BOS - May 3, 2010 Prior to Town Meeting

BOS - May 3, 2010 Prior to Town Meeting

Postby Suzanne Kane » Thu May 13, 2010 11:54 am

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2010 Prior to Town Meeting
Approved May 18, 2010

• Call to Order:
Chairman Michael Hughes called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the High School Auditorium. In attendance: John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff / citizens: Town Counsel Tom Lane, Town Engineer William Cundiff, and Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds.

• Wind Energy Conversation Facilities Bylaw:
Handed out prior to the meeting is a copy of Article 15. Wind Energy Conversation Facilities Bylaw; and a letter to Rod Jané (American Pro Wind), from Atty Adam Costa (Blatman, Bobrowski & Mead, LLC), dated May 3, 2010, re: Potential Adoption of Commercially-Scaled, Land-Based WECF Bylaw – Effect of the Same on the Douglas Woods Wind Farm Project.
• Michael Guzinski reported that Rod Jané has concerns about this bylaw. Michael Guzinski wanted to make it clear that Pro Wind’s attorney, Ed Taipale, attended all meetings on the bylaw. They had Mr. Jané talk to Atty Costa because Mr. Jané wanted the bylaw pulled. Atty Costa indicated there was no interest in pulling the bylaw and questioned why they did not voice their concerns earlier in the process. Mr. Jané then proposed pulling the commercial part of the bylaw. Atty Costa explained that was a political question for the board to decide. The board could, in the motion exempt certain projects from the process moving forward. Pro Wind is concerned about getting financing if they still have to go before the planning board through this process. William Cundiff reported that the planning board had dialog about providing an overlay district to exempt Pro Wind but they were short of funds. They decided to get the bulk of the bylaw now and deal with the overlay in the fall. He stated the planning board had no intention of having this bylaw affect this project. Scott Medeiros questioned the purpose of putting a bylaw together if the only project most likely to use it is not going to be subject to it. Adelle Reynolds pointed out that Pro Wind still has to go through a site plan review. Discussion ensued. Mr. Guzinski stated there are three options; move forward, request a change per the letter handed out, or pull it. More discussion ensued on their options and disappointment in the relationship with Pro Wind. Scott Medeiros made a motion to present the article as is. John Bombara seconded the motion. Further discussion. On the Vote: All – aye.

• Stormwater Management Bylaw:
Michael Guzinski reported that Town Moderator Keith Menard has been getting a lot of questions about the Stormwater Bylaw. He may suggest postponing the article until June. William Cundiff stated he would like an opportunity to answer questions. If after the debate the board feels they should postpone he would ask people with questions to go to the Conservation Commission to work out a solution. His concern is if they postpone the article without discussion people will think they are trying to hide things. Mitch Cohen stated that amendments have been submitted and have been downloaded to his laptop for presentation and discussion at town meeting. William Cundiff stated he did not want this to turn into a public hearing. He wants people to realize this is a federal mandate and if they don’t adopt some form of it there will be penalties. Mitch Cohen made a motion to postpone action on the Stormwater Management Bylaw until the June Town Meeting. Suggestion to add “if required” to the motion. Discussion on the process; should they wait for discussion before making this motion or make the motion and then have discussion. Discussion about letting Scott Medeiros determine if they should pass over the article and if they should vote to support the article. Scott Medeiros stated that there is a process to town meeting and people have a right to present things. He feels they should let the process happen. Consensus of the board to support postponing the article if necessary. Mitch Cohen withdrew his motion.

• Adjournment: Mitch Cohen made a motion to adjourn at 6:55 pm. John Bombara seconded the motion. All – aye.

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