Minutes September 27, 2011

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Minutes September 27, 2011

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
September 27, 2011
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Merritt Tetreault, Ellie Chesebrough, Betty Holden, Ramona Lachapelle, Barbara VanReed, Barbara Grimes-Smith and Ann Carlsson.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM

Minutes were accepted for August 23, 2011.

Treasurer’s Report
Lachapelle explained that the fines amount in her report were cumulative. Carlsson will get the fine amount based on yearly receipts and expenditures. The C/W MARS credit is in the Unibank checking account and Carlsson has the credit card which will be used to purchase eBooks.

Director’s Report
Goals Update:
Goal#1: Update website. This has been done a couple of times since last meeting: for Octoberfest Book sale, CWMARS change, and Story time.
Goal#2: No staff changes as of this month. The staff has been asked to come up with a date/time for a trustee tea/get-together. An early November date is planned.
Goal#3: Public Relations: A large article about the renovation project was in the BVT. The newsletter will be available at Octoberfest
Goals 4 and 5 are complete

The CWMARS conversion is now postponed till the end of December, beginning of January. This has caused programming conflicts based on the original Columbus Day conversion as well as training happening several months before the actual conversion.

Octoberfest Book sale:
An announcement was placed on the website and on Craigslist about the Octberfest book sale.
A high school senior who’s senior project is all about doing library improvements during the year will be helping.

The next BFCC meeting will be on October 5. Charlie VanVoorhis spend a whole day at the library with several crew members, doing photos and drawings. The survey crew also was at work.

Library as Center of Community
After Hurricane Irene passed through, the library was lucky to have power restored by Tuesday. On Monday, all town offices were closed due to loss of power. There were numbers of people who came in to the library that week to charge their cell phones and lap tops, to use the Internet and to gather where there were lights and, in some cases, running water.

Computer issues
The Library’s relationship with PC Plus has ended. GLTW out of Fitchburg was hired to come in and fix the wireless access, which has continued to go down for the past couple of weeks. PC Plus has not given the service that the Library has grown accustomed to and this last incidence with the wireless was the last straw. Last month, the computers were down with a virus and the entire building had no Internet for a week. PC Plus postponed their appointment once one had been scheduled and the company was notified that this was unacceptable. The service call for the wireless this week resulted in a quote of $1600 worth of new equipment and firewall subscriptions. When questioned PC Plus indicated that by not accepting this quote that they Library would have to continue to re-boot the wireless system. When Carlsson called the rep and asked if they no longer wanted the Library as a customer, a revised quote for $600 was received.
Carlsson found the new computer service company, GLTW, by doing a Google search on “computer repair”. She interviewed three companies based on this search.

Story time for Fall is underway although it will end a week early, before Columbus day, so that the Library would have been able to accommodate the CWMARS conversion.

The Pastel Workshop scheduled in October at the senior center has been rescheduled for the Spring because it conflicted with another program at the center.

Chesebrough asked about the website calendar which Carlsson will update, the Don Anderson program which Carlsson will revisit with Lisa Mosczynski, and the Coppola collection status at the Historical Society. Chesebrough reported that she had advertised with Carlsson’s approval the old Massachusetts law books on Craigslist offering them for free. One respondent agreed to take all and on one trip had taken as many as would fit in his van. He planned to return for the rest on Sunday after Octoberfest.

Old Business
Building renovation
The BFCC meeting for September 21st had been cancelled due to a light agenda and an anticipation that a quorum would not be present. The next meeting scheduled is for October 5, 2011. Biagioni mentioned that there had been a question relating to the deed.

Farmers’ Market booksale
The Farmers’ Market is over for the year.

Trustee appointment
Chesebrough had contacted John Petraglia, but he felt he could not devote the time it required for the position. Tetreault agreed to ask Rich Preston if he’d be interested.

Set up will be at 8 AM on Saturday. Ricky will put out tables on Friday. Tetreault will contact the Boy Scouts to help get the books out as well as to help. Biagioni will install temporarily the banner. There was some talk about how to get people engaged on the topic of renovation including having a wishing well in lieu of a focus group. Chesebrough had submitted a news release to both the Tribune and the Telegram. To date only the Tribune had published it.

New Business

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

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