Minutes October 23, 2012

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Minutes October 23, 2012

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
October 23, 2012
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Ramona Lachapelle, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara VanReed, Barbara Grimes-Smith, Betty Holden and Ann Carlsson.

Absent: Danielle Morrow and Merritt Tetreault.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.

Minutes for September 25th meeting were accepted as corrected. Lachapelle abstained.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Director’s Report
Goals update:
• Technology Current:
-Website updated several times
-Ordered 2 new e-readers (Kindles). New titles will be shared on all of the Kindles to keep them current and interesting.
-Worked with CWMARS and staff to change “Helped by Ann” to “Helped by Douglas Library” on receipt print out. There are still some issues which limit functions to circulation and cataloging only. Registering patrons is in neither of these functions thus causing delays.
• Communication/Building Project:
-The renovation project was promoted at Octoberfest.
• Programming:
-Fall storytime is underway. All programs have a good number of participants averaging 8-9 children in each session.
- “Ed the Wizard” will be held on Oct.25th @6:00pm, sponsored by the Douglas Cultural Council
Building Custodian Ricky Colonero has been spoken to about the front steps. He put up “warning” cones on the affected areas and he is working on getting a quote. It will likely not be addressed till the Spring.

Our newest endeavor:
The Library is working on having an online component for sign-ups for Summer reading, storytimes, Kindles reserves and other sign-up events. Children’s Librarian Deb Soderman is working on this with the goal of having it in place for next year’s Summer Reading Program sign-ups.

All materials necessary for our State Aid Application and Waiver request have been submitted. It is expected that the Library will receive a waiver since it did not receive a disproportionate cut in relation to the rest of the town in fiscal year 2012.

Building Update:
Ricky Colonero has replaced the rope sashes for the front window facing Webster Credit Union. All the windows need work and upgrading.
Another donation in memory of Ralph Dudley was received for $100. Appropriate acknowledgements will be made to the donor and to the Dudley family.

Building Use:
Currently two girl scout groups are using the building for meetings when the Library is not opened.

Old Business
Building Renovation
• Mitch Cohen was invited to speak with the Trustees about what help he can provide in making a video to be aired on Cable about the proposed renovation. There was agreement that an informal video walking through the Library and showing current activities in cramped quarters which illustrates the function of the building. Interview real people as a part of the video, “why is the library important to you?” There was also discussion of the need to have a good support group, of actively pursuing donations, and of alternative ways of funding the project like borrowing within the operating budget. It was noted that the current project would cost $54 per household a year for the term of the loan.

Easement/ROA Biagioni has not heard back from Town Engineer Cundiff. This will be on the agenda for the November meeting.

Business fundraising letter Grimes-Smith distributed the revised Business fundraising letter. Chesebrough will get it printed, create labels using mail merge from the list Lachapelle created, buy stamps and drop off at the library for stuffing and mailing in early November.

Friends Chesebrough plans to do a town wide mailing inviting residents to join the Friends. There will be a scale for membership fees and the mailing will occur annually in January. Carlsson and Chesebrough will look for the Friends brochure that had been created several years ago to update for this mailing.

Biagioni had not been able to move forward with this project and asked that it be on next month’s agenda.

Director’s Review and Goals
A few suggestions were given to Grimes-Smith for the Director’s goals who will revise them. It was noted that an actual review had not been conducted by the Trustees for several years.

Biagioni noted with thanks the help from Olivia Rowe in moving books back to the basement from the Octoberfest sale. Chesebrough reported that more than $550 had been received from the sale. Laura McMahon’s son stopped by to acknowledge the support from the Library his mother had received before she passed away; she had appreciated the extra effort from the staff in the home delivery of books.

New Business

The next meeting is scheduled for November 27th.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough
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