3/28/13 Meeting Minutes

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3/28/13 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
March 28, 2013

Location: Community Meeting Room

Commissioner calls meeting to order at 10:00 am
A quorum is present: Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz & Ginger Petraglia
Guest: Robert Johnson
Commission reviews minutes of 1/8/2013 meeting. Debby H. makes motions to approved amended minutes; Ginger P. 2nds. Motion is so moved.
The Commission has reviewed & made some corrections to the final draft of the website information to be forwarded to Mitch Cohen so it may be placed on the town website.
Debby passed copies of a statement to be put on the Town Bulletin Board regarding the cleanup of gravesites. The Commission reviews, makes some corrections. Debby will make the changes and post it on the on-line Bulletin Board, which will also be put on TV.
Debby announces that she has been in contact with Bill Cundiff regarding National Grid. He sent an email to Bob Russell explaining that we want an exact completion date as we are going to begin maintenance very soon. When Bill Cundiff gives her an answer, she will let the Board know.
Ginger presents the Commission with the three contracts submitted by Bryan Burnett of A&B Plowing. After careful review, the Commission votes to accept said contracts. Ginger will let Mr. Burnett know.
Debby will call the Water & Sewer Department to confirm that the backflow valves are put back on and to mention again the leak at the first spicket after turning into cemetery from Southeast Main Street.
Shirley C. spoke to the gentleman who repaired the middle gate at the South Street Cemetery. He has agreed to repair the end gate for $700.00. The commission agrees to this.
Debby turned over Financial Reports from Town Finance Director as well as final yearly report from Greater Worcester Foundation.
Commission received a letter from Robert & Linda Johnson regarding 90 Vine Street. Also included was a letter from Massachusetts Historic Commission. Debby reads the letter from the Johnsons and hands both to Shirley. Mr. Johnson asks that since they have done all the tests that was asked of them (confirmed by letter from MHC) they would like to clear the way to getting the necessary permits to build the house in question. Mr. Johnson also indicates that he needs the Cemetery Commission to give the ok for him to do a PERC test. He then went on to explain that the Planning Board told him it was a buildable lot in 2009. He then said that the Board of Health would not give a permit without the ok of the Cemetery Commission. Mr. Johnson also shows the commission prints that indicate the location of the house is to be moved to the other side of the cemetery. Shirley asks for a copy of these as well as the original print for our records. Mr. Johnson assures us that he will keep us up to date on everything that is going on. After Mr. Johnson leaves, Debby says she is confused as she thought that the Cemetery Commission had nothing to do with the maintenance and operation of the Chase Family Cemetery. Shirley will contact Adele and ask her what direction we should go in.
Next Meeting has been set for: April 23, 2013
At 11:15 Ginger motions to adjourn; Debby 2nds. Motion is so moved.
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