8/20/12 Meeting Minutes

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8/20/12 Meeting Minutes

Postby Debby Heinz » Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:23 pm

Cemetery Commission Meeting
Location: Community Mtg. Room CRA: Mitch Cohen
CTO: 10:14
Quorum is Present
Present: Cemetery Commissioners Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz & Ginger Petraglia
*Debby Heinz asks that it be noted in minutes that the date on the Agenda reads 8/14 and should read 8/20. It will be so noted.
Minutes: Minutes of the 6/26/12 meeting have been looked over and approved by Shirley and Debby. Ginger abstains as she was absent from meeting.
Perpetual Care: Debby Heinz questions the meaning of the term and why it is used. Shirley explains that there is none.
South Street Cemetery: Debby gives an update on the work done. That while there are still some stones broken, Mr. DeGaetano has done a wonderful job with them. Some stones cannot be fixed.
Douglas Center Cemetery: There is nothing to report at this time re. the growth. Shirley suggests that we invite the mower to the next meeting to discuss all of our concerns.
Brochures: Debby brought the box of brochures to the mtg. Some were given to the Town Clerk as well as to John Furno. It is also agreed that they will be distributed to the local Funeral Homes.
Shirley suggests that we send a thank you note to Mr. DeGaetano for his work.
National Grid: It is decided that a letter should be sent asking them how they are going to improve the area for us as they have not yet completed their work. It is suggested that depending on the answers that they give us that we bring this before Town Council. Danny Bergeron is in charge of Field Services.
Bill Cundiff stops by meeting and informs the commission that the holdup is not National Grid, but the Town of Douglas. The Town does not want to shut the road for a day to allow work to be completed.
It is suggested that perhaps the commission meet with Town Administrator, Mike Guzinski.
Ginger went over bills submitted and commissioners signed vouchers.
Next meeting: September 25, 2012
Debby motions to adjourn, Ginger 2nds. So moved
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