5/17/2010 - Meeting Minutes

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5/17/2010 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:31 am

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.

Vice Chairman Michael Yacino, Leon Mosczynski, Linda Brown, Ralph Dudley, David Windoloski, Brandi Van Roo, Kelley Donley (Associate Member), Tracy Sharkey (Associate Member), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent), William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Maria Chesley (Administrative Secretary). Absent was Chairwoman Marylynne Dube.

1. Received a copy of a letter from John Kiley, Jr. dated 5/10/10 to Justin Lapham, of the Board of Health regarding a possible septic system (Title 5) failure 133 Shore Road. Some discussion as to whether or not there are wetland issues but the Commission agreed to wait for the Board of Health to respond to Mr. Kiley and inform the Commission if they feel that there are indeed wetland issues.
2. Zisk received a complaint from a citizen stating that Everett Johnson, 134 Wallis Street was cutting trees on his property. Zisk went to the site and found that trees were being cut but the owner was 500-feet from the Causeway. Johnson removed some pine trees in the front and a couple of oak trees in the back. The Commission felt that this was not an issue.
3. Brown said that the Wetland Protection Sub-committee will meet again in July but is unsure of the date at this time.
4. Trail Markers. Tracy Sharkey said she would work on these signs for the conservation land
5. Conservation Policy and Regulations. Zisk was asked to provide the members of copies of these to review annually. Zisk said that he would distribute them for their next meeting.
6. Stormwater Regulations. Yacino said that he is going to meet with Planning Board member Eben Chesebrough to discuss stormwater recommendations.
7. Certificate of Compliance: Sean Conner, 362 Southeast Main Street. A site walk was done by the Commission. A Motion was made by Brown to grant a Certificate of Compliance for Sean Conner, 362 Southeast Main Street, seconded by Dudley. Vote was unanimous.

Present was Applicant Justine Aslanian-Shea and her representative William Drexel. The Commission did a site walk. Drexel is proposing to abandon the existing well and remove the pump to keep water from remaining on the property and to direct it into the road. Zisk asked Drexel if he has a construction schedule and Drexel said that he wants to fix the runoff issues and then pour the foundation. Yacino is concerned about the water on the left side of the property. Cundiff suggested making the swale more open at the northeast corner of the property to catch all the water. Drexel said that the Applicant is requesting permission to install a bituminous driveway with a lip and stone chips at the entrance. Abutter Winfield Dix of 28 Roslyn Road said that water flows through his property which is spring fed and said they haven’t had a problem for years. Dix said that the pipes on Shea’s property must be clogged and he offered to go to the site with Drexel to show him where the pipe is located through her yard Drexel agreed and said that this is the first time Shea has had water issues. Abutter Omer Breau said that everyone on the Terrace all have gravel driveways and Shea should not be able to pave. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown to issue a Positive Determination of Applicability, seconded by Windoloski. Vote was unanimous. A full Notice of Intent must be filed with the Commission. The Commission will sign the Positive Determination of Applicability at their next meeting.

7:50 PM - (NOI under Wetland Local Bylaw) PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED - 88 West Street / WHIPPLE, EDWARD - ED’S CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Present on behalf of the Applicant was Scott Rabideau, Wetland Biologist of Natural Resource Services. Rabideau gave a brief history of the property and stating that DEP issued a Superseding Order of Conditions in 12/2009 and that this filing is under the Commission’s Local Bylaw. Rabideau said that after the rain in March, he did another review of the site for high ground water and did a soil analysis being non-hydric soils. Abutter Dave Molvar & Kathy Molvar, 90 West Street asked what the side setbacks were and Zisk said the front is 50-feet, the sides are 15-feet and the rear is 20-feet. Kathy asked if the wetland issues would continue and Rabideau said no and that the water will be confined in the culvert. Dave asked who was on the property today and Zisk said that he was digging in a couple areas with an auger (16-inches deep) and found no water. Abutter Jonathan Given, 92 West Street asked what the size of the proposed house is and Rabideau said 36-feet by 24-feet consisting of one bedroom. Zisk said that the one bedroom may be stated on a deed restriction so that no additional bedrooms are added. Given asked if the skunk cabbage meant wetlands and Rabideau said it is the dominant vegetation and is contained within the wetland edge. Donley asked if there was a swale located on the right side

and Rabideau said yes, along the stone wall. Van Roo said that she would like to see vegetation planted at the base of an impervious driveway and a split rail fence on the edge of the wetland. Van Roo also asked that the shed be removed from the plan. Rabideau will revise the plans to reflect the issues discussed. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, June 21, 2010, at 7:30pm, seconded by Van Roo. Vote was unanimous.

8:25 PM DEP #143-0819 (NOI) PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED – 78 Cottage Colony Drive / STANHOPE, CAROL –
Estate of Dorothy Abram
Present were Applicants William & Carol Stanhope, their representative Roger Woods of Roger Woods Engineering and Interpreter Dion Fitzpatrick. The revised plan submitted shows the trees to be removed and the trees that will remain on the property. After discussion, a Motion was made by Van Roo to close the Public Hearing and issue an Order of Conditions, seconded by Mosczynski. Vote was unanimous.

Present were Applicants Bruce & Karen Langevin. A site walk was done by the members. Brown said that the area for the dock is very soggy. Yacino said that the Applicants will use the existing path to the dock on the right side. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown to issue a Negative Determination of Applicability with the condition that only the existing cleared path would be used to access the dock and that no pruning is to be done, seconded by Mosczynski. Vote was unanimous.

8:32 PM (RDA) PUBLIC MEETING – 4 Birch Street / TAFT, WARREN
Present was Applicant Warren Taft. A site walk was done by the members. Taft is requesting permission to construct a dock with a ramp to access a floating removable dock. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown to issue a Negative Determination of Applicability, seconded by Windoloski. Vote: Yes-5, Abstained-1. Vote passed.

1. Manchaug Street Conservation Land. A Motion was made by Mosczynski to dedicate the Manchaug Street Conservation Land to Marylynne Dube, seconded by Brown. Vote was unanimous.
2. Meeting Minutes of 4/20, 5/4: Will be approved at a future meeting.

1. Order of Conditions: Carol Stanhope, 78 Cottage Colony Drive
2. Negative Determination of Applicability: Bruce & Karen Langevin, 151 Southwest Main Street
3. Negative Determination of Applicability: Warren Taft, 4 Birch Street
4. Vouchers

At 8:35pm, a Motion was made by Brown to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dudley. Vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria D. Chesley
Administrative Secretary
Community Development Dept.
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