Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Monday, April 4, 2011 - Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Rich Preston, Bob Werme, Chris Menn

Staff Present: Pat Aldrich

Mitch opened the meeting at 7:12pm

1.) Meeting Minutes: 2/7/10 – Rich motioned to approve as amended, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
2.) Correspondance: Received the annual sample letter from Charter with other annual documents for filing.
3.) Membership: Official welcome of Chris Menn as a newly sworn-in committee member. Michelle Fontaine resigned from the committee.
4.) Financials: YTD: $17,390.83. MTD: $1,666.05. Annual Charter payment of $43,045.59 was received.
5.) Coordinator’s Report: “Douglas Chronicle”: A seminar/show that is produced for DCAC. Level 1 Video Class based around creating the show. Bob mentioned possible student interest. After some discussion it was agreed that some marketing research should be done, as well as public outreach. Ideas about how to generate public interest for the class included flyers in local business, ads in publications, and bulletin board. The committee charged Pat with developing some research for the class. Rich mentioned the possibility of having an “Open House” for the public. People could look at the equipment, past shows, and sign up for a class then. Rich also suggested the airing of past Producer’s Round Tables in order to generate some interest there. Mitch mentioned that smaller classes could be set up for smaller groups. Pat mentioned creating a promo for the show. Possible contacts: Blackstone Valley Tribune, Telegram and Gazette, Uxbridge Times, Craigslist in the “Community Announcements”.
6.) License Renewal: Start process for new contract negotiations with Charter. Last agreement was signed in 2003 as a ten-year plan. License will be up in 2013, so the committee would be getting a jumpstart. License: The right for Charter to operate in Town in exchange for funding for Cable Access and misc reports. Mitch explained the typical process for license renewal and the fact that State Law dictates the steps. Rich mentioned that if State Law dictates the process the committee should review the current State Law. Home council is on hand, though it is not required that we use the same council. Use of special council needs BOS approval. Mitch said he would make contact with Epstein and August, who are specialists in Cable Law. A general invite could be extended, along with an interview, in order to recommend council to the BOS. Mitch agreed to draft a memo to the BOS for their overview, requesting their authority to hold a non-binding interview to decide on proper council.
7.) Cable Studio Possibility: Possible space coming up in Town. Property owner wants to lease space in a local building to the Town. It could be cable studio space, but it is too early to tell. Some discussion on how the cable station would be run if expansion were possible was had.
8.) Board of Health Request: Marleen Bacon emailed Mitch about the BOH meeting 3/23/11 about an Agenda item that was potentially embarrassing to a barn owner whose address and situation were discussed in detail. The BOH is requesting for the segment not to be aired on cable. Mitch responded that it is unlikely we will edit the video, which was not legally an executive session item. The committee only has historically blurred a segment of another similar part in another meeting. Some discussion revealed a committee decision not to edit the meeting, as it was not an executive session item, and it is public record. At the committee’s suggestion, Pat agreed to hold off airing the meeting until the issue was settled to give the BOH proper time to appeal the Cable Committee’s decision to the Board of Selectmen.
9.) Equipment: Recording sign has come in. Long VGA cable as well. ATM went well, recording is good.
10.) Next Meeting: 4/25/11
11.) Adjourn: Rich motioned to adjourn at 8:07pm, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
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