March 4, 2014 Planning Board Meeting

March 4, 2014 Planning Board Meeting

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A joint meeting of the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen was held on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. Mr. Marks called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

PRESENT: Ernest Marks (Chairman), Eben Chesebrough (Vice Chairman), Michael Greco, Tracy Sharkey, Robert Werme, Jr., Michael Zwicker, William Cundiff (Town Engineer)
BOARD OF SELECTMEN: Tim Bonin (Chair), Keith Brown, Hal Davis, Mike Hughes, Kevin Morse, Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant)

1. Joint Appointment with Planning Board – Until Next Election
The members of the Planning Board joined the Board of Selectmen meeting, which was already in session. Mr. Marks called the meeting of the Planning Board to order at 7:15 PM. Ms. Suzanne Kane presented the applications. Ken Ballou joined the meeting to state his reasons for wanting to serve on the Planning Board. Mr. Marks informed Mr. Ballou of the meeting times for the Planning Board and clarified that Mr. Ballou intended to run for an appointment on the Planning Board at the May election, for a 5-year term.
Diana Dube also submitted an application, but was not present at the meeting. Mr. Davis spoke in favor of Ms. Dube’s appointment. A discussion was held. Mr. Chesebrough suggested that Ms. Dube be encouraged to apply to the Conservation Commission, as they have three vacancies. Ms. Dube stated an interest in that board. Mr. Marks would welcome a full member and an Associate Member to the Planning Board. Ms. Kane mentioned that an Associate Member is also a joint appointment.
Mr. Davis made a motion to appoint Ken Ballou to the Planning Board for a term ending at the next election. Mr. Hughes seconded the motion. Roll Call Vote: Tim Bonin – Aye, Keith Brown– Aye, Hal Davis – Aye, Mike Hughes – Aye, Kevin Morse – Aye, Ernie Marks – Aye, Eben Chesebrough – Aye, Mike Greco – Aye, Tracy Sharkey – Aye, Bob Werme – Aye, Mike Zwicker – Aye.

Mr. Chesebrough made a motion to adjourn the Planning Board meeting at 7:30 PM. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

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