Minutes June 28, 2011

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Minutes June 28, 2011

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
June 28, 2011
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Merritt Tetreault, Ellie Chesebrough, Betty Holden, Ramona Lachapelle, Barbara Grimes-Smith, Barbara VanReed, Ann Carlsson and Mitch Cohen.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM

Minutes were accepted for May 24, 2011, June 14, 2011 and June 20, 2011

Treasurer’s Report
There was no Treasurer’s Report. Chesebrough asked about the fine balance. Because the Finance Director is involved in yearend issues, the fine information was not received. Lachapelle agreed to have these figures for the next meeting.

Director’s Report
Carlsson acknowledged the time the Trustees have put in to the building project.

Bookletters has updated their presence on the library’s site. Debbie Soderman and Carlsson will be attending a webinar to learn how to make booklists using Bookletters for the Summer Reading Lists. It is hoped this will be accomplished within the next few weeks.

The Summer Reading Program will run from July 11 through August 16. The garden is expected to be readied for this time.

All employees were given step increases this year in addition to a 1.5% COLA. All town employees who were not at the top of the pay scale received step increases. The only employees not included in this are the Library Pages who are minimum wage employees. There was indeed a classification for Circulation Librarian approved by the Personnel Committee some years ago. I talked with Mike Guzinski and Jeanne Lovett to look at the impact on the Budget. Mike Guzinski thought it was doable to reclassify Josh at this time. Josh has been reclassified as a Circulation Librarian and went from OA1 to OA2 Classification, Step1.
Updated Salary Figures approved at town meeting:
Director: 64,660.16
Children’s Librarian: 38,639.64
Circulation Librarian: 26,632
Library Assistant: 6,007
Library Assistant: 6,869
Pages: 6,656
Chesebrough asked how the 19% required for the materials budget based on the Municipal Appropriation was achieved. Carlsson note she spoke with one of the staff of the MBLC who indicated that because of hard times, the 19% materials budget did not have to come out of the municipal appropriations.

The Kindle is not yet circulating. The auditors are now checking to see if it will be okay to spend $150 on an Amazon order for eBooks. Carlsson noted that there was a credit at C/W MARS which could be used to either pay for the current fees or have a check made out to the Friends and used for purchasing eBooks.

Carlsson distributed a page from a report that is submitted yearly to the MBLC. It shows circulation figures for adult and children’s material.

Old Business
Mitch Cohen was invited to present his ideas for the Library’s building project. He noted that the Library project would be a debt exclusion project requiring both Town Meeting approval and an election. Chesebrough asked if it could also be a bond project. Cohen explained that this would require paying for the bond with operating funds as opposed to excluding the cost and paying for it with tax money not impacting the Town’s operating income. Chesebrough also asked how a lawsuit would impact financing the project, if a suit was brought against the Town because the Library is not ADA accessible. Cohen indicated that lost lawsuits have to be paid immediately and that a Town Meeting vote was subsequently required to appropriate funds for the cost of the suit.
Cohen related that the PRIDE group for the school building project was formed as a ballot question group which falls under the legal control of the Secretary of State Office of Campaign and Political Finance. Also under this legal control are political actions groups. Both have to form if lobbying. Public funds may not be used for lobbying. PACs can continue on, but Ballot Question Committees (needing only a president and treasurer) have to dissolve after a vote is taken. Depending on its purpose Friends of the Library may be able to donate funds to either of these lobbying groups. He suggested that it might not be appropriate for Library Trustees to be involved in either the Friends or a lobbying group due to their activity with the Library’s budget. Some of the activities of PRIDE included making phone calls, creating a website and keeping it updated with summaries after School Building Committee meetings, and having a presence on Facebook.
A possible strategy for the Library would be to promote the library’s renovation and ADA requirements. Use a comparative story of what the building costs and operating cost would be for
• Library renovation ADA updates
• Using the Old elementary school for the library to achieve ADA requirements
• Show an updated version for the library if it was awarded an MBLC grant

Scope of Work
Biagioni reminded Trustees of the upcoming BFCC meeting July 6th and asked that all think about the library’s scope of work. He distributed a list that had appeared in 2007 minutes to use as a basis for formalizing this scope of work. Chesebrough felt that Farley’s letter dated October 7, 2010 gave a good scope of work. Biagioni is awaiting word from Mike Guzinski about any legal ramifications about recommended architects.

Farmers’ Market
Grimes-Smith reported of the Farmers’ Market June 25th. A total of $18.10 was raised. She suggested some items that would be helpful, a list of summer programs, promotional materials on the website and how to order books online, and informational material on the renovation project. Carlsson provided a flyer which address all except the building renovation. Assigned dates for hosting the Farmers’ Market are: July 9 Lachapelle and Grimes-Smith; July 23 Biagioni and VanReed; August 6 Chesebrough and Gjeltema; August 20 open; Sept 3 Chesebrough and Lachapelle; September 17 open. Carlsson will post a solicitation both at the Library and on Facebook for a pop-up canopy tent.

Trustee Appointment
Biagioni reported the need to meet with the Selectmen to jointly appoint a Trustee to fill the vacancy made when VanReed resigned her elected position to become a Life Member. Carlsson was requested to suggest possible candidates and to let them know how they can fill out an application online. Biagioni will ask Suzanne Kane to post the opening on Cable.

The next meeting is July 26th. Chesebrough will not be at this meeting. A secretary pro-temp will have to be appointed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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