March 7, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Committ

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March 7, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Committ

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MARCH 7, 2012

A meeting of the Building Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on March 7, 2012 at the Municipal Center. Ms. Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

PRESENT: Matt Sargent, Linda Brown, Ed Gouin, Virginia Howe, Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairman), William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Joe Biagioni (Ex-officio)
ABSENT: Sean Holland
GUESTS: Ann Carlsson, Ellie Chesebrough, Charlie Van Voorhis.

Ms. Brown recused herself.
Mr. Charlie Van Voorhis of Durland Van Voorhis read his cover sheet that he prepared and handed out copies of the design development, which included the drawings and the Construction Cost Estimate report.
Mr. Cundiff met with the Board of Selectmen last evening and they voted to pursue placing this project on the warrant for the spring Town Meeting. Mr. Cundiff feels it would be appropriate to go before the Board of Selectmen again in a few weeks to give them a more comprehensive presentation of the proposal. Mr. Cundiff feels Mr. Van Voorhis would be needed at that meeting to answer questions. Ms. Mosczynski agrees. Mr. Cundiff believes the Board of Selectmen is planning to vote on the warrant at their next meeting on March 20, 2012. He will speak with Mike Guzinski about getting on that agenda for a more formal presentation, and he will post it as a meeting for the BFCC. Ms. Howe feels that would be appropriate and thanked Mr. Van Voorhis for his fine work.
Ms. Mosczynski stated that it is the consensus of the BFCC to move this project forward to the Annual Town Meeting. Mr. Biagioni asked for a formal vote from BFCC so that if the Library Trustees are asked, they can reply that the BFCC is in favor of the project.
Ms. Howe made a motion to support the Library ADA Renovation Project’s move forward to the Board of Selectmen for the Annual Town Meeting. Mr. Gouin seconded the motion. Vote – unanimous.
Mr. Van Voorhis reviewed the updated Construction Cost Estimate. The site work cost is down a bit, the renovation figure is up, and the total construction direct cost is up. Five percent was added to the construction contingency. He verified that the move costs are a realistic cost. He spoke with a mover who had recently priced out a library move, and that mover stated that move costs are a negotiable figure, depending on how much volunteers do, etc. The estimator put in a lease figure of $36,000 based on 2500 square feet at $15/sq. ft.
The idea of the cost estimator is to be in the range of the 2nd or 3rd lowest bid. If the project gets on the warrant, they may want to add contingency from bidding on their own, because if they do not appropriate enough money and the bid comes in slightly higher, the project stops. Ms. Howe commented that, bottom line, things cost more and more all the time and the longer this project is delayed, the cost is going to go up. As an example, Mr. Cundiff commented that he received word from John Furno, Highway Superintendent, that the cost of asphalt is going to go up another 50% for this season. Ms. Howe feels it is unrealistic to think that this estimate will be the real number. She does not want to go back to the people to say the cost is higher. She hopes the town understands that the library is a symbol of the intellectual life of the community. Ms. Mosczynski made the comment that construction companies are looking for work and low bids were seen for the school project. Mr. Cundiff will upload a copy of the cost estimate to the website.
Ms. Chesebrough stated that Ricky Colonero had favored tiles for the bathroom walls, as they would be easy to clean. The Library Trustees had talked about using a smooth wall like they use in hotels that may be easy to clean; Would that be a more reasonable cost? Mr. Van Voorhis replied that that material would be FRP. The bathroom tile information is on page 14 of the cost estimate. He replied that if FRP is something the committee and town wants to do, he can make that change. However, as far as going forward as an appropriation, he would leave the higher number there for budgeting. Ms. Chesebrough personally feels a project should be brought forth with nothing that is “more than functional”. Ms. Howe asked which surface has a longer life. Mr. Van Voorhis feels that tile has a longer life and grouting can be cleaned. The FRP may be less expensive, but it does scratch. Mr. Gouin agrees with Mr. Van Voorhis. Even if the tiles were stricken from the cost estimator, the number on the front page will not change much.
Ms. Chesebrough feels people may question items on page 4: bike rack, bench, and trash receptacle. She feels those items are not needed. Mr. Van Voorhis said he could take those items out, however he does not feel he could take out Miscellaneous Item Improvements because part of the estimating process is trying to identify a group of things that have not been identified in the drawings. Ms. Chesebrough asked if those items would be included in contingency. Mr. Van Voorhis explained that design contingency covers changes in the level of detail of the drawings when they become construction documents.
Mr. Sargent feels that the goal is to modernize the library and items such as the bike rack speak to people who would bike to the library and not drive. He feels the $2500 for a trash receptacle is simply an allowance and one would not actually cost that much. Ms. Chesebrough feels that this project is going to be very difficult to get passed at the Town Meeting, and she feels that it must be presented without any extras. Mr. Sargent added that we must be careful not to go over budget and put something on the warrant that can’t be produced. He is in favor of carrying the highest number possible. Ms. Howe feels that the Town has to decide.
Ms. Chesebrough feels that the costs for plantings are high, window costs seem high (pg 13), visual display boards, site sign, exterior signage (pg 16), ADA signs, toilet accessories. A discussion regarding replacing and refurbishing windows ensued. Mr. Van Voorhis thought the windows were something that had been agreed upon.
Some of the items Ms. Chesebrough mentioned were not in Mr. Van Voorhis’ drawings. He did not call for exterior signage. The cost estimator added some things he thought might come up in order to make a price for a complete project. Mr. Gouin would hate to get to the end of the project and not have things that are needed. He feels the cost estimator looked at the project as a whole and asked “What do I have to do to finish the project.”
Regarding toilet accessories, Ms. Chesebrough would like to see either a paper towel dispenser or an electric hand dryer, not both. If the diaper changing station is not necessary, take that away. She feels the 12’ desk in the Children’s Room is very pricey at $10,000. Ms. Howe asked Ms. Chesebrough if she had totaled the dollar amount of the items that she felt were unnecessary. Ms. Chesebrough did not. Mr. Van Voorhis stated that if the project goes out to bid, all of those things that Ms. Chesebrough is talking about can be changed. All those items add a cushion for developing bid alternates that guarantees the project going forward. If the number gets too low, the risk of being able to build a project for the money appropriated gets lower and lower.
Mr. Cundiff feels Ms. Chesebrough’s complete list of concerns should be addressed. Ms. Howe agrees. Mr. Biagioni stated that he does not necessarily agree with everything Ms. Chesebrough is not in favor of. He is in favor of keeping tile in the bathroom. He does not support $20,000 in plant material. Mr. Cundiff asked everyone to keep in mind that these are not final design plans and that there must be a logic for each item presented. He thinks the dollar amount of the items on Ms. Chesebrough’s list would total approximately $50-100,000.
Ms. Chesebrough asked why two hot water heaters were needed. Mr. Van Voorhis explained that one is an on-demand heater near the main floor bathroom, and the other served both toilet rooms and the kitchen. Having two water heaters saved operating costs because less water needs to be heated.
Ms. Chesebrough asked about the public address system (pg 21). Mr. Van Voorhis replied that the fire alarm requires an addressable system. Mr. Van Voorhis will find out if it is necessary. Ms. Chesebrough asked if the security system would increase operating costs. Would a contract with a security company be needed and how much would that cost? Mr. Van Voorhis feels the cost estimator added that in.
Ms. Chesebrough’s last item is the entrance mat for $2500. Mr. Van Voorhis said the recessed mat reduces the amount of dirt tracked into the building, which saves on wear and tear. He strongly recommends that mat not be deleted. Ms. Chesebrough is concerned that some of the items on her list of items would increase operating costs.
Mr. Van Voorhis explained that there is a tendency with an estimate to selectively look at line items that are high and lower them. That is more of a problem than cutting out a line item completely because the ones that are too low are never raised. With an estimate, the genius is that things are off throughout, but the aggregate winds up being pretty close. Items should be either in or out. Mr. Cundiff asked the Committee to look at the summary that Mr. Van Voorhis prepared. The square footage prices are what are being worked off of. Eliminating everything that has been talked about today would not change the dollars/sq foot values. Mr. Cundiff feels the summary is accurate, and he does not think the bottom line estimate should change, however perhaps some of the items carried in the detailed estimate may be worth revisiting. This design development estimate is for budgetary purposes and is not intended to be a detailed estimate.
Ms. Chesebrough inquired how he would deal with the Architectural Access Board with not ramping the front door. Mr. Van Voorhis replied that they have to apply for a variance and that does not need to happen until right before occupancy. Mr. Van Voorhis suggested doing it concurrently after the project is funded. The Committee was comfortable with that.
Ms. Chesebrough asked if it were mandatory to have handicap accessibility. Mr. Cundiff replied that the library is currently not in compliance with federal and state laws. If the library remains in noncompliance, the Town may be fined. A discussion ensued about how to fund this project if the town does not vote for a debt exclusion. Ms. Mosczynski stated that it is not up to this Board to decide how this project will be financed. Mr. Cundiff stated that the financial team is anxious to get the final price so that they can start planning. If everyone is in agreement with the bottom line number, he can pass it along to the financial team. Ms. Mosczynski stated it is up to the Board of Selectmen to decide whether or not they will put it on the town warrant.
Mr. Van Voorhis reiterated that all the items that were mentioned, i.e. the bike rack, the desk, etc. can be taken out of the project. Those decisions can be made down the road. He cautions lowering the number too much because there are things that are not in the estimate that will be remembered later on, for example there is not a line item for automatic door openers on the front door which they may want to put in to satisfy the Architectural Access Board variance.
Mr. Sargent stated that the operating costs for the library would go down as a whole because the building would be more energy efficient.
Ms. Howe made a motion to support the design development plans as presented and move forward to present these plans to the Board of Selectmen. Mr. Sargent seconded the motion. Vote – unanimous.
Ms. Mosczynski asked how it is going with the parking area and traffic flow. Mr. Biagioni replied that it would be a while. They may need a lawyer to look at it. There is a right-of-way through the lot that is granted to the back tenant. Mr. Cundiff, Mr. Guzinski and Mr. Biagioni will meet with Town Counsel on this issue. Ms. Mosczynski is glad to know that this issue is still being discussed in case the Board is asked about it at the Town Meeting. Mr. Cundiff stated that this and a temporary location are the two major variables at this point, and as long as there is a plan to work on those issues, that is the best that can be done.
Mr. Van Voorhis asked about the site plan review and Con Com permitting. Mr. Cundiff replied that he, Mr. Guzinski and Mr. Biagioni and/or Ms. Carlsson would meet with Town Counsel to develop an approach to that and that it would be prudent to do before site plan review. Mr. Van Voorhis and members of the Library Trustees left the meeting.

Ms. Brown rejoined the meeting.
Mr. Cundiff developed a new schedule. The goal is to get on the Board of Selectmen’s meeting agenda for March 20, 2012 to get approval for the final RFQ. He thanked Ms. Mosczynski for going through the other RFQ in a detailed way. He fixed all those errors. Ms. Brown had a comment on the easement work. At a previous meeting, they had discussed eliminating defining the easements, and he thinks the easements will be one of the things to get done early on so they can quantify the value and who has the rights to the easements. He feels this is a critical component to keep in at this point. Ms. Howe agrees.
Ms. Mosczynski asked if it were the intent to have just one real estate appraisal. Mr. Cundiff replied that this is specific to the easements. As the architects are interviewed, they would be asked whom they were proposing as part of their real estate appraisal team. Mr. Cundiff did talk to an appraiser about developing the language, and he feels if they get someone who meets the criteria listed, they will get a good solid appraisal.
Ms. Howe asked if they were able to ask for a “conflict-free person”, someone who has no conflict with the Town. Mr. Cundiff replied that those questions could be asked during the interview process. They must assume that appraisers are complying with the ethics laws.
Ms. Brown made a motion to authorize Mr. Cundiff to forward the RFQ feasibility study schematic design, Douglas Safety Complex dated March 5, 2012 draft to the Board of Selectmen for their approval. Mr. Gouin seconded the motion. Vote-unanimous.

Since the last meeting, Mr. Cundiff and Mr. John Furno, Highway Dept. Superintendent, met with the Superintendent of Public Works of Uxbridge at their compost facility on River Road in Uxbridge at their treatment plant. Mr. Ben Sherman felt it was a great concept to regionalize this effort, and he will move forward with the request to the Uxbridge Board of Selectmen and Town Manager.
Mr. Cundiff presented the status and plan to the Douglas Board of Selectmen last night. The Board of Selectmen feels it is a good idea to have a one to two year trial period with the Town of Uxbridge, assuming we can work out an inter-municipal agreement and work towards regionalization. This would allow the need for facility in Douglas to be measured. The Selectmen did ask to have a dump truck available locally for Douglas residents twice a month instead of selling stickers and traveling to the Uxbridge facility. Those details would be worked out. Mr. Guzinski will be working with the Uxbridge Town Manager on Friday to move forward with the inter-municipal agreement.

Ms. Mosczynski stated that the project is moving along. The School Building Committee met last Friday. The old fence has been taken down and a new fence put up around a larger perimeter. Mr. Cundiff announced that the contract has been awarded to CTA. All of the sub and general contractors were at the meeting last week. The first weekly job site meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Tree clearing will start very soon. Ms. Mosczynski stated that there would be a ceremony planned in the near future. She also thanked Mr. Cundiff for his time and energy spent on this project.

The minutes of the February 15, 2012 BFCC meeting were reviewed. Ms. Brown made a motion to approve the Building & Facilities Construction Committee minutes of February 15, 2012 as amended. Mr. Sargent seconded the motion. Vote: 4 in favor. Mr. Gouin abstained.

The next meeting will be March 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM. The next Board of Selectmen meeting will be March 20, 2012. Mr. Cundiff will post that meeting for anyone who wishes to attend. He will contact everyone if a specific time is established.
Mr. Cundiff did forward an invoice for Mr. Van Voorhis to the Board of Selectmen. Mr. Cundiff did not receive the invoice today, and he asked if four members could come in and sign the paid voucher. He will send out an email when he receives the voucher from the Selectmen so they will know when to come in. It will be in the mailbox in the copy room.

Mr. Cundiff included few things regarding the roof project in the packets.
Mr. Cundiff will prepare an RFQ for design services for Hemlock Street bridge. He will present that when it is ready. He will prepare one for South Street bridge also. A tree fell over during the last hurricane and uprooted some of the abutment. Mass DOT did an inspection of the bridge. Unfortunately, the state does not have the funds to repair the abutments as it did last time.
The Main Street sidewalk is still on the list as an Ongoing Project.
Mr. Cundiff worked with Sean to develop a letter to the Board of Selectmen, which describes the BFCC for the Annual Town Report.

Ms. Howe made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:36 PM. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

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