11/8/2010 - Meeting Minutes

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11/8/2010 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:13 am

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

Vice Chairman Michael Yacino, Linda Brown, Leon Mosczynski, Brandi Van Roo, Ralph Dudley, David Windoloski, Kelley Donley (Associate Member), Tracy Sharkey (Associate Member), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent), William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Maria Lajoie (Administrative Secretary). Absent was Chairwoman Marylynne Dube.

1. Habitat Management. Van Roo said that the Finance Report has been completed and asked Zisk to get quotes to hire a Forester to look at the conservation properties (Southeast Main, Chestnut and Mumford). Zisk said that Guy Lachance from the state offered to walk the properties and Zisk said that he would call him. Van Roo said she would like to walk the properties with them. Brown asked about the wish list and Cundiff said that he and Zisk were looking into buying a GPS and will contact vendors to get quotes.
2. Trail Markers. Zisk showed the members two examples of markers. The members chose the black lettering with a yellow background. The markers are to be placed 10-feet from the boundary line and 50-feet apart.
3. Meeting Minutes of 9/20/10. After review, a Motion was made by Brown to approve the Meeting Minutes of September 20, 2010, as amended, seconded by Van Roo. Vote was unanimous.
4. Executive Session Meeting Minutes of 9/20/10. These minutes are on hold at this time.
5. Meeting Minutes of 10/4//10 & 10/18/10 Regular & Executive Session. These minutes are on hold at this time.
6. Gleason Court. This project has been completed.
7. Mechanic Street Bridge. This project has been completed.
8. Soldiers Field Drainage issue. This issue has been resolved.
9. Wind Farm, Webster Street. Received an anonymous letter from a concerned citizen. FYI.

7:30 PM – (ANRAD) DEP #143-0 - PUBLIC HEARING – 25 South Street / Douglas Camp Meeting Association
Present was Eric Bazzett of Andrews Survey on behalf of the Applicant. The proposed work involves confirmation of bordering vegetated wetland and river boundaries and Bazzett said that they were flagged. Zisk walked the site and asked Bazzett to relocate some of the flags. Cundiff asked if a survey had been done and Bazzett said no but one had been done years ago by another engineer. Cundiff recalls that when Straight Ahead Academy had filed with the Commission years ago there were endangered species (dragonfly) on the site. Cundiff will review the file for any other issues. After discussion, a Motion was made by Van Roo to issue an ORAD with Cundiff’s comments and close the Public Hearing, seconded by Brown. Vote: Yes- 5, Abstained-1. Vote was passed.

7:45 PM- (RDA) Request for Determination of Applicability-43 Southeast Main Street/ Randy Kibbe
Present was Eric Bazzett of Andrews Survey and the Applicant Randy Kibbe. The proposed work involves the construction of a repair sewage disposal system in the buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland and includes the installation of a pump chamber, force main, d-box and leach field. Discussion held and members were concerned with machinery crossing within the buffer zone. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown to issue a Positive Determination of Applicability, seconded by Van Roo. Vote: Yes- 5, Abstained-1. Motion was passed.

1. Certificate of Compliance: Rosenfeld Concrete Corp, South Street (DEP #143-0756)
2. Certificate of Compliance: Town of Douglas/Highway Department, Gleason Court
3. Positive Determination of applicability: Randy Kibbe, 43 Southeast Main Street
4. Extension Permit for Order of Conditions (One Year): David L’Heureux, 144 Southeast Main Street
5. Extension Permit for Order of Conditions (One Year): Douglas Properties, Martin Road
6. NPDES. A Memo was sent to the Board of Selectmen stating that the Planning Board chose to defer discussion after the Wind Farm is approved or denied. Cundiff was asked to forward the 14 draft amendments to the Commission that Eben Chesebrough had submitted at Town Meeting.
7. National Heritage Corridor Commission. The Commission will discuss this at their next meeting.

8:13 PM EXECUTIVE SESSION: To discuss Strategy with Respect to Litigation
Coopertown Realty Trust, 34 Davis Street
EXECUTIVE SESSION: To discuss a complaint against the Commission regarding the Open Meeting Law
At 8:13 pm, a Motion was made by Van Roo to go in to Executive Session to discuss strategy with respect to litigation and to discuss a complaint against the commission regarding the Open Meeting Law and to allow Cundiff, Zisk and Lajoie to remain, and will return to regular session to adjourn, seconded by Brown.
Brandi Van Roo – Aye
Linda Brown – Aye
Leon Mosczynski – Aye
Ralph Dudley - Aye
David Windoloski – Aye
Michael Yacino – Aye

At 8:50pm, the Commission rose from Executive Session and returned to Regular Session.

At 8:50pm, a Motion was made by Brown to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Van Roo. Vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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