3/12/12 Meeting Minutes

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3/12/12 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
3/12/12 Meeting Minutes
Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: N/A

PRESENT: Shirley Cooney (Chairperson), Gail Swenson and Debby Heinz
GUEST: John Furno, Superintendent of Highway
MINUTES: Commission reviews minutes of 2/21/12. Motion is made to approve as written. So Moved.
CEMETERY CARE: Shirley explains to John the problem that we currently have with the care of our cemeteries. Shirley shared the quotes from Tom’s Lawns for Crub Control for the Douglas Center Cemetery.
$1500.00 – Long Term
100.00 – Fertilizer Program
480.00 – Lime
$2,080.00 TOTAL
Seeding needs to be done in some areas of the Douglas Center Cemetery . There is a crab grass invasion. The quote is different for the South Street Cemetery. That quote is $750.00. Shirley will call and check the price and ask him to go ahead and do it. The Commission agrees.
Debby brought up about a caretaker. John lists the equipment that we would have to go out and purchase. Debby suggests the possibility that we perhaps we can “share” them with another department. Gail questions who would maintain this equipment.
John Furno said that we are too late for FY13, but if this is the way we decide to go, we could make it for FY14. That this year we should stick with what we have. Agreed by the Commission.
WALLIS PLOT: John asks that we contact Dick Wallis and ask him if he wants to meet us at the cemetery and he will stake it the plots that Mr. Wallis owns. Gail questions if Haire had indeed purchased certain plots. John thinks that they were just reserved.
WEBSITE: We reviewed the sheet of proposed information along with John. We added certain words.
The Commission thanks John Furno for attending our meeting.
NATIONAL GRID: Debby gives an update on the work. She drove past Douglas Center Cemetery it appears that while the new poles have put in and National Grid did indeed move their wires, Verizon and Charter have not and this causing the hold up. It is decided that an email will be sent to Bill Cundiff asking him to please contact National Grid as they said they would be contacting the other utilities.
ABADY: The deed to the cemetery plots is sent to Mrs. Abady.


Motion is made to adjourn. So moved. Meeting is adjourned at 11:45.
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