1/10/12 Meeting Minutes

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1/10/12 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
1/10/12 Minutes
Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: Matthew Ofcarcik
Present: Cemetery Commissioners: Shirley Cooney, Gail Swenson and Debby Heinz; Non-Member: Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer
Guests: Robert and Linda Johnson
Mtg. called to order at: 10:05 am
Shirley reads the minutes from the December meeting aloud for the non-members to hear.
Quaker Cemetery: Debby explains to the Johnson’s that this is a Massachusetts Historic Commission matter, that the Commission does not do anything until we receive a final determination from the Massachusetts Historic Commission and its archeologist.
As per Bill Cundiff this issue lies between the Massachusetts Historic Commission and their archeologist, that we have nothing to do with it.
Mr. Johnson wants to know HOW LONG did we know that there was possible gravesites outside the cemetery? It was explained to Mr. Johnson about how the previous had initially offered to us and then rescinded.
Mr. Johnson is insistent that the Planning Board contacted the Cemetery Commission regarding this situation. He was told that as long as any of the current commissioners are on the commission, this never happened.
Mr. Johnson can’t understand why there was not more discussion among the boards involved. He wants to know exactly when the Cemetery Commission found out that there was stones outside the cemetery because when he and the “surveyor” never saw any when they walked the property. He also informs the commission that the Massachusetts Historic Commission is more interested in where the Meeting House stood.
Mr. Johnson feels that there is negligence on the part of the Douglas Historic Commission. He cannot understand how they can just say that all the records were lost.
It was again explained to Mr. Johnson that the Cemetery Commission is not mandated to keep up the cemeteries.
A motion is made that the commission, re. Town Council, send a letter to the State letting them know how we feel regarding the situation. Mr. Johnson asks that we cc the letter to Marty Dudek. The motion is so moved.
National Grid: Re. location of the new poles. Pole currently in front of wall with guy wires: P100 is coming down. Bill Cundiff is going to send a letter to National Grid re. cleaning up of dirt around the poles.
Website: It is decided that our next meeting be a night meeting and invite both John Furno and Mitch Cohen. The commission feels that John Furno might have some input as to what might be listed on our website.

Brochure: After commission reviews brochure with latest changes, motion is made to accept. Motion is so moved.
Police Letter: Letter with changes is accepted. Motion is made to accept and mail out. Motion is so moved.
Cemetery Commission: This has been tabled until the February meeting. It was agreed upon that John Furno, in his capacity as Highway Superintendent, be invited to sit in on this meeting.
Next meeting has been scheduled for February 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm.
Debby will send emails to Mitch Cohen and John Furno inviting them to the meeting.
Motion is made to adjourn meeting. So moved.
Meeting is adjourned at 11:36.
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