Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday, December 17, 2012
Mitch Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:10pm
Committee: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Tom Devlin, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich
Guests: Bill Solomon, Tom Cohan
Charter License Negotiation: Atty Bill Solomon reviewed the current state of negotiations with Charter regarding the new cable license. Both Bill and Tom Cohan of Charter agreed to use the most current Millville license for an example of language and terms for the most part. Bill went through the license and made live changes in accordance with the opinions of the Cable Advisory Committee. Some discussion was had about general language in various items. Some discussion going over the details of the Draft License as submitted by Tom Cohan. Tom Cohan arrived at the table at 8:15pm and went over some of the financial details of the license proposal. Discussion was had between Tom and the DCAC over general license details, financials, etc. Tom mentioned that the Effective Date of the new contract would be November 18, 2013 - the day after the current license expires.
Financials: Thru 11/30/12: Wages: MTD: $2,877.43, YTD: $9,760.85, Repairs: MTD: $119.40, YTD: $1,402.85, Supplies: MTD: $23.36, YTD: $376.13, Equipment: MTD: $5,681.00, YTD: $7,892.00, Total MTD: $8,701.19, YTD: $19,431.83
Equipment Update: New iMac’s announced, Mitch submitted a brief synopsis.
Membership: Still one vacancy. Any interest, email: or call 508-476-4000 ext 122
Coordinator’s Report: Douglas was contacted by a group putting together information for the SNETT trail summit in Feb 2013. Pat will be doing some work to help out on the Douglas end.
Other Business: Open session for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance of meeting.
Next Meeting: Public Hearing with Selectmen: 12/18/2012 @ 7:30pm, next meeting: Monday, January 14, 2013
Adjourn: Tom moved to adjourn at 9:31pm, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
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