Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

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Meeting Monday, October 4, 2010 – Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Rich Preston, Fred Fontaine, Michelle Fontaine.

Staff: Pat Aldrich
Audience: Tess Werme

Mitch opened at 7:05 p.m. with a general statement that the meeting is being recorded, which is a new mandatory opening for meetings as per the Open Meeting Law.
1. Meeting Minutes: Not ready yet.
2. Job Description: Discussion about the grading of Recording Assistants and Cable Coordinator jobs by the Personnel Board. Mitch met with the Board on 9/21/2010, going through the process of rating the positions in a helpful manner. Personnel Board relies 100% on job descriptions to rate positions. The Personnel Board helped Mitch understand the way the job descriptions should be written. Mitch asked everyone to look over the job descriptions as written and come back with suggestions.
3. Equipment updates: Carrying cases came in for travelling recording assistants. Fred is still doing research on proper tool kit. Power strips and back up system have arrived. Staff has requested: Small tripods (2) @ $25.00 each for recording in tight rooms. Monopod @ $40.00 or so, to be discussed at the next meeting. Rich motioned to spend up to $50.00 for (2) tabletop tripods, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
4. Policy Discussion: Public Event Initiative. Policy proposal draft by Mitch was distributed last meeting about the Committee’s interest in covering public events. Cable policy states that it takes (3) meetings to enact a policy. Rich added some wording specifying that the Coordinator should present ideas periodically to the Committee. Talk of a public events calendar on the Town’s Web Site. Fred asked about editing, Pat said that he wouldn’t have an issue editing as part of his normal duties. Mitch made some changes to the proposal regarding ideas within the discussion. Comments and suggestions needed for next meeting. Discussion about some form of clothing to show “Douglas Cable”.
5. Coordinator’s Report: Octoberfest footage will become another “Entering Douglas”. Class needs to be scheduled. Advertising needs to be set up when a date is scheduled. During Octoberfest, some people questioned Pat’s recording, which backs up the need for “Douglas Cable” clothing. A few suggestions were made as far as pieces of clothing, as well as places to go. Michelle said she would research this.
6. Other business: Monthly Expense Report: End of September Wages: MTD $1,712.00 YTD $4,222.00, Repairs and Maintenance: MTD $78.76 YTD $157.52, Office Supplies: MTD $169.44 YTD $303.80, Additional Equipment: MTD $243.54 YTD $243.54. Total MTD $9,204.51 YTD $4,926.87. 25% of the year with under $5,000.00 spent.
7. Charter Letter: Charter’s annual rate justification for 2011.
8. Application for Recording Assistant: Theresa “Tess” Werme, daughter of Bob Werme, is applying for the position. Bob announced his recusal of the item and left the table. Tess came to the table and introduced herself and explained why she is interested in the position. Some discussion about the job, pay, and duties. Tess said she had most evenings available and some daytime availability on Monday and Fridays. Rich motioned to appoint Tess Werme to position of Video Recording Assistant, Michelle 2nd, Unanimous favor.
9. Next Meeting: October 25, 2010.
10. Adjournment: Rich motioned, Fred 2nd to adjourn at 7:51pm.
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