5/7/13 Meeting Minutes

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5/7/13 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
May 7, 2013

Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: Tess Worme
Present: Commissioners Shirley Cooney & Debby Heinz; Commissioner Ginger Petraglia is absent.
Guests: Robert Johnson and his wife.
Shirley calls the meeting to order at 10:16 am
Guests: Robert Johnson and his wife.
Johnson’s: They are checking on the status of the Pine Street property, when we would be meeting with the department heads. Shirley C. informs them that they can go ahead with the building department. Mr. Johnson explains that he was told they need to hear directly from the commission that it is ok for him to proceed. Shirley defers to Debby. Debby explains that as per Town Council, this does not fall under our domain. That we are not responsible for anything. She then suggests that if need be she could probably send a memo, however, a letter was sent over a year ago to the Johnson’s, with copies to the Building Dept, Planning Brd, Brd of Selectman and the Town Administrator stating the same information regarding our role in this entire circumstance.
Minutes: After minutes are read, Debby motions to accept minutes of 3/28/13 meeting. Motion is so moved.
National Grid: Bill Cundiff will send 1 more final email to Bob Russell. If he does not answer, a memo will be sent to Town Council to advise.
Water & Sewer: Water is on at the cemeteries. Debby will call and check the status of the leaky faucet.
Gates at South St. Cemetery: As per Shirley, we need a welder to come and fix/weld the lock/latch on the newly repaired gates on the end. She spoke to our landscaper, Bruce Burnett and he might know someone who can help us. Shirley also mentioned to Bruce about scooping out some under the gates. He will look into it.
Inspection of Cemeteries: Debby suggests that we go and check out the cemeteries and make a list of what needs to be done as far as cleaning them up etc. Shirley suggests that we have our landscapers accompany us. Shirley will set up meeting.
Correspondence: Receive Invitation from Greater Worcester Community Fund for a fundraising event on the 29th of May. Also receive our monthly statements. Will hold onto until next meeting and turn over to Ginger.
Bills: We receive an invoice from A&B for the sum of $2100.00 for work done at Douglas Center Cemetery as well as a previous invoice for mowing at three cemeteries in the amount of $950.00.
Debby writes up two vouchers. One for A&B in the amount of $3050.00 and one for $750.00 for sandblasting of gates.
Next Meeting: 6/18/13
Motion is made to adjourn at 10:45 am. Motion passes.
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