February 16, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Committ

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February 16, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Committ

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FEBRUARY 15, 2012

A meeting of the Building Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on February 15, 2012 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Holland called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

PRESENT: Sean Holland (Chairman), Matt Sargent, Linda Brown, Virginia Howe, Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairman), William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Ricky Colonero (Head of Maintenance), Joe Biagioni (Ex-officio)
ABSENT: Ed Gouin
GUESTS: Ann Carlsson, Charlie Van Voorhis.

A decision was made to do the Municipal Center roof as its own project. The project being proposed is for repairs on the roof and repointing of the concrete caps. It is estimated to cost $80,000. Mr. Colonero said the original request was for a whole exterior envelope renovation, which included restoring the masonry. What needs to be replaced is the main part of the roof, because it is wet, the smaller section of roof near the gym, and as much as the cap restoration as can be done. Mr. Cundiff said the drawings and specifications made by the architect do include the cap work, but it may be an add alternate or a change order.
Mr. Cundiff discussed the charts of local public procurement procedures. Mr. Colonero had an agreement with Dixon Salo, so the project does not need to go out for designer selection because the plans have already been designed. This project would be a sealed bid process similar to M.G.L c 30 section 39 M . Mr. Cundiff suggests the BFCC ask Mr. Colonero to spearhead this project with Dixon Salo and check back with the Committee periodically throughout the project. The Committee reached a general consensus, all in agreement.

Mr. Cundiff presented an email outlining the status of this project to the Board of Selectmen. Mr. Cundiff did follow through with all the communities that were sent a letter, and has not heard from Sutton. Webster and Northbridge said they were not interested in a joint compost facility. Uxbridge has potential. Mr. Cundiff will meet with the Uxbridge Department of Public Works Superintendent on February 27, 2012 to look at the site and discuss more about the project.

Ms. Mosczynski announced that there would be a School Building Committee meeting tomorrow night. There are two issues the Committee is trying to resolve. Two subcontractors for the elevator and one for the electrical are backing out. Mr. Cundiff is working with the general contractor on the details of the general contract. The kickoff meeting has been delayed by two weeks. Mr. Cundiff stated that the law is very clear and it allows a subcontractor to withdraw due to mechanical or clerical error. Even with those withdrawals, the project is still well under budget.

The minutes of January 18, 2012 were reviewed. Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the Building Facilities Construction Committee minutes of January 18, 2012 as presented. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. Vote: 3 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstained.

Ms. Brown recused herself.
Mr. Charlie Van Voorhis of Durland Van Voorhis and Mr. Joe Biagioni and Ms. Ann Carlsson of the Library Trustees joined the meeting at 7:12 PM. Mr. Van Voorhis announced that no one had any changes or markups from the last meeting. He brought a set of full-sized drawings that were revised as of this afternoon. These drawings are close to the final design development submission of the drawings. Mr. Van Voorhis walked the Committee through the schedule. The drawings have been submitted to the cost estimator. A design development cost estimator should be done within two weeks. Mr. Van Voorhis feels the design development report will be in hand in time for the Board of Selectmen article for the spring Town Meeting. The warrant article closes March 6, 2012.
Mr. Van Voorhis will complete the site permitting for the wetlands, site plan review and water aquifer, over the next few months. If the Town Meeting approves funding, it will take approximately two months to do the construction documents. A complete renovation, if done all at once, would be complete at approximately the end of next year.
Mr. Van Voorhis asked Mr. Biagioni if the Trustees wanted to do the project in phases and stay in the library or all at once and move out. Mr. Van Voorhis feels the general requirement costs stretched over two years would more than cover the cost of a move out and a move back in. Mr. Van Voorhis will carry an amount in the estimates for a move out, a move back in and a lease. Ms. Carlsson said the Library Trustees have not discussed this yet. Mr. Van Voorhis feels the cost of staying in the building and phasing the construction will add time to the project which will add cost. Those costs would be similar to two moves and leasing space, etc. Mr. Van Voorhis strongly recommends moving out.
Mr. Cundiff is trying to think of somewhere to move out to. Many town-owned places are not suitable or available. Trailers are expensive. Ms. Howe suggested the gym in the Municipal Center. Ms. Carlsson feels they may have to store some items. She feels that closing the library would be unacceptable. Mr. Colonero stated that the old elementary school is unusable. Mr. Biagioni said the Library Trustees have not gone through this yet. Mr. Van Voorhis stated that the first question to answer is which Town Meeting do you want to put this project on? If approved, the Trustees would have two months to figure out whether to move or stay in the library during construction.
Mr. Van Voorhis mentioned that a portion of the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) fees usually includes a clerk. Mr. Cundiff would want to have someone out there on site on a frequent basis. The cost estimate should be modified to reflect this “clerk”. The top three numbers (of the schedule) are what the cost estimator will revise. The escalation would go out to starting construction about the Fall 2012.
Mr. Van Voorhis clarified what escalation means in answer to Ms. Ellie Chesebrough’s request. The cost estimator has the projects costs as of today, so an increase would be added to estimate the cost in the future when the construction actually starts. A construction contingency should be included as part of the construction amount, because there are many unknowns in a project and money may need to be available to make changes. Mr. Cundiff asked if 6.5% were low. Mr. Van Voorhis feels it is a little low, 10% is typical for renovation, 5% for new construction, however not much is being done to the existing building. He feels it can be done for 6.5%. The estimator is estimating the low number on this bid, but extra costs could be added to cover bidding irregularities. Mr. Cundiff asked if Mr. Van Voorhis felt the bidding costs were good. Mr. Van Voorhis replied that they ask for a hefty deposit in mailing fees to mail copies and no fee for electronic copies. 95% of the bidders ask for electronic copies. Mr. Van Voorhis would handle the distribution of the bid documents.
Mr. Van Voorhis does not have a commissioner’s fee in this schedule. He feels it would be good to have someone walk people through the building at the end of the project to show others how the systems work. Mr. Colonero said that that is something that the contractors usually do as a start-up and what he feels should happen. A commissioner may not be needed because the systems going in are relatively simple, however there are always questions as to how things work. Ms. Howe feels we need that fall back position. Mr. Van Voorhis will make the changes. Mr. Van Voorhis will make changes based on clerk (taking OPM out and adding a clerk for 5-6 hours per day), adding commissioning, and upgrading construction numbers,
Ms. Mosczynski asked if Mr. Biagioni had talked to the Webster Credit Union. Mr. Biagioni stated that there are issues. One tenant may sell the property. He cannot get a definite answer. There is not a clear right-of-way through the back parking lots. An agreement could be made now, but then the tenant might sell and things would change. Ms. Howe stated that someone could always sell. It would have to be made a part of the sale. The marketability might be hurt. Mr. Biagioni said the marketability is already hurt because library patrons park in their lots. A right-of-way may have to be paid for. Mr. Van Voorhis said the contingency might have to get bigger. Mr. Cundiff feels that would be appropriate. He is uncomfortable with it being as low as it is. Mr. Biagioni will have a meeting with the Library Trustees before the next Building Facilities Construction Committee meeting.
Mr. Van Voorhis, Ms. Carlsson and Mr. Biagioni left the meeting at 7:40 PM.

Ms. Brown rejoined the meeting.
Mr. Cundiff handed out the safety complex RFQ. Ms. Mosczynski sent comments and discrepancies she had found to Mr. Cundiff. Ms. Brown mentioned “keep defer” are all still in the RFQ. Mr. Cundiff will review and finalize. Mr. Cundiff distributed input he received from the Fire, Police and Highway Departments regarding project goals and objectives, which provides additional information for the designers for bidding. He also handed out a revised schedule. Mr. Cundiff asked Mr. Guzinski when the Board of Selectmen could take up the RFQ for final approval. Mr. Guzinski responded that the Board of Selectmen would be reviewing it March 6, 2012. The BFCC will meet March 7th. Mr. Cundiff will review all comments and discrepancies, incorporate those edits and send out a revised copy next week in time for everyone to review before the RFQ goes to the Board of Selectmen.
Everything on the revised schedule has been bumped back two weeks. There are 2 months for the designers to prepare a presentation for submittal. The end date for awarding something is now May 15th. Mr. Cundiff is trying to squeeze in a design for the next Town Meeting (2013). The RFQ identifies 30 weeks for the designers’ work.
Ms. Brown made a motion to make edits and to amend the RFQ as presented and submit to the Board of Selectmen for their approval. Ms. Mosczynski seconded the motion. Vote – Unanimous.
Ms. Mosczynski asked Mr. Cundiff if the RFQ had had input from all concerned. Mr. Cundiff replied that the Police Chief and Lieutenant, Fire Chief and Highway Superintendent each submitted input.

Mr. Cundiff received three quotes for the repair of the Hemlock Street bridge. McGuire Group was the lowest. Mr. Cundiff said the design fee is $68,000 or more, so it needs to go out for a qualifications-based selection process. He will start preparing an RFQ under the Committee’s direction. Mr. Cundiff wants to get this bridge repair done this year.
Regarding the Main Street sidewalk, the Highway Superintendent is starting to prioritize Chapter 90 work on Main Street. There had been a warrant article a few years back to construct sidewalks between Franklin Street and Sunset Drive. The alignment of the road is not good. It has to be decided if straight sidewalks should be built or will they be built to follow along the meandering road. The road and sidewalk projects will be bid together.
Regarding the School Project’s water line extension loop, DiNisco, the architect, has offered to give an estimate to go to Town Meeting. There will be a Town Meeting Warrant article for the small section of water pipe that will be installed.

Ms. Brown made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:52 PM. Ms. Mosczynski seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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