedure; ABCC’s Matrix of Liquor License Transaction; ABCC’s Documents Necessary for ABCC To Process Retail License Applications; M.G.L. c138, §15A – Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Not to Be Drunk on The Premises; ABCC’s Form 43 for Douglas Wentworth d/b/a The Doug Out, 306 Main Street, Douglas; Application for Alcoholic Beverage License for Retail Sale; Form A – License Personal Information Sheet; State Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit; REAP Attestation; hand drawn floor plan; draft Commercial Lease between K-Rock Property and Douglas E. Wentworth; Financial Statements from Douglas E. Wentworth; Emergency Contact Information; copy of The Town of Douglas Business Certificate; copy of letters to the abutters with signature cards; Affidavit of Notice of mailing to Abutter and Others; Certified Copy of Abutter List – Immediate abutters to 163-94 (306 Main Street) and two churches within 500 ft.; Assessors map of lots; copy of Notice of Public Hearing; Newspaper copy of Notice; check to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from Douglas Wentworth; check to the Town of Douglas from Douglas Wentworth; memo to Building Inspector, Board of Health, Collector, Town Clerk, Fire and Police Chief, from Suzanne Kane, dated August 30, 2005, re: License Applications; letter to Suzanne Kane, from Fire Chief Gonynor, dated September 1, 2005, re: Doug Out Pub; letter to Marc Larocque, from Fire Chief Gonynor, dated September 8, 2005, re: Re-open Doug Out AKA Bailey’s; letter to Suzanne Kane, from Board of Health, dated September 12, 2005, re: The Doug Out; a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Police Chief Foley, dated September 14, 2005, re: Doug Out; copy of proposed license for Douglas E. Wentworth d/b/a The Doug Out; and 2005 Conditions from MBTH, Inc. d/b/a Bailey’s Restaurant. • Shirley Mosczynski reported that Douglas Wentworth withdrew his application; he decided not to enter into a contract for the property.

6. Entertainment License:
In the agenda is an Entertainment License Application for Douglas E. Wentworth d/b/a The Doug Out, 306 Main Street, Douglas; a REAP Attestation; a State Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit; a copy of the Notice of Public Hearing; a check to the Town of Douglas, from Douglas Wentworth; the Newspaper Notice of Public Hearing; Town of Douglas Business Certificate; Emergency Contact Information; and proposed License for Entertainment for Douglas E. Wentworth d/b/a The Doug Out with 2005 Conditions from MBTH, Inc. d/b/a Bailey’s. • Shirley Mosczynski reported that Douglas Wentworth withdrew his application; he decided not to enter into a contract for the property.

7. Common Victuallers License:
In the agenda is a Common Victuallers Renewal Application Checklist; an Application for License – Common Victuallers License, from Douglas Wentworth d/b/a The Doug Out; REAP Attestation; Town of Douglas Business Certificate; Emergency Contact Information; a check to the Town of Douglas, from Douglas Wentworth; and proposed Common Victualler’s License for Douglas Wentworth d/b/a The Doug Out w/2005 Common Victualler’s License Condition for MBTH, Inc. d/b/a Bailey’s. • Shirley Mosczynski reported that Douglas Wentworth withdrew his application; he decided not to enter into a contract for the property.

8. Proposed TIP Policy:
In the agenda is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Police Chief Foley, dated September 14, 2005, re: Alcohol Safety / Training Program; and a Proposed Liquor License Employee Training Policy. • Chief Foley came before the Board with a proposed addition to the Alcohol Licensing requirements. Over the last several years the Police Department has been doing stings in establishments that sell alcohol. He has also been doing research with neighboring communities. They feel the town needs more documentation from those establishments on the type of training they receive. The proposed policy is a guideline that requires all establishments that sell alcohol to be uniform in their certification. Rich Preston asked the Chief if he wants it implemented as a matter of Policy from the Board. Chief Foley stated what ever they want to do. He suggests it be part of the licensing requirement, there is no deadline on it right now. Licenses will be going out in October, attach it to the license requirement, give the License holders time to look at it and maybe come back with feedback and then modify it. Right now they go into an establishment and there is no way of knowing what type of certification training they have had. They want to have some sort of continuity. It gives more credibility to the establishment. If they want to set it up as part of the Bylaws – send it out and have a discussion on it. Let the establishments look at it and comment on it, then finalize it. Michael Guzinski stated he feels the best way to give this policy some teeth is to make it a requirement of all liquor transactions for all establishments. Make it a requirement effective calendar year ’06 – all the establishments have to make sure they are in compliance with this before they get their license. Suzanne Kane stated that what TIP stand for is Training Intervention Procedures – its training for people who serve and sell alcohol to make them aware of how and when to intervene so they are not selling to under aged or intoxicated people. So they will not have the incident before when a violator came in and said, “Oh, we didn’t know”. She would recommend this policy. Chief Foley stated this is a basic policy, it’s in black and white. It’s not limiting to one type of company, they could do the training on line, etc. It’s more proactive. Shirley Mosczynski asked if the Board was comfortable with the Chiefs recommendations to send it out to the establishments with the applications and getting feedback and then they implement it as a license requirement. Consensus of the Board.

9. Personnel Bylaw:
Personnel Board Chair Christine Hall, Personnel Board Members Ray Timpone, Cynthia Leven, and David St. George came before the Board. Shirley Mosczynski thanked the Board for all their work. Reading through the Bylaws it must have taken a lot of volunteer hours to complete. Christine Hall stated the Personnel Board revised the Bylaw to reflect what a Bylaw represents. They added a section of General Provisions which will cover the purpose, application, superiority, severability, the creation of the Personnel Board, cooperation of the Committee with other Boards, and definitions. They had the Bylaw reviewed by Town Counsel. They would like to move forward. It will help to introduce their larger project the Personnel Policies. Rich Preston asked if they would like to bring this before Town Meeting to which Christine Hall stated yes. He asked if they will be holding any Workshops or Public Meeting for those who would be interested. Christine Hall stated when they finished the first draft they held a meeting for all employees. They are also planning on having a Public Hearing. Michael Guzinski stated he attended a number of meetings with the Personnel Board – they did a lot of work. The Personnel Policies haven’t had a thorough revamping in over 20 years – a lot of laws have changed and a lot of things in Human Resources have changed that require this. The bigger project was the Policies not the Bylaw. The Bylaw are the more time sensitive issue because if they are going to be accepted in the near future they would have to call a Special Town Meeting. The Policies can be revised at a later date after the Bylaws. The more pressing issue for the Board is to review the Bylaw, see if they are acceptable for the Board to place on the Town Meeting Warrant. He is putting together financial information regarding any impact from any changes in the Policies. He will be working with Mr. Daley on that. The Bylaw has no major impact on the finances. Paula Brouillette asked if the Personnel Board assistant noted on page 4 is Michael Guzinski to which he answered yes. She asked if they looked to other communities for information. Christine Hall stated that what they found was there is a lot of consistency as to how the Bylaws are written. This was done to mirror other communities around them. David St. George stated they had policies from 5 other towns. Shirley Mosczynski stated DOR, in their audit, recommended a Town Centralized Record Keeping area for approved employee sick leave and vacation time should be in the Policy; is it in there. Michael Guzinski stated the Accountants office will be responsible for doing that – he is not sure if there is language in the Policy. Christine Hall stated the language is in the Policy. Shirley Mosczynski, referring to page 22 of 80 in the Policies, she would like a breakdown of longevity compensation – how will that effect the town each year. Michael Guzinski stated he has reviewed the entire Personnel Policy as far as financial impact – there are only three sections that would have any measurable impact. Sections 4.6: Longevity, Section 4.10: Tuition Reimbursement, and Section 6.3: Sick Leave. The Finance Committee will want to see that. Shirley Mosczynski asked if on the Personnel records will include sick leave and vacation time on the time sheets which was recommended by the DOR audit. Michael Guzinski stated that would be included as part of the new system. David St. George stated the longevity takes place in 2007. Rich Preston asked what the comments and concerns of the town employees were. Christine Hall stated the employee’s stated they were very appreciative for it – some question and concerns were around the three areas that have financial impact and their desire to have them as part of the Personnel Policy nothing negative. Ray Timpone stated their input was invaluable to them. Michael Guzinski stated a hearing is required for the Policy. As far as the Bylaw – that will be at the Finance Committee’s meeting to put the item on the warrant for the fall. For the Personnel Policy he would recommend a Hearing shortly after the Town Meeting so the Board can consider acceptance sometime in November or December. They anticipated that if it was approved the financial provisions would not be affective until July 1st. Perhaps the administrative provisions could be affective all inclusive January 1st.

10. Survey of Gilboa Street/Lackey Dam Road by Heritage Design Group:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from William Cundiff, dated September 13, 2005, re: Survey of Gilboa Street/Lackey Dam Road by Heritage Design Group. • William Cundiff stated he has been working with the Town of Uxbridge over the road in front of the Shell Station concerning traffic flow. They have a partial survey that was donated to the town to use in mapping out traffic pattern by Ayoub Engineering. It doesn’t go quite far enough – it doesn’t go down to the 146 interchange. He spoke to someone at Heritage Design Group to see if they had any existing information because they are the consultants for Pyne Sand and Gravel. They do not have any additional information but they offered to do a free survey of that area for the town. The Town of Uxbridge authorized them to proceed but because they are working jointly he wanted to put it before the Board to get their approval. Shirley Mosczynski stated they all have been concerned with that area. Rich Preston asked in their comprehensive look – will they be looking at stops at the 146 interchange. William Cundiff stated they are looking into it but it would require some input from Mass Highway – he does not think that they would be apposed to it. Michael Guzinski stated he has worked with William Cundiff and the Chief on this. He feels it’s a great idea to move ahead with. He does not see any downside – they will be working with Uxbridge hopefully for a positive solution. Rich Preston made a motion to accept the offer from Heritage Design Group to do a survey of Gilboa Street/Lackey Dam Road as presented. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Shirley Mosczynski asked Michael Guzinski to send a letter of thanks to Heritage Design Group for their offer.

11. Northwoods Subdivision:
In the agenda is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Attorney Debra Dunleavy, dated September 2, 2005, re: Creation of Northwoods Homeowner’s Association and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions - Colin Haire and Christine Haire. William Cundiff and Debra Dunleavy came before the Board. William Cundiff stated that as part of the Planning Boards rules and regulations they have a requirement that any sort of easement or association that is formed as a package deal needs to get Town Counsel and Board of Selectmen approval because it does affect long term acceptance of the roadway. This has been reviewed and authorized by Town Counsel and the Planning Board. Debra Dunleavy stated there are three lots – this was done to protect her client and all three lots would be responsible for maintaining the road. Rich Preston stated it seems like they would have something like this in lieu of the town Accepting the road as a public way because it speaks to maintenance. William Cundiff stated the difference between this and a conventional subdivision is this is proposed as a private way. The entire private way is going to be maintained and operated by the association whereas a subdivision would become a public way and the town would take ownership of the maintenance obligations. There is a provision in there that would allow the town to go in and perform maintenance if there were a safety issue. Edward Therrien made a motion to approve the creation of Northwoods Homeowner’s Association and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions by Colin H. and Christine M. Haire to the Town of Douglas as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye. The Board signed three copies.

12. Winter Street:
Handed out prior to the meeting is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Town Counsel, dated September 20, 2005, re: Winter Street Reconstruction; a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Louis Tusino, dated September 20, 2005, re: Winter Street Repair; plot maps of Winter Street showing owners and acreage, cross section of Conventional Subdivision Road, and cross section of the proposed Winter Street construction. William Cundiff, Louis Tusino and William Pybas came before the Board. Louis Tusino handed out a packet and said they did their best to answer William Cundiff’s questions. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she wished they had the packet sooner to read – they need to take time to review their comments. William Cundiff stated he wanted the Board to be aware that his office received a number of calls from residents in the vicinity of Winter Street – there was some activity with a bulldozer and gravel going down on Winter Street. The person doing the work was working in behalf for GBI – the Community Development Office did not instruct him to stop because they were claiming that they owned to the center of the road and the Community Development Office didn’t want to get into any issue that occurs on private property. Looking through the documents received tonight from GBI, in particular the deed information, there is a sentence in there that talks about “to the middle of the road” – he is assuming that means property lines going to the center of the road. This brings up a question as to the status of the road. Some of the information they have shows it as a public way, a 1976 Town Street Map shows it as a Town Way but abandoned, the Town Clerk has certified it as a Town Way, but some of this information is contradictory to that. If it is a Private Way and not a Public Way, that changes the whole dynamics of what is going on. His recommendation is answer the question to the status of the road. Then they can make a decisions basked on known information. Louis Tusino stated the reason they were putting gravel on Winter Street is because they had some ruts. It’s a town road and either he is going to fix it or they are going to fix it. He asked Edward Therrien if it is a town road. Edward Therrien stated that according to the records it is but that’s all he can go by. Rich Preston stated that from what they know now it could very well be a town road, but there are still questions as to the status. If it were a town road it would not be an issue of Mr. Tusino owning to the center of the road. Louis Tusino concurred. Rich Preston stated that would have to be clarified. Louis Tusino stated that everyone owns to the center of the road and asked Edward Therrien for confirmation. Edward Therrien stated that it used to be that way. Rich Preston explained that it is not always that way. They could own to the center and it’s deeded to the town or there can be an easement. He does think they need to look further into the status of the road. If it is a town road it will clarify a lot of things and make it easier for them to move on. Lois Tusino stated that once the town wanted to abandon the road and everyone got up in arms. Once you abandon a road everyone on the road is land locked. Shirley Mosczynski explained that there is a difference between abandoned and discontinued roads. She stated that yesterday she had a gentleman stop by and asked who gave Louis Tusino permission to cut the trees on Winter Street if it is a town road. He felt that if it is ok for one individual to cut trees down on a town road then he can go out on any town road and cut trees down. She feels Rich Preston is right; they need to settle it once and for all. Louis Tusino stated it was a great idea. He stated Mass Electric is taking down trees on town property. Shirley Mosczynski explained that Mass Electric is holding hearings with the Planning Board, that covers the town trees. Rich Preston stated that a lot of towns have what are called paper roads. It is his understanding that this road was impassible, hasn’t been used in a while. He asked the Highway Superintendent Edward Therrien if he has done any work on it. He hasn’t done any work on it and he’s been working in the Highway Department for over 50 years. So what they have is a paper road and if the town did not go to the extent of discontinuing it he feels they need some clarity. If they do establish that it’s a town road then they need to be fair and equitable to everyone involved and move forward. William Pybas stated that a paper road is not an accepted road and Winter Street is an accepted road. Shirley Mosczynski stated that is what they need to clarify. Rich Preston stated a paper road is an unused town road – you don’t have to make the distinction of being accepted. Shirley Mosczynski asked if what they are looking at is a title search. William Cundiff stated his question is more whether it’s a public road or a private road. Shirley Mosczynski stated they have other roads in the community that are not paved with many houses. They owe it to those people also to upgrade and maintain the roads. Louis Tusino stated they would do anything to help out – they have all the paperwork back at the office and they will give them anything they have. Shirley Mosczynski asked that he hand it over to William Cundiff – they need to decide if they are going to do a title search and vote on it. Debra Bronnes of 150 Walnut Street asked what is going to happen once Louis Tusino gets the road – they left debris in her yard after they cut the trees down, trees that were there for many years. She wants to make sure her property is taken care of while this project is going on. Rich Preston asked that in the process they try to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Paula Brouillette stated this is a road that up until 9 months ago was an abandoned tree covered area. Mr. Tusino has cut down the trees and has done some additional work. She has a problem with moving forward with work before they really establish how they are going to manage it. As far as this being a road; one of the things she would like to ask the Board to discuss is should the road be built, what are the standards it should be built to. In reviewing the information pulled together by the Town Engineer there were a lot of questions. In reviewing the information what they were looking at was a design against no standards. She thinks the standards for that road are different than what Mr. Tusino has proposed. He is right that at some point that road will be built, but there is no guarantee. If the road is built by the town it will go through the Chapter 90 evaluation. She knows he owns property there and to her knowledge there are no other houses there. There is no guarantee that road will it will raise to the list of being built by the town with available Highway funds with other roads that are currently populated with people. As a member of the Board she wants to make it clear, that it is not an assumption once they determine the status of the road. The standards have to be established by the Board and once they determine the legal status of the road there is no guarantee when the work will be done. Shirley Mosczynski asked Louis Tusino to give the title search he has to Michael Guzinski so Town Counsel could review it. Louis Tusino and William Pybas left the meeting. Paula Brouillette asked William Cundiff for the specifications they use. William Cundiff handed out plot maps of Winter Street showing owners and acreage, cross section of Conventional Subdivision Road, and cross section of the proposed Winter Street construction. They could look at them and discuss them the next time. He did some rough calculations, in the shaded area they are looking at a potential of 24 lots going down Winter Street. The entire shaded area, taking 20% out for infrastructure, they are looking at 130 lots including the frontage lots on Winter Street. Rich Preston asked for clarification that there are no houses facing Winter Street to which William Cundiff answered yes, there are no houses facing Winter Street. Shirley Mosczynski stated she would like to look at the list of unfinished roads in town that people are living on and the number of houses that are on those roads. William Cundiff asked if she was referring to approved sub-divisions that have not been accepted. Shirley Mosczynski stated no, town public ways. Rich Preston added versus private ways. Shirley Mosczynski agreed, ways that have not been finished. In the past few years they have had calls from people on Hemlock Street. They are having problems. Roads like that and prioritize them. Consensus of the Board.
• Water Main on Gilboa Street: • William Cundiff stated he had put a copy of a memo in their box concerning the Gilboa Street Waterline Construction – Road Repair. The approved plans that have been submitted and discussed for over a year of so called for the use of controlled density fill (CDF). CDF is a soft excavatable concrete. At a pre-construction meeting on August 26, 2005 it was discussed substituting native soil backfill for the CDF, which they started to do. Because this is a project involving the Board of Selectmen as Road Commissioners and the Intermunicipal agreement with the Town of Uxbridge he advised the construction contractor and their consulting engineer that this is a major change – approximately $70,000 in the contractor advantage. He told them that a change of this magnitude would need the Selectmen’s input and authorization. He would only support the change if they did a full width overlay paving in the spring instead of the CDF – approximately $20,000; a net saving to the contractor. Rich Preston asked what his recommendation is. William Cundiff state either is ok – he does not want a trench. He does not think it makes sense to make them dig up what they have already done. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the change to use native soil backfill and to include full width overlay paving as recommended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. William Cundiff stated for clarification they are not eliminating the other option for the developer to go back and use the CDF. Rich Preston amended his motion to give the developer the option to use CDF or use native soil backfill and to include full width overlay paving. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

13. Town Use: Democratic Town Com.; Octoberfest Com.; Birthday party:
In the agenda is an Application for Use of Town Property from the Democratic Town Committee, to use the VFW Hall on September 24, 2005; an Application for Use of Town Property from Octoberfest Committee to use Main Street on October 1, 2005; and an Application for Use of Town Property from Cindy Palker to use the VFW on December 10th or 17th.
• Democratic Town Committee: Shirley Mosczynski read the Application with Conditions/Restrictions from Chief Gonynor and Chief Foley. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the application for Use of Town Property from the Democratic Town Committee, to use the VFW Hall on September 24, 2005 as presented. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Octoberfest: Shirley Mosczynski read the Application with Conditions/Restrictions from Chief Gonynor and Chief Foley. Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the Application for Use of Town Property from Octoberfest Committee to use Main Street on October 1, 2005 as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Birthday party: Shirley Mosczynski read the Application with Conditions/Restrictions from Chief Gonynor and Chief Foley.

14. Administrators Report:
Michael Guzinski had no report.

15. Old/New Business:
• Town Website: Rich Preston
asked about the Town Website. Mitch Cohen joined the meeting to respond. Michael Guzinski stated that he and Suzanne Kane were working together to pull information for the Selectmen’s Page. They have what he feels is a complete set of information. They met with Mitch Cohen two or three weeks ago to pull together the framework for it. He would ask Mitch Cohen for a realistic timeframe – they are still getting information. Mitch Cohen stated that the most important part of a web page is content. He helps out with the technical end of things. The prior Town Administrator, Ken Mahony, assigned the content of the website responsibilities to former Town Accountant Rich Mathieu. Not much content was gathered. About three months ago he created a new and improved template for the site. He did meet with Michael Guzinski and Suzanne Kane to talk about the content. Suzanne Kane has done a lot of work on gathering the content. He would estimate that in three or four weeks they would be able to launch that portion of the site. At Suzanne Kane’s request the Application for Boards/Committee’s is now available on the website from the bulletin board. More of those things will be added in a more organized fashion. Suzanne Kane stated she gave the Board a memo concerning the meeting. It gave a list of everything they planed to put on the website for the Board to review and comment on. Mitch Cohen is waiting on her right now. They have the frame work; she needs to get the verbiage and forms. A lot of the forms are hard copies that she has to create .pdf files for. A lot of the licenses that she wants to do, she wants to create packages for each process as a .pdf file – it is going to be a lot of work. Rich Preston asked why they can’t at least get some of the basic to it. Mitch Cohen stated that he develops websites for a living and a big mistake that companies make is to take shortcuts without thinking of the big picture. The danger of putting some quick things together is if it isn’t something that is done to progress into a long range goal you end up wasting a lot of work because you need to redo things.
• Cable Access Classes: Rich Preston reported that the Cable Advisory Committee will be starting Cable Access TV Production Classes. Students are wanted and it’s free. Rich Preston will be running the classes. They will be going through the television production process and when they complete the 8 week course they will be able to utilize and take out any equipment to produce programming and/or support ongoing programming as volunteers.

• Goals: Shirley Mosczynski
asked when they would be going over the Administrators Goals. Michael Guzinski stated they would be going over them next Tuesday at their Workshop when they will be discussing the Charter.
• Audit Discussion: Shirley Mosczynski suggested having a meeting with the School Committee and the Finance Committee. Not only the audit but to discuss what ever the School will be requesting at the Special Town Meeting. Paula Brouillette asked if they would be requesting an over ride at this time. Michael Guzinski stated there wouldn’t be any time to place one on the Fall Town Meeting. There has been no request from the School for FY06. Rich Preston asked if there was a small number left over from FY05. Shirley Mosczynski stated there will be articles on that. Michael Guzinski stated they do have a large article for the oil tank installation – approximately $87,000. Interim Superintendent Robert Melican took care of the outstanding bills. As far as a request to increase their operating budget – he does not know the amount. The Finance Committee has requested the School Committee meet with them next week. Paula Brouillette stated they should know by Thursday what articles will be on the Warrant. Shirley Mosczynski suggested they wait until Tuesday to see where they are at. She suggested they set up a tentative meeting for October 11th with the Finance Committee and the School Committee.

16. Adjournment:
Paula Brouillette made a motion to adjourn at 9:55 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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