10/1/13 Meeting Minutes

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10/1/13 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
October 1, 2013
Location: Community Meeting Room Present: Shirley C., Debby H., Ginger P.
Meeting is called to order 10:00 am by Chair
MINUTES: Minutes of 8/13/13 are reviewed. Two changes to be made. Ginger P. motions to accept minutes as amended. Debby H. seconds. Motion is so moved by Shirley.
South Street Cemetery: Gates have been removed to be repaired. Shirley called John Furno to dig out dirt before gates go up to leave room below. Shirley suggests that Tommy T. be called and instructed not to put gates back up if digging has not been done as well as questioning about the right side panel or lack thereof.
Other: The “new” section of the Douglas Center Cemetery was purchased on 6/30/93.
Mr. Somers has chosen plots 473&474 as his choice. Deed will be written up and signed at our next meeting and sent to Mr. Somers along with one of our brochures.
Douglas Center Cemetery: Debby calls the Water & Sewer Department. The water will be shut off the middle of October and shut off valves will be stored at the Treatment Plant.
Insurance: Draft letter to the Board of Selectman has been gone over by commission. Changes will be made and sent accordingly.
OTHER: Debby suggests that we use the High School students to help clean up the cemeteries for the winter. Shirley & Ginger suggest that we speak with our groundskeepers first. Debby will contact.
An invitation was received from the Greater Worcester Foundation for an event on October 9, 2013.
Commission receives two bills for mowing. Debby hands them over to Ginger P. Ginger wrote up vouchers and had commissioners sign them. She brought them and invoices into Financial Office to be processed.
Next Meeting: November 19, 2013 at 10:00 am
Adjournment: Debby H. motions to adjourn. Ginger P. seconds. Motion is so moved by Shirley.
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