BOS - July 19, 2005

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BOS - July 19, 2005

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Board of Selectmen
July 19, 2005

6:30 pm
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Full Time Appointment – Chief Foley

7:45 pm
5. Building Inspector Appointments

6. Laurel Heights – Street Acceptance Status

7. Winter Street

8. Letter from Conservation Commission

9. Bailey’s License

10. Williams Trust

11: Town Use: Senior Center

12. Town Accountant Search

13. Minutes: December 7, 2004 and June 28, 2005

14. Administrators Report

15. Old / New Business

16. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
Aug. 2nd: Meet w/Library & Architect , and meet w/Mass Elect. and Bill Cundiff
Aug. 9th: Goals and Financial Report
Future Items: Audit w/School Committee, Executive Session Minutes, TIP Policy,
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2005
Approved August 2, 2005

• Informational Workshop

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the Informational Workshop to order at 6:33 pm, in the Selectmen’s Office.

In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, David Furno, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Michael Guzinski went over the following items:
• Michael Guzinski’s vacation
• Change of Hours for two Highway Personnel
• Review of agenda items
• Municipal Agreement with Uxbridge update
• Process of hiring Town Accountant
• Proposal for Old Elementary School moved to September 6th.

Meeting moved to the Resource Room

1. Call to Order:
Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:12 pm.

In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, David Furno, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and Citizens: Town Accountant Rich Mathieu; Police Chief Patrick Foley, Officer Mark Dunleavy, Town Engineer William Cundiff, Lee Hebert, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
• Oxford Meeting:
Shirley Mosczynski announced that she and Paula Brouillette attended a meeting last Wednesday, July 13th at the Oxford High School on Local Aid, they will be meeting in September again on Chapter 70 and revamping it or hopefully making it better. She does not have a date but feels it’s an important meeting. If anyone would like Michael Guzinski, Paula Brouillette, and Shirley Mosczynski have copies of a packet from the Local Aid Symposium.
• Town Accountant: Shirley Mosczynski announced that at their last meeting they had received a letter from Town Accountant Rich Mathieu stating he was resigning to take a better position. They did vote to accept his resignation with regrets. In behalf of the Board she thanked Rich Mathieu for his service to Douglas, he did a good job and they appreciate it. It wasn’t easy and they wish him well in his new position.

3. Citizen’s Forum:
• Lee Hebert of Boston Power Supplies, Inc.:
Lee Hebert, President of Boston Power Supplies, Inc. came before the Board with a solution to the Towns power problems. His company manufactures and markets an automatic, silent, fuel-less backup power system which is wired to a home’s main breaker panel. He stated HUD has paid 100% of the cost on a block grant program for the disabled. Mr. Hebert stated he did a presentation to Senator Moore and Congressman Neal. Senator Moore has written legislation in which he is directing the Department of Telecommunication and Energy to look at the technology for the sole purpose of saving rate payers money on their electric bill and to close dirty power plants. Anyone who has this system will also save Mass Electric 10’s of millions of dollars it could eliminate upgrades. With deregulations there is a renewable energy trust that the State Legislators put into place through Massachusetts Technology Collaborative – everyone that pays an electric bill puts a couple of dollars towards it. On the electric bill it’s called renewal energy. Their sole goal is to disperse those funds for renewable energy products. His product is all renewable energy – it’s taking something that is going to waste in the off peak, storing it and using it during the peak. Those funds should be made available. The Mass Energy Trust gets $25 million a year to invest in renewable energy products. Mass Electric and NStar get $75 million – it’s not their money; its rate payer’s money and they must spend it on renewable energy products. He looks at it as a two step process; first step is to install his product to stop power outages in homes. The second step is to work with the Board, Senator Moore, and Representative Kujawski, to get them in tune and get the Town’s contacts at Mass Electric and Mass Energy Trust to realize what he has; they can end the energy problem. When he says end it he means they take his product, which is a backup power system and putting a timer on it to make it work every single day. Set the timer during the peak hour to take the house off the grid and un-billing the Town of Douglas one house at a time until the Town of Douglas is not over whelming the power grid any more. That is where Mass Electric will save on upgrade, service, and repairs – they should be willing to pay for that. They also have special rates, they call peak and off peak rates. He cut his house electric bill by 1/3rd. To do it, Mass Electric will be a hero and the Town of Douglas will lead the nation on this renewable energy source. The entire country, Congress and the Senate; are looking at the energy bill – what they don’t realize is that if you have a peak you have to have an off peak, there is more energy in the off peak time of day than in the peak and it’s going to waste. Rich Preston asked if he had a website for more information. Lee Hebert said he did; He stated he is telling the people to buy the product; let Boston Power Supply work at getting them a rebate. The Department of Telecommunication and Energy must report back to Senator Moore by September concerning his Legislation. On loss of power the unit will disconnect the house from the grid; which maybe a safety issue with electricians or fire departments who worry about back feeding the grid. This has been approved by major utility companies in 38 states. The homeowner doesn’t even have to be in the house. The system then transfers to battery system. When the power comes back on it does not reconnect; it analyses the power to make sure it’s stable and pure. If it’s never stable and pure it will never come back on – unless it knows it’s good solid power it reconnects and recharges the batteries and waits for the next one. The timer is the part that makes it work every day – and this is what we want to talk to Mass Electric about. Edward Therrien asked how much it would cost. Lee Hebert stated that for about $3,000 you could get a pretty robust system. Most people in Douglas are going to want a robust system because they have well pumps. The system is just under $3,000 and a piece of equipment that is added to the well pump is about $350 and then you add the batteries. You can have as many batteries as you want. He did meet with the Senior Center Outreach Director. He told them to meet with the Towns Housing Authority; that is where the funds are distributed. Shirley Mosczynski thanked Mr. Hebert for providing all his information. No other citizens came forward.

4. Full Time Appointment – Chief Foley:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Chief Foley, dated July 19, 2005, re: Full-time appointment. Chief Patrick Foley and Mark Dunleavy came before the Board. Chief Foley presented Officer Mark Dunleavy to the Board as his recommendation as the next full-time Police Officer. Mark Dunleavy is filling a vacancy created by Officer Maureen Glynn who accepted a position with the Massachusetts State Police. They have been drawing on their eligibility list which was established last year. Mark Dunleavy ranked first with a score of 86. Mark Dunleavy has been with the Town since 1992 both in the capacity of a part-time dispatcher and part-time officer. He is formally from Douglas and currently lives in Connecticut. He will be sworn in, if approved, on Thursday, August 4th and will begin his full-time duties on August 5th. He will be assigned to the training academy in September and be gone for 22 weeks in order to get his full-time certification. Rich Preston stated that if Mark Dunleavy was presented by Chief Foley it’s a step in the right direction since the Board has a lot of faith and confidence in the Chief. The Town has a very professional and people friendly department and he hopes Mark Dunleavy is able to recognize that and maintain that as part of this organization. Mark Dunleavy stated he has been a part time officer since 1993 so is very familiar with how the department operates. Shirley Mosczynski stated he has some big shoes to fill. Maureen Glenn was a great officer and she thinks he will be too. Edward Therrien made a motion to appoint Officer Mark Dunleavy as a full-time Police Officer as recommended by Chief Patrick Foley. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

5. Building Inspector Appointments:
In the agenda is a listing of the 2005 Annual Appointments for Building Department – Inspectors, and an Application for Boards and Commissions from Robert Josey, dated June 27, 2005 for Plumbing Inspector. Michael Guzinski reported that all the names before them were for the building inspectors. The only one in question was for the Alternate for the Plumbing Inspector which he is recommending they advertise that position as it is a paying position just to get the word out there and hopefully get a couple of applications for the Board to consider and take up at their next meeting August 2nd. At this time he recommends the Board appoint all the inspectors with the exception of the Plumbing Inspector – Alternate. Shirley Mosczynski noted that they had one application. Michael Guzinski concurred and stated he thinks it’s a good idea to make the public aware before the Board makes their final decision two weeks from now. David Furno made a motion to approve the appointments as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. Shirley Mosczynski read the names; Rich Wallis – Electrical Inspector, Wayne Hickey – Electrical Alternate, Joseph Saster – Plumbing Inspector and Gas Inspector for a term ending June 30, 2007. On the vote – all aye.

6. Laurel Heights – Street Acceptance Status:
In the agenda is a package of emails between Town Engineer William Cundiff, RH White’s Megan DiPrete, and Kopelman and Paige’s Johathan Eichman concerning Laurel Heights Subdivision. William Cundiff stated the Board has 120 days from the date of Town Meeting, May 16th, to adopt the Order of Taking or gift of the easement which means the Board has to act prior to September 13th on that documentation. Town Counsel is working on finalizing it he imagines within the next week or so. He expects the Board will have documentation they can act on prior to their next meeting. After the Board acts on it they will have 30 days to file the document with the registry of deeds. Rich Preston asked William Cundiff if he was satisfied at this point. William Cundiff stated that he has been satisfied for some time – there were a few procedural issues with respect to bonding with the first go around. They were not related to the quality of work, it was because they couldn’t get the term of the bond the Planning Board wanted. There was discrepancy with the Board at the first Town Meeting. This Board is satisfied; even more satisfied because they obtained their compliance from the Conservation Commission on the project.

7. Winter Street:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Suzanne Kane, dated July 15, 2005, re: Item 7 – Winter Street. William Cundiff updated the Board on the status of Winter Street. He dropped off the prints in the Selectmen’s Office. He has been going back and forth with Louis Tusino on the proposal. He noticed when he came in this evening that he has a new set of drawing that address those comments he made on the plans in the Selectmen’s Office. Once he is satisfied he will bring the plans to the Board. Shirley Mosczynski asked if he will keep them informed of the progress to which he stated yes. Rich Preston stated it is very important that they have a definitive meeting of the minds between William Cundiff, the Board and Mr. Tusino. They know exactly what the expectations are, they know Mr. Tusino understands what they are and that they are documented so they are satisfied that they are going to happen as recommended. Rich Preston asked William Cundiff if he has any recommendations in terms of guaranteeing, like bonding – any mechanism in terms of performance guarantee for the work out there. William Cundiff stated they will perform inspections as they move forward. It’s a good question and he does not have an easy answer. From an insurance perspective it might be wise to have a third party out there overseeing the construction during the entire project. They haven’t gotten that far in the process. Rich Preston stated that and anything else he would like to recommend would be very interesting. This is the time, when they are trying to codify this thing.
• Road Acceptances: Shirley Mosczynski stated she had one question on road acceptances – have they heard any thing more from Town Counsel. They were supposed to look up and make recommendation. William Cundiff stated he spoke to Jonathan Eichman who has spoken to DOR. He hasn’t put anything in writing but has updated him on his progress. He can’t get anything in writing from the DOR – it’s more a verbal opinion. He isn’t planning on putting anything forward – he believes the way the minutes were read at the last meeting was that he, Michael Guzinski and Jonathan Eichman would work together and draft up a policy that the Board would then review.

8. Letter from Conservation Commission:
In the agenda is a copy of Code of the Town of Falmouth, Massachusetts,v14, Updated 2-5-05; and Middleton Annual Town Meeting of May 10, 2005 warrant articles. Michael Guzinski reported that the Board had received a letter from the Conservation Commission in the spring requesting the Board put restrictions on the use of private wells. He contacted Town Counsel’s Mark Reich. William Cundiff did some research which he handed out. One thing that was stressed to him was that the authority to limit the use of water from wells rests with the legislative authority which in our case is Town Meeting. Any action to regulate or restrict the use of water would have to be done through Bylaw at Town Meeting. When he receives the letter from Town Counsel he will discuss it further at that time. William Cundiff conveyed Conservation Commissions desire for something to move forward on this – they bring it up at every meeting and inquire on the status.

9. Bailey’s License:
In the agenda is a letter to Anthony Hayes d/b/a Bailey’s, from Michael Guzinski, dated May 5, 2005. Michael Guzinski stated this item goes back to the Boards meeting on May 3rd. There were several issues to the liquor license of Bailey’s. At that meeting the Board took a vote that if there were no proactive actions to resolve the outstanding liquor license within 30 days the license would be revoked. There has not been any positive action on that and he would recommend that the Board take a vote to formally revoke Bailey’s liquor license. Rich Preston made a motion in accordance of the provisions of the vote of May 3, 2005, the Board of Selectmen formally revoke Bailey’s Liquor License. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.

10. Williams Trust:
In the agenda is an email to Suzanne Kane, from Ida Ouillette, dated June 8, 2005, re: Elise B. Williams Trust; a letter to Tax Collector, from Donald O’Neil, dated October 5, 1995, re: Southwest Main Street, Parcel 35-19G; and Town of Douglas Outstanding Balances List, dated July 21, 1999. Michael Guzinski reported that this involves a piece of property that the Town purchased back in March 2000. His understanding is that at the time of purchase there was a small amount of unpaid taxes that was never fully resolved. That small amount has now grown because of fees and interest to approximately $500. There is no effective way to collect this money – the Town owns the parcel. He did have a conversation with the Assistant Assessor about this – they are going to have to do more research in regards to the exact method to abate these taxes. Shirley Mosczynski believes this land was taken because it was a dangerous curve in the road and it was straightened out – it was a safety issue and they were in agreement to do this. Rich Preston made a motion that the Board of Assessors abate the unpaid taxes in connection with parcel 35-19G located on Southwest Main Street, which was purchased by the Town in March of 2000. The current total amount of unpaid taxes, interest and fees included, being $495.72. David Furno second. Edward Therrien – abstained. All other members – aye.

11. Town Use: Senior Center:
In the agenda is an Application for Use of Town Property from Mary St. Pierre, for a birthday party at the Senior Center, July 31, 2005. Shirley Mosczynski read the Application for Use of Town Property with Conditions/Restrictions from Chief Foley and Chief Gonynor. Suzanne Kane reported that she did not get an ok from the Senior Center and asked the Board to approve contingent upon their approval. Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the Application for Use of Town Property as presented and contingent upon the approval from the Senior Center Director. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.

12. Town Accountant Search:
Handed out prior to the meeting is the Town Accountants Job Description and a letter to Michael Guzinski, from Michael Daley, dated July 19, 2005. Michael Guzinski reported that due to the resignation of the Town Accountant effective the end of this week; he made inquiries to several companies trying to find outside financial consulting assistance covering the Town for an interim period. The one company that was able to meet his time specifications and requirements was Financial Advisory Associates, Inc. The president of the company is Michael Daley who indicated he would be able to start next week. His plan is to come in and work one full day of the week to administer the accounting operations of the Town. It would be a maintenance basis and then do additional work as directed by the Town. He requests the Board appoint Michael Daley as the Acting Town Accountant effective Monday, July 25, 2005. He has worked with Mr. Daley in Blackstone and he is very competent and does an excellent job – he has complete faith in him. He is the president of the company. He stated the first month or more he will be the primary contact. At some point if he feel the Town is running smoothly he will discuss turning it over to an associate. Shirley Mosczynski asked if he did decided to turn the work over to someone else would he let them know. Michael Guzinski stated they would have to approve that change. David Furno made a motion that the Board appoint Michael Daley of Financial Advisory Associates, Inc. as the Acting Town Accountant effective Monday, July 25, 2005. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Search Committee: Michael Guzinski recommended the Board establish a screening/search committee for the next permanent Town Accountant and that the committee present anywhere from 3 to 5 finalists for the Boards review. For the members of that committee he would recommend the Chair of the Finance Committee, a member of the Board of Selectmen, Town Treasurer, himself, and any other individual the Board would like to appoint. Rich Preston asked what kind of timetable they are looking at. Michael Guzinski stated there are a lot of vacancies for Accountant positions around the state. There will be a lot of competition for good candidates. As much as he would like to get the position filled as quickly as possible he feels it is important that they have a broad search and make sure all candidates are made aware of the opening. Unfortunately the timing with the Beacon is not good. In the summer they only have one Beacon and it came out a couple of days ago. The next one will not be until September 1st. The Beacon is the best single advertisement tool for finding municipal officials. He is looking to recommend a deadline for submittals of mid-September. Which means by the time the committee goes through the process and gets finalists to the Board it could be late October, early November before they have a full-time Town Account on board. Rich Preston stated that the last time they spoke they talked about seeing if there was a Massachusetts Accountants Association, maybe through MMA as another potential avenue for contact. Michael Guzinski stated he intends on sending a copy of the advertisement to their website at the same time he sends it to the Beacon. He will also advertise in the local paper. Massachusetts is quite unique – they certify accountants. There are a lot of regulations. Massachusetts is probably the most regulated state in New England as far as finances go. Rich Preston with respect to the search committee stated he would like to look to the community for someone with an accounting background for the open spot – so they have an opportunity to participate. Michael Guzinski stated they do have a little time. They probably will not start receiving resumes until mid to late August. The committee will probably not need to meet for the first time until three weeks. They could appoint four people to the committee now and appoint one person two weeks from now that would fit with the time line. Shirley Mosczynski stated they could advertise on cable for someone interested to serve on the search committee. Rich Preston made a motion to appoint a Search Committee consisting of the Chair of the Finance Committee, a member of the Board of Selectmen, Town Treasurer, Michael Guzinski, and a member at large for the purpose of filling the position of the Town Accountant. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Michael Guzinski asked the Board to look over the Town Accountant job description and give him feedback then he will finalize the document for their review. Shirley Mosczynski asked if it would be a good idea to put it on the agenda for the first meeting in August. Michael Guzinski stated they could discuss it then, he will be on vacation and he would like the time to discuss it first. They could finalize it by the 16th of August.

13. Minutes:
• December 7, 2004:
David Furno made a motion to approve the minutes of December 7, 2004 as amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. Rich Preston and Edward Therrien abstained; they were not present at that meeting. All other members – aye.
• June 28, 2005: Paula Brouillette approved the minutes of June 28, 2005 as presented. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.

14. Administrators Report:
• Capital Update:
Michael Guzinski reported that recently the Capital Committee asked him to give them an update on the 8 capital items from Town Meeting. Those were:
• Ladder Truck: Michael Guzinski reported they went out to bid and have received requests for bids from 6 different companies. Bid Opening will be August 2nd. Chief Gonynor and Suzanne Kane will open the bids. He anticipated the Chief to be here at their next meeting with his recommendation.
• Post Office / Senior Center Renovations: Michael Guzinski reported he met with Building Maintenance Director Rick Colonero and Wayne Salo, an architect with Dixson and Salo Associates. He is supposed to receive scope of specifications for the entire project in the next day or so. He anticipates going out to bid the beginning of August. He has had several conversations with Rick Colonero on this and the building should be re-shingled before winter sets in. Also looking at resolving the ice damn problem on the south side of the building, repair the chimney and if there are funds left over repaint the copula on the building. Hope to get bids back by beginning to mid-September.
• Multifunction Tractor-Sidewalk Plow: Michael Guzinski reported they are finalizing the bid documents on that. That will be going out to bid shortly. They anticipate getting that equipment by November.
• Library Air Conditioning: Michael Guzinski reported he spoke with Rick Colonero who has been doing research and working with the Library Director and Library Trustees to find the best way of dealing with that situation. There has been a lot of progress with technology and it’s an old building. They are looking at different ways to do that with out a negative impact on the inside and outside of the building. The reality is there will be no impact this year; the goal is to try to have something in place by next May. It’s a priority but it falls behind the Post Office because they need to get the roof done.
• Martin Road Engineering: Michael Guzinski reported that William Cundiff is working on this. A contract has been signed by Dufresn Henry, Inc. to do the full plan. Plan to start that in the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be a full plan for the park.
• National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit: Michael Guzinski reported that William Cundiff has met with BETA Engineering and requested a detailed scope of work for the project. He expects to get that within the next couple of weeks.
• Post Office / Senior Center Parking Lot Expansion: Michael Guzinski reported that William Cundiff is coordinating the site survey and wetland delineation with the BSC Group. That is the first step – get all permits in place with Conservation Commission. There is a small wet area in there. They do not anticipate any problems but they do have to do a delineation and go through that process.
• North Street Pedestrian Bridge: Michael Guzinski reported that they have received a scope of work from Weston & Sampson, Inc. William Cundiff wanted to get a revised scope from them – he wants it set up a little differently. He has sent it back for revisions.
• Vacation: Michael Guzinski reported that he will be on vacation next week. He asks that the Board appoint Chief Foley as Acting Executive Administrator in his absence. Rich Preston made a motion to appoint Police Chief Patrick Foley as Acting Executive Administrator for the week of July 25th through July 29th. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

15. Old / New Business:
• Rt. 16 project:
Paula Brouillette asked Michael Guzinski for the status of Mass Highway upgrades on Rt. 16 in front of the new High School. Michael Guzinski reported that the project is controlled by Mass Highway – they are providing the majority of the funding for it. William Cundiff has had some discussions with Mass Highway to get status. Unfortunately it’s moving slower than what they hoped for. Michael Guzinski stated he placed a call to Senator Moore’s office to see if he can help get the project going. We have done everything on our end. It was the hope the work would get done before School started again, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Looks like minimal work will get done in the fall and the majority of the work will be done next spring and summer. He will continue to push them.

• DOR Audit:
Paula Brouillette asked if that will be a future agenda item. Shirley Mosczynski stated that is the Financial Report set for August 9th.
• Oil Tank: Paula Brouillette concerning the oil tank that was replaced at the Intermediate School – said she had a conversation with Michael Guzinski as to whether they should look to see if there are any options to fund that. She does not know the total cost and she knows there is a grant they are working on. It was an emergency and it could have been done through Capital – had they known about it in advance they could have placed it on the Capital plan. She stated that now with the new Interim Superintendent they have an opportunity to see if there is anything they could assist the school with the funding as well as on the Municipal side. Shirley Mosczynski suggested having Michael Guzinski contact the new Interim Superintendent once he gets settled. Michael Guzinski stated he knows they are applying for a fairly large grant, about $30,000 to $35,000. He knows the only grants he is aware of on the Town side is the Underground Storage Tank Grant program which is usually run through the Fire Department – the cap on that is $5,000. It’s something to pursue. He will look into it and speak with the Interim Superintendent to discuss being able to help with those costs.
• 4 Town Group: Paula Brouillette updated the Board on the 4 Town Group. They met recently to finalize the RFP for the Lackey Dam area. It went out to a number of firms and they have had some interest. They are looking at sometime in the middle of August to get the bids back and being able to look at what their next steps will be. They are hoping to move forward now.
• Cemetery Commission: Edward Therrien handed Shirley Mosczynski a letter from the Cemetery Commission, dated June 29, 2005, requesting the Highway Departments assistance with three projects at the Pine Grove Cemetery: 1. removal of embedded bed spring near entrance, 2. provide fill for a hole that is near the entrance and for hole created by the bed spring removal, and 3. remove rolled up section of fence that is off to the side of the cemetery. The Commission asked to meet with Edward Therrien to walk the cemetery and discuss their request. Shirley Mosczynski read the letter. Edward Therrien asked for the Boards permission to meet with the Cemetery Commission. He stated they want to meet on July 12th but he had another appointment. Shirley Mosczynski asked if he has been in contact with them or spoken to Michael Guzinski about it. Edward Therrien stated he wanted to get their ok first. Rich Preston stated it seems like a reasonable request. He asked Edward Therrien how he is set for helping out in reference to staffing. Edward Therrien stated he will see what they want. Consensus of the Board to allow the Highway Department to assist the Cemetery Commission.

16. Adjournment:
David Furno made a motion to adjourn at 8:25 pm. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

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