6/3/2013 - Meeting Minutes

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6/3/2013 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:58 am

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Present: Linda Brown (Chairman), Tracy Sharkey (Vice Chairman), Brandi Van Roo, Michael Greco, and Stephen Zisk (Conservation Agent).
Absent: David Windoloski, Jack Pruitte, David Gallant and Maria Lajoie (Administrative Secretary).

1. Request for a Certificate of Compliance: Raymond & Michelle Perry, 102 Webster Street (DEP #143-0463). Mr. Zisk said he went to this site over the week-end and found no disturbance and the work has been completed. A Motion was made by Ms. Van Roo to issue a Certificate of Compliance, seconded by Ms. Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous. The Commission signed the Certificate of Compliance.
2. Violation: 92 Webster Street. Mr. Zisk said he noticed over the week-end that a driveway was being constructed along the side of an intermittent stream at 92 Webster Street. Pictures were taken by Mr. Zisk and shown to the members. Ms. Brown asked if they are working in the buffer zone and Mr. Greco asked if work was done in the stream and Mr. Zisk said the driveway is located within 20-feet from the stream. Mr. Zisk prepared a Violation Notice stating that the owner must cease and desist all work and to attend the 6/17/13 meeting at 7:00pm. A Motion was made by Ms. Van Roo to issue a Violation Notice to 31 Maple Street, LLC, seconded by Ms. Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous.

7:15 PM (NOI) #143-0854 PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED – 12 Meeting House Lane, Lot #27 / KTKM REALTY TRUST
Present on behalf of the Owner was their representative Robert Poxon of Guerriere & Halnon. The project involves the proposed grading for the driveway and side yard of the proposed single family home, a portion of which falls within 100-feet of a bordering vegetated wetland. A revised plan was submitted dated 5/21/13 moving the driveway and well outside the 100-foot buffer zone (north). There will be 720 square feet of disturbance within the buffer zone. Ms. Sharkey asked if the septic system was located in the same spot and Poxon said no it is located in the side yard and was moved from 43-feet to 28-feet away from the buffer zone. After discussion, a Motion was made by Ms. Van Roo to close the Public Hearing and issue an Order of Conditions, seconded by Ms. Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous. The Order of Conditions was signed.

1. Order of Conditions: KTKM Realty Trust, 8 Meetinghouse Lane, Lot #28.
2. Full Circle Tree Care. Zisk said the work has not been done yet at the conservation land off Cummings Court but will ask for an original invoice from the owner when the job is completed.
3. 1 Laurel Glades. Zisk said the owner started working on the wall but had to stop because the water is now too high. Correia is in the process of going before the Zoning Board of Appeals for a Special Permit and will then come back to the Commission for an Order of Conditions.
4. Meeting Minutes of 5/7/13. The members have not had a chance to review them. They will be approved at the next meeting.
5. Meeting Minutes of 5/20/13. After review, a Motion was made by Ms. Sharkey to approve the Meeting Minutes of May 20, 2013, as amended, seconded by Ms. Van Roo. Vote: Unanimous.

At 7:32pm, a Motion was made by Ms. Van Roo to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ms. Sharkey. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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