6/30/11 Minutes

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6/30/11 Minutes

Postby Debby Heinz » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:09 pm

Cemetery Commission
6/30/11 Meeting

Community Meeting Room No Cable Recording Assistant Present

Present: Gail Swenson, Debby Heinz
Absent: Shirley Cooney

*Minutes from the 6/7/11 & 6/21/11 meetings could not be approved as Gail Swenson was not present at either meeting. To be deferred until next meeting.
*We received a response to our letter sent to National Grid earlier in the year regarding the removal of the pole from the cemetery. As per their letter we have to notify both Verizon and Comcast to remove their guy wires first. Gail spoke to Bill Cundiff; he will write a letter to National Grid. Gail Swenson and Debby Heinz dropped off letter with a note saying that they agreed to have Bill contact them.
*Gail will check the ledger to verify that Cindy Palker Martin does indeed own the plots where Kayla Palker is buried, then Cindy will be contacted regarding the “decorating” of the grave.
*$1,750.00 was paid out for 5/27/11 & 6/10/11 cemetery mowing’s; $210.00 was paid out for the backflow valve installation and $900.00 was paid out for gravestone repairs.
*We received a quote of $765.00 from Tom’s Lawns for the treatment of grubs at the South Street Cemetery. Debby Heinz will contact him and let him know that he has to wait until he is notified to any work, that there is no guarantee he will be doing it.
*We received a copy of the letter that Selectman Bonin sent to Linda Jennings re. her letter complaining about the grub situation.
* Will also invite Mr. Marseglia to next meeting
*We have a remaining balance of $330.00 in the 2010 budget.
*Gail Swenson brought the signed voucher for DeGaetano to Jean Lovett
Meeting adjourned 3:00 pm
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