2/3/2014 - Meeting Minutes

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2/3/2014 - Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Present: Linda Brown (Chairman), Tracy Sharkey (Vice Chairman), Brandi Van Roo (Member), Michael Greco (Member), Jeremy Manning (Member) and Stephen Zisk (Conservation Agent). Absent: Maria Lajoie (Administrative Secretary).

1. ExxonMobil Pipeline Company (Roux Associates).
a. ROW Maintenance. Present was Eric Runstrom, Project Geologist and James Dick. A draft plan showing the pipeline running from east (Uxbridge line) to west (Northwest Main Street) was reviewed. Mr. Dick said that ExxonMobil is overdue for mowing maintenance. It was last done approximately 10 years ago. Mr. Runstrom said they will protect the resource areas. Mr. Dick said that they know of a turtle species in the area but have filed with the Natural Heritage of Endangered Species for wildlife habitats to find out about other wildlife and when best to mow. Getting a response could take up to 60-days. The Commission will be notified when they hear from NHESP. Mr. Runstrom said it would take one to two weeks to do the mowing. Ms. Sharkey asked if the mowing would be done before spring and Mr. Dick said yes and Ms. Brown asked if the mowing would be done while the ground was still frozen and Mr. Dick said hopefully yes. The Commission will be notified prior to the work being done. Mr. Runstrom said they would mow the areas that are frozen but they do have machinery and netting that can be used when the ground has thawed. Mr. Russell Gray of 206 West Street said he uses hand tools along his land near the crossing to maintain the growth and also said that Mr. Runstrom and Mr. Dick should check the pipe that crosses the stream and Mr. Gray told them that he is willing to help them and gave them his telephone number.
b. Order of Conditions for 455 Northwest Main Street. Mr. Runstrom told the Commission that they want to amend this Order. Updated plans showing a second location on the same resource area which would have less amount of alteration by moving out of the upland area were reviewed. Ms. Van Roo felt that this is a minor amendment. Ms. Sharkey asked if the open Order had been satisfied and Mr. Runstrom said yes. The Commission told Mr. Runstrom and Mr. Dick to file an Amendment to the Order of Conditions. Mr. Zisk gave them the instructions for filing an Amendment to the Order of Conditions.
c. Davis Street Property. Mr. Runstrom informed the Commission that he was going to be amending the Order of Conditions for the Davis Street property to wrap a longer area of pipe.
d. West Street Property. Mr. Runstrom said that this project has been postponed.
2. Russell Gray, 206 West Street. Mr. Gray said that his backhoe broke down on his property near the river while cutting a tree for the wood. Mr. Zisk went to the site after receiving a complaint. Mr. Gray said that the ground was dry when the backhoe broke down and he contacted the person (Mr. Whittier) that repairs his machinery and was told that he could not fix it at this time. Mr. Gray said that the backhoe is located in the lower part of the property and is no danger to the river. Mr. Gray told the Commission that he did as they asked by laying down tarp under the backhoe to protect the ground. Ms. Brown said that the Commission has received two complaints and the Commission needed to respond. Mr. Gray said he saw the person who complained on his property. Ms. Brown asked how close the backhoe was to the river and Mr. Zisk said 20-feet. Ms. Van Roo is concerned with someone fixing the backhoe that could cause oil going into the river 20-feet away. Ms. Van Roo feels there should be a timeline to repair the backhoe when it warms up. Ms. Brown suggested the Commission revisit this in the spring. Ms. Van Roo asked that the timeline be more specific. Ms. Brown asked that Mr. Gray be put on the agenda for April 7, 2014. Ms. Van Roo asked Mr. Gray to contact Mr. Zisk to tell him what he’s going to do prior to fixing the backhoe. Mr. Gray asked what he should do about the person who complained being on his property and Ms. Brown said it is out of the Commission’s jurisdiction but suggested that he contact the Police if it happens again.
3. Order of Conditions for Hemlock Street over Tinkerville Brook (DEP #143-0853): CDR Maguire. Present was William Cundiff, Town Engineer on behalf of this project. The Douglas Conservation Commission received a letter dated 1/27/14 regarding revisions to the original Order of Conditions (DEP #143-0853) as discussed and approved: the Low Flow Period shall be between June 15, 2014 and September 15, 2014. Also approved was the proposed permanent easement size being reduced; Utility Pole #5 at 28 Hemlock Street relocation; the Highway guardrail being shortened; the drainage pipe outlet being moved; and a split rail fence was added along the abutter’s property line at the road edge. Two trees that were requested to be removed no longer require removal.
The Commission felt that the above items are minor amendments being made to the project. Mr. Cundiff will contact Mr. Peter Wu of CDR Maguire.
4. Pole Petition: Locust Street, Poles #19 & 20. The Commission did not have an issue with this petition. Mr. Zisk will inform Suzanne Kane in the Selectmen’s Office.
5. Request for Extension of Order of Conditions: Eveningside Realty Corp, Conservation Drive, Lot #11R (DEP #143-0703). The Commission inquired whether this Order had any remaining years including the four years extensions from the State. Mr. Zisk said he would review the file to see if there is any time left on this Order of Conditions. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
6. 2013 Annual Report. Mr. Zisk submitted the report for the Commission’s review and approval. The members approved the report as written and asked Mr. Zisk to submit it to Suzanne Kane in the Selectmen’s Office.
7. Meeting Minutes of 1/6/14. A Motion was made by Ms. Van Roo to approve the Meeting Minutes of January 6, 2014, as amended, seconded by Ms. Sharkey. Vote Unanimous.
8. MACC Annual Conference. FYI. Ms. Brown asked the members to contact Ms. Lajoie if they are interested in attending. Ms. Sharkey said she was going.

At 8:20pm, a Motion was made by Ms. Van Roo to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ms. Sharkey. Vote Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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