Minutes April 24, 2012

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Minutes April 24, 2012

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
April 24, 2012
Trustee Meeting

Present: Merritt Tetreault, Ellie Chesebrough, Betty Holden, Barbara Grimes-Smith, and Ramona Lachapelle.

Absent: Joe Biagioni, Barbara VanReed and Ann Carlsson

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Chesebrough. Holden agreed to take minutes.

Minutes for the March 27, 2012 meeting and the April 11, 2012 were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report
Lachapelle relayed the Finance Director Lovett directive that $10.99 in a Library Grant account from the State needed to be expended by June 1st or it would be returned to the State. The funds must be used for music CDs. Chesebrough will let Carlsson know. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Director’s Report
Chesebrough read the Director’s report which included the following highlights:
• Three new computers have been purchased, one for the Director, one for the Children’s Librarian and one for the card catalog.
• A $2,500 check was received from Unibank in response to Carlsson’s request for a donation to the Building Fund.
• Blackstone Valley Garden Club made a donation of $150 for the purchase of passes to Tower Hill Botanical Garden.
• Town Administrator Guzinski requested a scenario for a 5% budget cut. Although nothing has been determined yet, the town is short by over $1 million due to budget increases in the school budget. Carlsson’s memo to Guzinski was read and noted the importance of being certified and demonstrated the circulation increases over last year. She felt that a 5% reduction ($10,365) could only be taken from salaries and the materials budget and that a reduction in staff would likely result in a reduction of hours opened putting certification in jeopardy. There was some discussion about the reasons for the increase in the school budget.
• A notice about the book clubs was posted at the post office.
• Grimes-Smith wrote a follow-up article to the Gluten-free program and it was submitted to newspapers. It was seen in both the Tribune and the Telegram. The program was well attended by about 20 people, informative, tasty and those attending appreciated the new books on the subject which the library had bought.
• The Library was represented at Government Day at the High School.
Chesebrough would like to see the number of downloadable books included in the statistical report. This number is available from C/W MARS.

Old Business
Building renovation
• Grimes-Smith updated the communications grid.
• Chesebrough provided Lachapelle with an up-to-date business list which will be compared to the existing excel list.
• Chesebrough went to the Pumpernickel Puppets program, took some photos and sent a news release to the papers.
• Lachapelle reported that she had spoken to a reporter from the Uxbridge Times who may come and speak with Trustees about the upcoming renovations and ADA compliance
• Adult programming was discussed with a consensus that successes like the gluten-free program is important to repeat. It was remembered that a couponing program had been mentioned.
• Chesebrough has successfully uploaded the voter registration list into excel and is now editing it. It will be ready for a Fall mailing.
• Chesebrough reported that the Capital Improvement Committee voted to rate the Library renovation project and has placed it at the top of future debt exclusion building projects.

Town Election
There are two candidates for Library Trustee, Merritt Tetreault for a three year seat and Danielle Morrow for a one year seat. Election Day is May 8th. Currently there are two sessions for the Annual Town Meeting being planned, for non-money matters on Monday May 7th and another for money matters sometime in June.

Tetreault reported that the sign will be ready in mid-May. It is top quality surely to last 100 years. It was felt that it was important to get the sign installed and at a later date a first class ceremony will acknowledge the sign, perhaps with the school band as part of it. It was also felt that Carlsson should take on the task of planning the ceremony.

New Business
Lachapelle reiterated her plan to follow-up on getting an article written for the Uxbridge Times.

Tetreault reported on an informal survey he had done concerning the library renovations. He received several supportive comments, but he also received some comments that showed concern for increased taxes.

The next meeting will focus on the communication grid. Trustees were asked to provide Grimes-Smith with possible questions that need to be addressed as the project is presented. It was agreed to schedule this meeting for Thursday, May 10th at 7:00 PM.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is May 22nd.

The meeting adjourned at 8:04 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Holden and Ellie Chesebrough
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