8/16/11 Minutes

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8/16/11 Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
8/16/2011 Minutes

Present: Shirley Cooney, Gail Swenson and Debby Heinz
Minutes of 6/7 & 6/21 are read. Debby makes motion to accept as written and Shirley 2nds. M Gail abstains as she was absent from meeting. Motion is so moved.
Gail makes motion to accept minutes of 6/30 as written and Debby 2nds. Shirley abstains as she was absent. Motion is so moved.
Grub Control: Shirley feels that we should also contact Tom’s Lawns regarding follow up for initial Douglas Center Cemetery treatment. Shirley will contact Tom’s Lawn for an estimate on yearly application for Douglas Center Cemetery, South Street and Pine Grove Cemetery. Gail will contact A&B Plowing for the same. We need to know the applicable time to have this done. Debby to speak to Mike Guzinski regarding this situation to see if the town can help with the care of the grounds.
Kayla Palker Gravesite: Shirley will contact her mother regarding the situation. She will explain that anything to the left or right of the stone must be removed.
Find-A-Grave Association: Debby informs commission of this association and suggests that it would be worth contacting them and discuss the possibility of working together on the finishing of cataloging cemeteries. Debby also stated that after everything is cataloged it should also be put on computer as well as other information.
All the commissioners met with National Grid representative Kim Schneider and Sr. Engineer Bruce Kut regarding the fourth option that they presented to us in a letter. Debby asked Mr. Kut why it is our responsibility to notify Verizon and Comcast if National Grid owns the pole. As per Mr. Kut the pole is jointly owned by National Grid and Verizon. The commissioners told National Grid that they did not accept their option. It was decided that the pole with guy wire will be moved across the street, while the pole that was placed in the ground, basically in the wall, will be moved to the end of the property line. Mr. Kut then went on to say that the pole in the pavement by the common will be moved onto the common & the pole at the other end of the common will be moved across the street at the other end of the cemetery, outside the wall. Bill Cundiff will speak with Town Council. Mr. Kut will go ahead and start the pole petition. After meeting with selectman, Bill Cundiff will contact Verizon and Cable to inform them of what is going on. Once all paperwork is complete and prep work, the actual work should take about a week.
Received a letter from Greater Worcester Community Foundation with quarterly interest report. We received 0.8% for the quarter and 3.7% for the calendar year to date.
Went over Debby’s list of Goals for the Cemetery Commission. Shirley read a 5 yr. & a 10 yr. plan that was written by Don Anderson.
Debby will contact John Furno regarding filling holes just passed Kayla’s stone. Perhaps he could put down crushed stone.
Gail mentioned that we have to remember to remove the backflow valves from the Douglas Center Cemetery before the first frost.
Received invoice from A&B Plowing for mowing of Douglas Center Cemetery, South Street Cemetery and Pine Grove Cemetery. Lawns mowed 8/2/11 & 8/4/11, total cost: $875.00

Next meeting: 9/20/11 at 10:00 am. Debby to post with Town Clerk
Debby makes motion to adjourn. Gail seconds. So moved.
Meeting Adjourned
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