Personnel Minutes 2009-04-14

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Personnel Minutes 2009-04-14

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April 14, 2009

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Sharon Brotherton, Lois Garrison, BettyAnn McCallum
Non Members: Mary Eldridge

 MINUTES: Accepted unanimously as presented.

 FY2010 COLA: Ellie questioned whether or not the vote for a 1.5% cost of living increase pertained to the school. In the past, the Personnel Board has had no control or influence over non-union school employees.

 JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Where do we go from here? After much discussion, it was determined that BettyAnn will input all new job descriptions and updates and email them to members for review. Sharon will ask Mike to email employees for job descriptions, since not all were submitted.

 RATING JOBS: Mary suggested that we look at both the job descriptions as well as the market value of the job itself. Comparison with other towns might be of help in determining the actual market value of a position. Ellie will provide information on how Sturbridge does this. Sharon will email the warrant for the May town meeting which has the new compensation schedule in it.

 JOB PERFORMANCE: We need to enhance the job performance evaluations to include goals, expectations, etc. We need to address how and why step increases are given and provide a more equitable way of compensating employees based on some type of merit.

 SICK BANK: There should be a procedure in place for replacement of sick bank time (when the insurance reimburses the town for time taken from the sick bank). This time needs to be credited back to the employee and the Personnel Board needs to be notified. Sharon will check to see if the program being used in the Treasurer’s Office will track sick bank donations and withdrawals.

 EXIT POLICY: At present time there is no policy or procedure for the termination of an employee. This needs to be addressed.

 NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 19, 2009, at 6:30 p.m. Sharon will post it.
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