January 10, 2011 Finance Committee Meeting

January 10, 2011 Finance Committee Meeting

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A meeting of the Finance Committee was held on Monday, January 10, 2011. Mr. Bari called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Douglas Municipal Center.

PRESENT: Todd Bari (Chairman), Jerome Kocur, James Roche (Vice Chairman), Scott Hackett, Jeffrey LaPorte, Pamela Holmes, Carol Gogolinski.
ABSENT: Michael Hutnak, Thomas Rochon.

Mr. Mitch Cohen, Chairman of the School Building Committee, joined the meeting and gave an update on the School Building Project. He discussed the progress made and process moving forward. He indicated that it is the goal to have the new building certified as LEED Silver and this would qualify for additional reimbursement.
Mr. Cohen noted that it is the plan to have Town Meeting on March 28, 2011 and Special Election on April 5, 2011 to address this project. He indicated it would cost approximately $7,000 for this. A question was raised as to why it could not be delayed to the Annual Town Meeting a month later. He discussed the following reasons: timeline for Green Repair Program as well as transition of students, escalating cost of construction and the time involved with addressing the issue would make too lengthy of a meeting when combined with addressing all the other issues for Annual Town Meeting.
Mr. Cohen reviewed some of the reports that have come back including the geotechnical report and the 21E report. Mr. Kocur indicated that he would like a seismograph installed in his house. Mr. Cohen will look into this.
Mr. Cohen noted that the Old Elementary School was included in the study and it was found that there was not a use for it in this particular project. The School Building Committee is recommending that the School Committee and Board of Selectmen continue to look at this.
Mr. Cohen distributed and reviewed the current drafts of the layout. He noted a meeting held with Recreation and due to feed back some changes are being made with regard to the fields. Work continues on trying to include a track. He reviewed the draft layout for the Intermediate School and discussed some of the work that will need to be done there. In addition, he discussed a memo regarding the condition of the flooring at the Intermediate School. Some discussion held. It was questioned if the floor could be stabilized, sealed and built upon. Mr. Cohen will inquire about this.
Mr. Cohen noted that there will be an informational meeting on January 25, 2011 and many Boards and Committees are invited. All are encouraged to attend. Some discussion held. Mr. Cohen noted there is much information available on the web site.

Chief Foley and Lt. Miglionico joined the meeting. Chief Foley distributed and discussed the Douglas Police Department Strategic Plan for a Safer Future. Areas discussed in detail include partnerships with schools and surrounding towns etc., decrease in grant funding available, increase in crime, staffing needs/issues, education, accreditation, and safety programs.
Chief Foley discussed the budget. He indicated that the budget is level funded. He discussed the capital request for an SUV and the plan to wait one more year to rotate out the cruisers. Some discussion held. He noted union negotiations would begin at the end of this month. In addition, he noted a capital request for a new server. Some discussion held.
Chief Foley discussed a cooperative effort of five communities: Douglas, Sutton, Uxbridge, Upton and Northbridge regarding regionalization of dispatch. He noted that a grant in the amount of $120,000 has been awarded for the feasibility study. He discussed some of the challenges that will be involved with this feasibility study.

Mr. Guzinski distributed and discussed in detail the draft budget timeline. Discussion held. It was the consensus that once the budget is received and reviewed some of the smaller departments that have no change may not need to be met with. It was also agreed that the impact of the actions taken to keep the budget level funded should be reviewed. Much discussion held including the use of volunteers and the ability to obtain forms and pay fees online.
Mr. Guzinski will work with Mr. Bari to prepare a timeline for Finance Committee Meetings.
Mr. Guzinski indicated that Ms. Lovett would be at the next meeting and issues with the Veterans and Unemployment Accounts will be discussed at that time.
The Annual Audit Exit Conference was noted. Members felt that they would like to be made award of this in the future.
Mr. Kocur noted that the October 25, 2010 meeting was not shown on cable TV. Mr. Guzinski will look into this. Further discussion held.

Ms. Holmes made a motion to approve the minutes of October 25, 2010 as presented. Mr. LaPorte seconded the motion. Vote: Yes – 6, Abstained – 1.
Ms. Holmes made a motion to approve the minutes of November 15, 2010 as presented. Mr. LaPorte seconded the motion. Vote: Yes – 5, Abstained – 2.

Mr. Guzinski reminded that if members want the budgets to be put in their budget books, they could submit the books to him or Ms. Lovett by next Monday.

Ms. Holmes made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 PM. Mr. Roche seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Lannon, Recording Secretary
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