1/7/2013 - Meeting Minutes

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1/7/2013 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:44 pm

The meeting was called to order at 7:13pm.

Present were Linda Brown (Chairman), Tracy Sharkey (Vice Chairman), Brandi Van Roo, Michael Greco, Stephen Zisk (Conservation Agent) and Maria Lajoie (Administrative Secretary). Absent were David Windoloski, Jack Pruitte and David Gallant.

7:13 PM DISCUSSION: Meeting of January 22, 2013
Brown said that when the Commission voted on the 2013 Meeting Schedule, January 21st fell on a holiday and the members voted to meet on the 22nd in the Resource Room because the Planning Board was holding their regular meeting in the Community Meeting Room. The Town Administrator, Michael Guzinski asked if the Commission could meet on another night because the Selectmen need to use the Resource Room on the 22nd. After discussion, a Motion was made by Van Roo to cancel the meeting of January 22, 2013 and have their next scheduled meeting on February 4, 2013, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous.

7:20 PM (NOI) #143-0850 PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED – 160 Southwest Main Street / GUARANTEED BUILDERS, INC.
Sharkey recused herself. Present on behalf of the Applicant was William Pybas. Due to a lack of a quorum the Commission must continue this hearing. A Motion was made by Van Roo to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 7:15pm, seconded by Greco. Vote: Unanimous.

7:25 PM DISCUSSION: Violation Notice - 60 Mumford Street
Present was the owner Timothy DelloRusso. The Commission did a site walk. Zisk said the Board of Health could be concerned if the reserve was ruined on the septic system. The Commission suggested that DelloRusso plant in the spring. Van Roo does not want the wall rebuilt but to place the rocks in the front area of the failing wall. DelloRusso said he would like to plant blueberry bushes, fruit trees and a 4-foot to 5-foot maple or oak tree and said he would stack the rocks and place them on top and in front of the failing wall as the Commission asked. Sharkey said that if there are too many bushes it will be too dense for them to grow. Blueberry bushes should be planted 2 to 3 feet apart. DelloRusso said he would come back with a more detailed planting plan. The Commission suggested mountain laurel and low bush blueberry but not trees because they will create too much canopy and the low bushes won’t grow. A Motion was made by Van Roo to approve the plan as discussed, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous. A Motion was made by Van Roo to fine DelloRusso $100 for the wetland violation, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous.
7:40 PM (NOI) #143-0851 PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED – 436-440 Northeast Main Street / NEXTSUN ENERGY DOUGLAS, LLC
Present was Jacob Laskin of NextSun Energy and Steven O’Connell of Andrew Survey.
A revised plan was submitted dated 1/7/2013. The plan shows less work in the conservation area. No trees will be removed outside the 100-foot BVW or along the edge of the riverfront. Laskin said no trees will be taken down or trimmed. There is a fall zone at the cell tower and the panels were shifted up. All grading is outside the 200-foot buffer zone. The 6-foot fence will be a minimum of 4-inches above the ground. A Motion was made by Van Roo to close the Public Hearing and to issue an Order of Conditions subject to approval of the final revised plan showing the minimum to ground level 4-inch fence clearance and contingent on Planning Board approval, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous.

Meeting Minutes: 11/5, 12/3
These minutes will be approved at the Commission’s next meeting.

At 7:55pm, a Motion was made by Van Roo to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria D. Lajoie
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