4/9/12 Meeting Minutes

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4/9/12 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
4/9/12 Meeting Minutes
Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: Matt Ofcarcik
PRESENT: Shirley Cooney – Chairman, Gail Swenson – Commissioner, Debby Heinz – Commissioner
Meeting called to order: 10:12 am
Wallace Plots: As per Gail, the plots were staked out. After discussion with Mr. Wallace, he was told that he could either have 7,8,9 & 10 or 7,8,17 & 18 (17 & 18 are right behind 7 & 8). Mr. Wallace said he would discuss it with his wife and get back to us.
Haire Plots: After checking in the ledger, only 1 double plot was purchased.
Website: Debby is still waiting to hear from Mitch Cohen. It was agreed at our last meeting that the commission would wait until after the May election to put anything up.
Grub Control: Shirley spoke to Tom’s Lawns. She gave them the go ahead and they will go and treat the South Street Cemetery at the agreed price of $750.00 and to please get the invoice in a.s.a.p.
National Grid: Bill Cundiff had spoken to a representative from Verizon and was told that they have to wait until Charter removes their wires first. He had put a call into Charter and is waiting for a call back.
Mowing Quotes: Gail contacted 7 different vendors, by phone. Many of the companies said their equipment would not accommodate what we wanted done, they did not have the equipment, don’t have the time to take on new business or just not interested were the answers received. Our mower from last year, A&B Lawn & Plow has submitted a quote of $950.00, indicating a $75.00 increase from last year. They would also clean up the Northwest Main St. Cemetery for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, like they have done in the past at no additional cost to the Town. Gail moves that we contact A&B & let them know that we accept their quote for one year. It is so moved. It is decided that Gail will contact them by phone and Debby will send a letter in the mail.
Other: Debby wants to bring up about “reserving plots” in the cemetery. She feels that there should be some sort of rules set down if we are going to practice this, that as it stands right now, we could be “reserving” a plot for someone for the next 20 years and that this is not fair to someone who has wants to purchase the plot immediately. After discussion amongst the commission, it is decided that there will be no more “reserving” of plots and a letter will be sent to those people that are currently “reserving plots” explaining that this procedure is no longer in practice and if they are still interested in purchasing the plot they should do so immediately.
Next Meeting: May 14, 2012 @ 10:00 am
Motion is made to adjourn meeting at 10:50 am. So moved
ADDENDUM: Bill Cundiff came to the Cemetery Commission right after meeting was adjourned to let us know that he had just spoken to Charter and they have a man they will sending out to take down their wires.
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