8/13/13 AMENDED

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8/13/13 AMENDED

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:25 am

Cemetery Commission AMENDED

Meeting is called to order at: 10:10 am

MINUTES: Ginger P. motions to accept minutes as written; Debby H. 2nds. Shirley declares that motion is so moved.
Pine Grove Cemetery: A&B Landscaping has done the necessary work to the back of the cemetery. The tree work in the front has been taken care of by Full Circle. As per our last conversation with Dewey, he is looking for a good price on saplings that will be planted behind the spot where tree was removed as well as the four remaining.
South Street Cemetery: The gates are still in place as of this meeting. Another ride past will be made to check on the status of the gate repair. Debby will contact Sue Perkins regarding the stone.
Other: Paul Somers, a gentleman who did work for the commission, was promised a plot in the new cemetery. Debby will contact him.
Reorganization: A second memo was sent to Suzanne Kane regarding restructure of the Commission as per request.
Douglas Center Cemetery Wall Estimates: Shirley has turned all estimates over to Suzanne Kane. We have received estimates from Mr. DeGaetano and Mr. Bingston.
*As per Shirley, these historic walls are not protected by Insurance. It is agreed by the Commission that a letter be sent to the Board of Selectman requesting to be covered. Ginger wants to know what exactly is covered, if anything, in the cemeteries by Insurance.
*Pine Grove Cemetery: Shirley suggests that poison ivy spraying be added back to our maintenance. Dewey, Full Circle, suggests removing all trees, except the heartiest (to be used as a specimen tree), by the poison ivy.
*Shirley wants us to check when the “new” part of the Douglas Center Cemetery was purchased.

*Received memo from Treasurer/Collector regarding Foreclosed Properties in Douglas right next to the cemetery on South Street. It is agreed by Commission to talk with Mike regarding Town Funds being used to purchase this property.
*Another donation was received from Sharon E. Hobey & Rodger L. Comeau. Debby will contact the Greater Worcester Foundation for some kind of contact information so that the Commission may thank them personally.
Ginger P. motions to adjourn. Debby 2nds. Shirley declares that motion is so moved.
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