6-18/2013 APPROVED meeting minutes

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6-18/2013 APPROVED meeting minutes

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:30 am

Cemetery Commission

Meeting called to order: 10:12 am
Quorum is Present: Commissioners Shirley C.; Debby H.; Ginger Petraglia

Reorganization: Debby H. motions to nominate Shirley C. chairperson, Ginger P. 2nds, motion so moves. Ginger P. motions to nominate Debby H. secretary, motions passes, and Debby H. motions to nominate Ginger P. as treasurer. Motion passes.
Inspection of Cemeteries: Commissioners & Bruce & Bryan Burnett of A & B Mowing met and went to Douglas Center Cemetery where it was decided that additional clean up type work would be done. Commission decides to contact them and get an update on work for our July meeting.
South Street Cemetery Gates: Shirley got a quote from Atlas Welding for $800.00. This figure is only good for 30 days. Debby motions to accept quote. Ginger seconds. Motion is so moved.
Other: Mr. Johnson stops by questioning whether we sent a letter to the Building Dept. as well as the Board of Health and if so, why did he not get a copy. Debby explains to him that we did not send a letter as it was realized that a letter had already been sent in January of 2012 to the appropriate parties denouncing our involvement in any way with anything to do with the Quaker Cemetery. Mr. Johnson is given a copy of the letter that was sent. Debby explains that he would be getting a copy of the draft without signatures and he says it is ok just as long as he has something to be armed with.
Pine Grove Cemetery: Kathy Dwight of Cook St had contacted Shirley regarding the back of the cemetery that borders on her house. The grass and bushes are overgrown as well as there being a severe Poison Ivy situation. Shirley and Debby went out and assessed the situation; after which Shirley contacted A&B Lawn Mowing. They will take care of the situation. In the interim, Mrs. Dwight sent a letter to Shirley regarding the situation. The letter was dated June 4, 2013. It is decided that Debby will contact A&B to get the exact date the work was done and then send a letter to Mrs. Dwight to make sure she is happy with the situation.
Debby and Shirley, upon their inspection had noticed a severe infestation of some kind on the trees in the front. Shirley contacted Dewey from Full Circle. He presented two options. The first was to cut down and remove all debris from all 5 trees for the sum of $1500.00. The second option is to cut & remove all debris from the first tree and prune the other four for the sum of $500.00 and then plant 5 maple saplings behind the original trees, in case the remaining to eventually have to come down, for an additional sum of $500.00 bringing the total to: $1000.00. Debby motions to accept the second option for the amount of $1000.00 deferring work until after July 1, 2013. Ginger seconds, motion is so moved.
Other: Sue Perkins had contacted Shirley and informed her that one of the repaired stones were parts from two different stones. Debby had walked the cemetery and could not find anything that appeared mismatched. It is suggested that a meeting is set up with Sue Perkins so she can point it out to us.

Vouchers are signed
Next meeting: 7/23/13
Debby motions to adjourn, Ginger seconds. Motion passes.
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