4/21/11 Minutes

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4/21/11 Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
Minutes 4/21/2011 Meeting

Present: Shirley Cooney and Gail Swenson, Debby Heinz
Guest: Mr. Weirsma

Meeting called to order: 7:00 pm
*Shirley C. notes that the third member of the Cemetery Commission, Michael Boothby is not present at the meeting.
*Gail introduces Mr. Hoss Weirsma to the board and thanks him for coming to the meeting to discuss the valve situation at the Douglas Center Cemetery.
Hoss explains that screw on breakers is just as good to use as water is not on for the full year or used constantly. These breakers would be unscrewed, taken off and safely stored for the winter. The Water and Sewer Dept. does not have any objection to this. They just want a Plumbing Permit pulled.
Each valve is just over $300.00 without piping. Hoss will go out to the Douglas Center Cemetery to check everything out and then give us a quote for about how much it will all cost.
*The Board reviews the minutes from 2/28/2011 meeting. Gail S. makes motion to accept, Shirley C. 2nds.
BUFFER: Gail came up with the following estimations when asking for buffers: 100 ft. = 2 acres/ 50 ft. = approx. ¾ acre/ 25 ft. = 1/3 of an acre. Gail is going to get more information. The next step appears to approach Mike Guzinski as to how to go about this change.
PLOT FEES: Discussion started at last meeting re. amount of cremations allowed per plot. Gail did research and said that based on what she found; it depends on how we choose to handle it; if we have just cremations in the plot or a full burial with cremations on top of it.
The cost of plot fees has been $800.00 for at least six years, possibly 10. Gail S. makes a motion to raise plot fees to $1,000.00 as of July 1, 2011 for “Double Side by Side Plot”. Shirley C. seconds.
NATIONAL GRID & TITLE RUN DOWN: The title run down is not the Cemetery Commission’s job. The company to provide proof that they had permission to put pole there does a title run down. If we had to do it, the cost would be 3-4 hundred dollars.
MEETING WITH NATIONAL GRID @ DOUGLAS CENTER CEMETERY: National Grid had made proposition re. guy wire and buying or leasing a plot or two. Do we try to come up with something or do we tell them that we just want it out. They also informed us that we would have to contact Verizon and Charter Cable regarding their guy wires. After the mtg. Shirley spoke to Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer. As per Bill it is not our responsibility to contact the other utilities that have guy wires up on the pole also. It is up to National Grid as they had to approach them in the first place. She then asked Bill if he could join us at our next meeting to discuss these issues. A morning meeting was decided. When Shirley brought the morning meeting up to board May 3, 2011 was agreed upon at 10:00 in the morning. Debby Heinz to post meeting with Town Clerk.
*Gail went over the book cataloging graves at Pine Grove Cemetery that Hannah Perkins has done, so far. She then suggested that we send her a thank you note for all her hard work. Debby will contact Nancy Lane re. having another student, perhaps, finish up where Hannah left off.
*DCC Preservation Fund: Balance of $35,578.00 less any GWCF fees. Gail sent a thank you to donors.
* There are no bills, however, Commission rcvd. memo from Town Administrator regarding non-discretionary spending. Gail will speak to Mike regarding this matter. She will also speak to him regarding the buffer situation.
*Gail will contact Mr. GiGaitano re. fallen stone in Douglas Center Cemetery
*Commission rcvd. ltr from Sherriff’s office re. volunteer services of the inmates
*The Eagle Scouts are looking for projects. Gail suggested that perhaps we could get some nice wood signs for the cemeteries as it would not cost us anything.
*Shirley would like someone to contact a stone mason about possible engraving the big stone at the entrance by the new end of the cemetery.
Gail makes motion to adjourn. Shirley 2nds. Meeting adjourned
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