March 13, 2013 Sign Bylaw Study Group Meeting

March 13, 2013 Sign Bylaw Study Group Meeting

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A meeting of the Sign Bylaw Study Group was held on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. Mr. Marks called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM at the Douglas Municipal Center.

PRESENT: Ernest Marks (Chairman), Richard Preston, Tracy Sharkey, Michael Zwicker, William Cundiff (Town Engineer)

Mr. Cundiff presented a memo from the Board of Selectmen asking that this committee consider including changes in the sign bylaw which would allow property owners to place a sign on one piece of property for the purpose of advertising a business that exists on a separate property at a different location within the town. He also presented an email from Atty. Richard Bowen, which included an outline to guide them through the bylaw.
Mr. Keith Brown, 26 North Street joined the meeting. Mr. Brown would like to see the formation of a review board to review rejections.
Regarding commercial signs that would require a permit, Mr. Cundiff feels that the rules that exist for downtown should be followed.
The committee reviewed section 9.1 “Definitions”. In section 9.1.15 “Temporary Sign”, it was agreed to keep the proposed definition of “Any sign or banner intended to be used for fewer than forty-five (45) days.”
It was agreed that sections 9.1.20 and would be omitted. In section, all references to temporary signs for political candidates or parties for any local, state or federal election were taken out. All temporary signs should be removed no more than 7 days after the event has occurred. The committee agreed with striking all but the last sentence, “No permit shall be required for temporary banners or signs erected in accordance with section 9.2.4.” In section, it was agreed to delete “or in support of a political candidate or party for any local, state, or federal election, or any community event.”
In section, the committee decided that temporary signs and banners should not be erected for longer than 45 days. “Memorial squares” was added in as a location.
Regarding section, Mr. Preston suggested having a fee schedule as opposed to a dedicated amount for fines. A fee schedule does not have to go to Town Meeting to be amended. Mr. Cundiff will look into it.
Mr. Cundiff noticed that LED signs are not addressed. A discussion regarding illuminated signs was held.
The “Purpose” section was reviewed, and the committee was in agreement with it. Mr. Cundiff suggested adding that they are not intending to limit or prohibit free speech.
Mr. Marks suggested adding “federal” to the definition of political signs, section 9.1.22.
Under section 9.2.1 “Permits Required”, Mr. Cundiff suggested adding “…except as provided by this bylaw unless it falls under ‘Exceptions’, section 9.2.2 of this bylaw”. It was agreed to omit section
Mr. Preston did not feel that the Annual Town Meeting would be the time to bring this bylaw revision forward. Mr. Zwicker agreed. It was the consensus of the committee to not have a final draft ready for the Annual Town Meeting, but instead present a section that would allow waivers to be granted by the Board of Selectmen and then present a comprehensive overhaul in the fall. Mr. Cundiff will let Atty. Rich Bowen know what they are looking for and allow him to prepare a draft for an appeal or a waiver process to insert into their current bylaw. Mr. Cundiff will have some sample language for the next meeting. He will also prepare a chart showing the types of signs allowed and not allowed in each zoning district.
For the next meeting, Mr. Cundiff would like the committee to construct an outline for a progression of sections that make logical sense.
What is meant by “…registered with the building inspector” in section 9.4.1 was discussed. Ms. Sharkey suggested deleting that section.
Mr. Preston said that the committee could qualify the construction of temporary signs in terms of safety. A discussion was held, including a discussion about billboards.

2. APPROVE MINUTES: January 30, 2013
Mr. Zwicker made a motion to approve the January 30, 2013 minutes of the Sign Bylaw Study Group Meeting as presented. Mr. Preston seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous, Ms. Sharkey abstained.

Ms. Sharkey made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:24 PM. Mr. Preston seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.

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