5/4/2010 - Meeting Minutes

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5/4/2010 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:20 am

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Chairwoman Marylynne Dube, Vice Chairman Michael Yacino, Linda Brown, Ralph Dudley, David Windoloski, Kelley Donley (Associate Member), Tracy Sharkey (Associate Member), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent), William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Maria Chesley (Administrative Secretary). Absent were Leon Mosczynski, and Brandi Van Roo.

1. Received a letter from Daniel Orwig dated 4/28/10 requesting a revision of original ANRAD for American Pro Wind, Webster Street. Zisk said that a plan will be submitted showing Area Q and half of L (Map 207, Parcel 5). On behalf of American Pro Wind, Zisk asked the Commission if they had to file for an amendment for the new lot. The Commission agreed that the three-year time period for the ANRAD will not change with the amended plan and after the amended ANRAD is approved, the three-year time period will be from 11/2/09 when the ANRAD was first signed. After discussion, a Motion was made by Yacino to inform American Pro Wind that they must file for an amendment regarding the ANRAD (DEP #143-0807) and to add the two new sections L & Q, which was considered a minor modification, seconded by Dudley. Vote was unanimous.
2. Request for a Partial Certificate of Compliance: Nature View, LLC, South Street, Lot #2A (DEP #143-204). A Motion was made by Brown to approve this Partial Certificate of Compliance, seconded by Dudley. Vote was unanimous.
3. Request for a Certificate of Compliance: Sean Conner, 362 Southeast Main Street (DEP #143-526). A site walk was scheduled for 5/16/10 at 9:00am.
4. Meeting Minutes of 4/20: Will be approved at the next meeting.
5. Request for Extensions: Nature View, Lot #10 & Lot #11. Applicant Ross Smith present. These two Orders of Conditions expired in January 2009. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown not to issue Extension Permits for Lot #10 and Lot #11, seconded by Yacino. Vote was unanimous. The Applicant was told that he must re-file Notice of Intents for these lots.

7:30 PM (RDA) PUBLIC MEETING: Southeast Main Street / Dudley Pond Dam, BLACKSTONE VALLEY BEAGLE CLUB
Present were Club Members John Zifcak and Denis Bouthiller. The Applicants were present to request permission to remove mature trees within 10-feet of the dam area, including downstream toe; apply herbicide to the stumps or use other suitable means to discourage re-growth; monitor rotting stumps and fill with suitable material as needed; should a tree blow over, the roots may rip out or weaken the earthen embankment. They also want to add impervious fill and seed to crest of dam as a grass surface is more erosion resistant than sand; place three (3) inches of sacrificial surface of crushed stone on footpath. Zisk said that the Applicants marked the trees to be taken down and there will be no stumping. The pot holes will be loamed and seeded. Donley suggested using mulch mats close to the waters edge. After discussion, a Motion was made by Yacino to issue a Negative Determination of Applicability with the condition that “any area to be filled in and reseeded shall use erosion mats in order to control runoff and sediment from entering into the resource areas, seconded by Brown. Vote was unanimous.

1. Warren Taft, 4 Birch Street: Construction of a Dock. Mr. Taft was present and stated that the existing permanent dock (located across the street on the north shore line of Whitin Reservoir) had rotted and he repaired and replaced the boards and installed rails. He also wants to build a 12-foot by 12-foot removable floating dock and extension from the wooden dock. Zisk said that Whitin Reservoir is not considered a “great” pond and Taft does not have to file with DEP for a Chapter 91 Permit. Yacino said that everyone on Whitin Reservoir and Manchaug Pond has had to file for their docks and Mr. Taft needs to also. The Commission agreed. A Motion was made by Brown to have Warren Taft file a Determination of Applicability for the dock by no later than 5/17/10, seconded by Yacino. Vote was unanimous.

8:00 PM (RDA) PUBLIC MEETING: 151 Southwest Main Street -
Present were the Applicants Bruce & Karen Langevin. Requesting permission to install a removable dock 4-feet by 20-feet and 10-feet to the right side. They are also requesting to do some pruning near the water where the dock will be which is a very wet area and Bruce said he would cut it by hand. The Commission scheduled a site walk for Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 9:00am. A Motion was made by Yacino to continue the Public Meeting on Monday, May 17, 2010 at 8:05pm, seconded by Brown. Vote was unanimous.

1. 50 Southwest Main Street. Zisk said that Keith Brown of 50 Southwest Main Street called him because he is concerned about the runoff coming from Southwest Main Street and flooding his property. Keith wants to know if he can plant cattails or some similar plant to control the runoff. Zisk said that this is not the Commission’s jurisdiction and that the Town Engineer and the Highway Superintendent will be informed.
2. 34 Davis Street. Cundiff informed the Commission that he sent his comments regarding this property to Joe Belino at DEP today.
3. Wetland Protection Fund. Yacino said that Michael Guzinski (Executive Administrator) had asked the Commission for an additional $5,000 for FY11 along with the $5,000 that is already appropriated to the Town. Yacino suggested that the Commission give the additional $5,000 now and the Commission will not give any money for FY14. After discussion, a Motion was made by Yacino to contribute $10,000 for FY11 ($10,000 for FY11, $5,000 for FY12 and nothing thereafter, seconded by Brown. Vote was unanimous.

1. Order of Conditions: Orbison Corp, Cross Street, Lot #1 (DEP #143-0820)
2. Negative Determination of Applicability: Blackstone Valley Beagle Club, Southeast Main Street – Dudley Pond Dam
3. Partial Certificate of Compliance: Nature View, LLC, South Street, Lot #2A (DEP #143-0204)
4. Vouchers

At 8:25pm, a Motion was made by Yacino to go into Executive Session to discuss staff and to ask that Cundiff, Zisk and Chesley be dismissed, seconded by Brown. The regular meeting will not reconvene.

Michael Yacino – Aye
Linda Brown – Aye
Ralph Dudley – Aye
David Windoloski – Aye
Marylynne Dube – Aye

Respectfully submitted,

Maria D. Chesley
Administrative Secretary
Community Development Dept.
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