February 1, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Committ

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February 1, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Committ

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FEBRUARY 1, 2012

A meeting of the Building Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on February 1, 2012 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Holland called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.

PRESENT: Sean Holland (Chairman), Linda Brown, Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairman), William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Ed Gouin, Ricky Colonero (Head of Maintenance), Joe Biagioni (Ex-officio), Virginia Howe
ABSENT: Matt Sargent
GUESTS: Ann Carlsson, Charlie Van Voorhis.

Mr. Cundiff spoke with the Administrator and Mr. Colonero and he is waiting to hear back from the School Department. Mr. Colonero provided a copy of the report prepared by Dixon Salo regarding the Municipal Center roof. No action is expected tonight. Mr. Guzinski will have an answer from the School Department by the next meeting on whether or not the school roof will be included in a designer selection process with the Municipal Center roof.

Mr. Cundiff included the last round of edits that were discussed several months ago. He had solicited rough pricing from a local engineer as to what some of the tasks would cost, such as full perimeter boundary survey, topographic survey, etc. After getting prices, it was felt some of those things should be reserved for the design development stage, in other words working off of rough drawings for property, boundary and topography for the schematic design phase in order to preserve the most cost associated with the scope of work. A more thorough review would be obtained on the remaining portion, and then those tasks would be included in the design development. Those edits have been made.
Mr. Cundiff provided the most recent RFQ in the packet. Mr. Cundiff hopes to finalize the RFQ by February 15, 2012. Some edits to the scope have been made based upon the last discussion. He asked the Committee to review the RFQ so it could be finalized at the next meeting and advertised. He is going to ask the Fire Chief, Highway Superintendent, and Police Chief to attend the next meeting to vet the RFQ one last time. He presented a preliminary Designer Selection Schedule and went over it with the Committee.
As far as getting a list of reports for space and equipment needs for the Highway, Fire and Police Departments, Mr. Cundiff has only heard from Mr. Furno. Mr. Cundiff will contact the Fire Chief and Police Chief again to give them one last chance to provide input.

Mr. Charlie Van Voorhis joined the meeting at 7:10 PM. Ms. Brown recused herself. Mr. Van Voorhis made some plan changes based on feedback from the Library Trustees, and he and Mr. Biagioni passed these out to the Committee. Mr. Van Voorhis just received the drafts for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems from the engineer today, so more information will be coming. Mr. Van Voorhis began by discussing the interior of the library. The janitor closet and toilet room have been flipped to provide more space. All exterior walls will be insulated on the ground floor. Upstairs, the office space in the in the non-fiction stack area has been removed in order to add a few more shelves. Ann’s office has been split in half; the front half for Tech Services and the rear half for the Director. Storage cannot be added under the stairs because it is against code. The mezzanine will have full-size doors.
Mr. Van Voorhis presented a site plan for the parking lot regarding linking to the Webster Credit Union, which he has not yet had time to review. The plan for the grading and the subsurface draining shows a swale and catch area above ground that takes up almost all of the back of the site for four parking spaces. Mr. Van Voorhis suggested that money could be saved off the 30 parking space estimate by only offering 14 spaces and reducing the size of the collection system.
There is a steep 13% grade going up to the Webster Credit Union. It is only 5 vertical feet. Mr. Cundiff is concerned that if someone were to park at the Webster Credit Union, they would have to traverse that steep incline. Accessibility requires an 8% grade. Mr. Cundiff feels that the Accessibility Board would have an issue with the grade.
Mr. Cundiff would like to see a walkway towards the back. Mr. Van Voorhis feels a walkway is not required because you would have 13 spaces on the library lot and 5% of them would be accessible; the requirements of the Architectural Access Board have been met.
Ms. Howe asked if the steep area could be blocked off. Mr. Biagioni said that could not happen because of the large expense to move the granite wall, and the back of the building is the main and accessible entrance. Mr. Cundiff mentioned that the condition of the sidewalk on the street is not great. Mr. Van Voorhis will hold off putting in a pedestrian connection between the two parking lots until Mr. Biagioni has spoken with the Credit Union.
Mr. Biagioni said that Webster Credit Union does allow library patrons to park in their lot during off hours, however they would prefer that library patrons not park in their lot. The Credit Union has not decided if the easement will happen or not. Mr. Biagioni can bring the plans to the other tenant; there is a right-of-way across his property.
Mr. Van Voorhis feels the Library Trustees should go with a subsurface retention system. It could be pushed out to the back so that it does not have to be reinforced. It would be less expensive. The lot would be smaller. Mr. Cundiff does not have a preference, however if the proposal were to put the retention system at the rear of the property, there would be some issues with infiltration as there are sewer lines cutting across the rear of the property.
The heating system will be a new propane boiler with new fan coil units below the windows. Mr. Colonero asked if that decision were etched in stone. Mr. Biagioni replied in the affirmative. The new system would place the storage unit outside which saves stack space. Mr. Colonero talked to his HVAC person who responded that he prefers the propane boiler, as it is more efficient than oil-fired over the years. The HVAC person wanted to know how it was going to be vented. Mr. Van Voorhis replied that he hadn’t gotten that far yet. Mr. Colonero added that the chimney does need some work. If the new system is directly vented to the outside, the chimney could be capped. The tank would be buried outside.
Mr. Van Voorhis continued; the building will have all new modern, efficient lighting fixtures upstairs, a new fire alarm system. These plans are the basis for the cost estimate that will be done at the end of the phase. He will include today’s corrections in the estimate. He will get the architectural and electrical drawings done for the next meeting. He will put a spec together for the next meeting and then ship it off to the cost estimator for a price. Mr. Cundiff asked the Committee to review these plans and send any questions to him, and he will forward them to Mr. Van Voorhis.
Ms. Mosczynski stated that the price is now $1.6 million and she asked if that figure would go higher now that the library wants a propane boiler system. Mr. Van Voorhis replied that that change is a $10-15,000 change. Mr. Van Voorhis estimates the price will be between $1.6 and 1.9 million. Mr. Van Voorhis will put the plans online tomorrow. He will have a draft without a cost estimate at the next meeting.
Mr. Biagioni stated that the Library Trustees are not planning on expanding the elevator; the elevator will be kept at only two stops. Mr. Biagioni asked Mr. Van Voorhis when the decisions regarding finishes and flooring are to be made. Mr. Van Voorhis replied that the answers to those questions are in the Draft Room Finish Schedule he passed out last week, and he reviewed that schedule with the Committee. Mr. Biagioni mentioned that one Library Trustee asked about using carpet tiles in lieu of carpeting. Mr. Van Voorhis feels the cost would be similar. The extra carpet tiles are good up to five years, but after that, the color fades and the tiles do not match what has already been laid down. There was a discussion regarding placing carpet on the basement’s cement floor.
The Committee reached a consensus that there should be floor-to-ceiling ceramic tile in the toilet room vs. plaster. Mr. Cundiff and Mr. Colonero recommend tile for longevity, cleanliness and sanitary reasons.
Mr. Cundiff spoke regarding the Credit Union easement; if we establish an estimate, the Committee would need to get an article to the Board of Selectmen prior to March 6, 2012 for the May Town Meeting. Mr. Van Voorhis replied that the current cost schedule is on track for March 6, 2012. Mr. Cundiff asked that if the Credit Union easement were granted, would there be a cost associated with that. Mr. Van Voorhis said he could price out an alternate price plan. Mr. Biagioni asked for one week to get a firm answer as to whether or not the right-of-way will happen. He needs to speak with the abutters. Mr. Cundiff mentioned that the abutter to the rear was presented with the drawings and was pleased. Mr. Van Voorhis, Mr. Biagioni and Ms. Carlson left the meeting at 7:55 PM.

Ms. Brown rejoined the meeting. Mr. Cundiff presented a status memo written to the Board of Selectmen updating them on the progress of this project. He is still waiting to hear from three neighboring communities. If any of those communities are receptive, that would be an avenue to pursue.
Ms. Brown watched the last Board of Selectmen meeting and she stated that they were adamant that they wanted something finalized for the Town Meeting. Ms. Brown felt the memo presented was vague. Mr. Cundiff feels there is a lot of work summarized in the memo. Mr. Holland mentioned that the town still needs to buy a parcel of land for this purpose. Mr. Cundiff stated there is no suitable town-owned property that could be used for this facility, which is why input was solicited from neighboring communities.
Mr. Gouin asked if a dumpster could be kept at the transfer station for the purpose of collecting compost matter which could be carted off to the commercial facility. Mr. Cundiff stated that the Board of Health does not like that idea, and there are also space and vendor issues with that proposal. Ms. Mosczynski added that we still do not know how many people are even interested in this facility. Ms. Brown suggested that Mr. Cundiff add the start-up costs to the status memo. Mr. Cundiff cautioned that if he does that, the numbers would not be adequate. If we can strike a deal with an abutting community, we can have better information. Also, the memo has already gone out.

Ms. Mosczynski said that the School Building Committee met at 6:00 PM last night in a joint meeting with the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to award the contract for the new school construction and repair to CTA Construction of Waltham in the amount of $36.2 million, which is under the $39 million that was budgeted. They will go ahead with bid Alternates #1 and #2, the track and extension of the water line. The extension of the water line is hinging on the Board of Selectmen putting an article on the annual town warrant to carry the extension beyond the site of the school to make it a loop. The contract needs to be looked at by Town Counsel and the Attorney General. Mr. Cundiff mentioned that there are still a few details to be worked out.

The minutes of January 18, 2012 were reviewed, however approval was put on hold, as there was not a quorum available to vote.

Mr. Wydell of McGuire Group called Mr. Cundiff today regarding the Hemlock Street Bridge. Mr. Cundiff promised to review the agreement and have an answer to him by the end of the week.
The Main Street sidewalk plan was generated years ago. A sidewalk was funded between Franklin Street and Sunset Drive a few years ago. There are funds and a design for that, but putting it out to bid has been held off because the road is deteriorated. The Highway Superintendent wants to reconstruct that stretch of road and do the road and sidewalk jointly, but the Superintendent does not see the road construction happening in the near future. The sidewalk project will be separated out again.
The Met tower has been disassembled at the school. Mr. Cundiff is waiting for the final data. Data from the 6-month point has proved to be just below where they would like it to be. A regional wind analysis needs to be done to see if there was a regional lull in wind.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:23 PM. Mr. Gouin seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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