5/14/12 Meeting Minutes

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5/14/12 Meeting Minutes

Postby Debby Heinz » Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:11 pm

Cemetery Commission
Mtg. was called to order 10:18 am
Present: Commissioners Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz and Ginger Petraglia
Welcome: Shirley Cooney & Debby Heinz welcome Ginger Petraglia onto the commission.
Reorganization: Shirley Cooney voted as Chairperson, Debby Heinz as Secretary and Ginger Petraglia as Treasurer
Minutes are approved from our previous meeting. Ginger had to abstain as she was not yet on Commission
Grub Control: Shirley announces that she has been told that there is a chemical in the pesticide used for grub control that is harmful to bees. It is Imida Cloprid . The company doing our Grub Control will be told about this
National Grid: As per our last conversation, we are still waiting for Charter to take down their wires. An email was sent to Bill Cundiff regarding this matter. Debby will send another inviting him to our next meeting or asking if he can send her back an email with any kind of update
Website: Debby suggests that we add some of the rules from the brochure to the website as well. She also suggests that we have our next meeting at night so we can Mitch to address our concerns.
Other: The brochure was brought up for discussion. Ginger is going to take over the project and perhaps add a map showing the location of the cemeteries. Hopefully she will find a better picture for the front as well. Debby also suggests that we think more on what should also be added to the brochure as it is not clear enough. She also feels that the brochure and the website should be in sync with each other.
Next Meeting: June 11, 2012
Motion is made to adjourn at 11:30. So moved
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