Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

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Meeting Monday, June 28, 2010 – Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Michelle Fontaine, Kellie Malo, Rich Preston, Fred Fontaine

Staff Present: Pat Aldrich, Angie Coe

Mitch opened at 7:00pm
1. A/C Unit for Cable Office: In order to get the air conditioning unit installed in FY10, the meeting was called to approve a plan by Ricky Colerno, who would be willing to pay 50% of the cost. Ricky obtained a quote and the 50% cable side would need to be approved so that the contract could be signed by Wednesday in order to squeeze it in before the end of the fiscal year. Quote is for an air conditioning system for the cable office by the company ASC – split air conditioning unit mounted on the wall like the Library. Cable would pay 50% of the total cost $4,130.00. Ricky said he would cover maintenance under his budget going forward. After some discussion, Rich motioned to approve up to $2,500.00 for the air conditioning system as presented, Fred 2nd, unanimous favor.
2. Budget: Mitch handed out a Budget FY11 Draft Proposal 6-28-10 to include the air conditioning and end of the year expenditures forecasted. FY10 to date (As of June 16): Total Revenue $40,574.59, Additional Equipment: $5,451.78, Wages: $15,708.75, Repairs: $427.36, Traning: $300.00, Office Supplies: $587.53, Dues: $225.00, Set Aside: $8,114.92 – Total $30,815.34. Forecasted expenditures: Payroll: $1,000.00, A/C: $2,065.00, American Alarm: $78.76. Total estimated FY10: $33,959.10. Unexpended: $6,615.49. Total account budget: 180,660.40 as of June 16. Net Set Aside Reserve: $144,083.18. Cable Act is very clear that Charter funds are specific for cable use only. Cable has plans for that money to eventually build a studio. FY11 proposed budget – Revenue: $41,791.83, Additional Equipment: $12,537.55, Wages: $17,970.49, Repairs: $1,253.75, Traning: $417.92, Office Supplies: $835.84, Dues: $417.92, Set Aside: $8,358.37. Discussion about adding public events for recording assistants and coordinator to be placed into the budget. Michelle brought up the insurance issues with Cable equipment, Mitch mentioned that he could talk to the Town Administrator about whether or not we would need a rider on the insurance for additional equipment. It was brought up that a good idea would be to put together an inventory with total cost. Mitch talked about possible new lights and cameras to equipment. Michelle made motion to accept FY11 budget as proposed, Kellie 2nd, unanimous favor.
3. Kellie Re-Appointment: Kellie’s spot in committee was up for re-appointment and she accepted.
4. Coordinator Report: Pat handed out a copy of the new video class program with a start date of August 4th. A partnering website is being developed for the class as well. Discussion about approval of online video from class. Pat also handed out copies of his intern journals.
5. CPI: Rich handed out some documents about the Community Programming Incentive including a list of current membership with contact information. Discussion about ways to improve and coordinate the CPI in general.
6. Adjourn: Rich made motion to adjourn at 8:06pm, Michelle 2nd, unanimous f
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