Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Monday, May 23, 2011 - Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Rich Preston, Bob Werme, Chris Menn, Kellie Malo

Staff Present: Pat Aldrich
Audience: Mat Ofcarcik

Mitch opened the meeting at 7:04pm

1.) Meeting Minutes: 4/4/11 – Rich motioned to approve, Kellie 2nd, unanimous favor.
2.) Correspondence: Charter 2010 annual financial report as required by state law.
3.) Cable Recording Assistant Hire: Mat Ofcarcik introduced himself as an applicant for the position. Mat explained some of his general interest in video production. Mitch explained the job details. Mat discussed his experience, including video production at the High School as well as his availabilities during the day. Mat had taken the class with Rich twice and creates his own videos. Rich motioned to hire Mat as a new Recording Assistant, Bob 2nd, with unanimous favor. Mitch let Pat know Mat could begin immediately and explained the paperwork that needs to be filed for the town.
4.) Membership: Annual appointments: Fred, Rich, and Christopher. Chris said that he intends to be reappointed. Fred said he was unsure. Rich asked not to be re appointed after a twenty-year run. The Cable Advisory Committee had begun as a five-person board but is currently seven members, although it’s been difficult gathering a four-person quorum necessary for that size board. Mitch asked the Committee if they wanted to cut the member size back down to a five-person board again to make it easier to meet quorum. Since the Board of Selectmen meet in June to discuss appointments, Mitch said he could write a letter to request the membership decrease for their next meeting. The Committee agreed by consensus to proceed down that road.
5.) Financial Report: April 2011: YTD: $19,302, MTD: $1,911.17
6.) Coordinator’s Report: Pat mentioned Mat Ofcarcik’s Lego Titanic submission to the local channel. An interview “Spotlight On” program up and running as a program. Interview is first upload to the Youtube channel. Pat discussed the Facebook and Youtube pages that are now up for the DCAC. The Recording sign in Resource room is up, but it doesn’t look as good as it should yet, due to the lighting in the room. Possible Green Screen kit would expand the possibilities within the space available to us by using digital backgrounds. Some discussion was had on the possibilities and the best fit for our purposes.
7.) License Renewal: Lisa Mead is the new Town Counsel. As she has plenty of experience with Cable agreements and community planning, the Cable Committee would be free to use her in the re-negotiation with Charter. Mitch noted that he would reach out to her and invite her to open the discussion.
8.) Cable Studio: Space discussed at prior meetings is not available any longer. Some discussion about the upstairs of the Municipal center being available after the school project.
9.) BOH request meeting 3/22/11: Rich had discussed the issue with the BOH Chairman in detail, which seemed to be an “administrative” technicality. Otherwise there has been no contact by the board regarding the issue, so the Committee gave Pat the go ahead to broadcast and upload the meeting to the web.
10.) Personnel Board Request: Bob recused himself from the table for the discussion. Ellie Cheseborough had emailed Mitch with a request to place the Recording Assistants onto the pay chart, giving a couple of options on how to do just that. The Committee discussed the calculations and protocol, deciding that the methods used in the options given do not fit the job description correctly. The Committee decided to have Mitch respond by asking for a plan better suited to the job description. Bob returned to the table.
11.) Equipment: Maintenance: Nexus broadcasting machine has been making loud fan noises. Pat called Nexus and it is a common issue, as the machine has a few fans throughout. To repair, it would be two-four days out of the office. As the Nexus runs the cable channels and slideshows, it would need to be temporarily replaced if possible, maybe with a loaner from Nexus – in order to continue normal operation. The power supply to a main triple feed LCD screen caused a video outage for a while on the local channels. The problem is temporarily fixed, as Mitch re-wired the rack without the LCD screens. A new power supply has been ordered.
12.) Next Meeting: 6/27/11
13.) Adjourn: Rich motioned to adjourn at 8:16pm, Kellie 2nd, unanimous favor.
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