Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday April 28, 2014
Mitch Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:35pm
Committee: Mitch Cohen, Tom Devlin, Bob Werme, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich

Financials: Thru 3/14: Wages: MTD: $2,338.79 YTD: $18,281.35, Repairs and Maintenance: YTD: $434.44, Advertising: YTD: $117.90, Legal: YTD: $7,745.00, Engineering/Architecture: YTD: $337.50, Office Supplies: MTD: $231.50, YTD: $862.27, Other Supplies: YTD: $49.98, Dues and Membership: YTD: $600.00, Equipment: YTD: $2,076.49. Total MTD: $3,164.04, YTD: $30,504.93.
Correspondence: Charter Annual Letter for Billing Practices and Equipment notices, samples. Commonwealth of MA: Rate regulation hearing notices. Note: News recently broke about Charter and ComCast co-announced a deal about purchasing Time Warner Cable, with some territory swapping to be done, possibly effecting Central MA, which means Douglas may become a ComCast area. The current license has protective language to ensure any change would be inherited by a new company.
Meeting Minutes: March 10, 2014: Tom motioned to accept, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor. Mitch gave an update from the Charter meeting concerning the new fiber lines at the Library and the Municipal Center.
Municipal 2nd Floor Buildout: DCAC had authorized up to $25,000 to help pay for the fire suppression system on the Municipal Building 2nd floor. Buildout has been put on hold until the Fall Town Meeting due to some questions raised by the Capital Improvement Committee about the scope of the fire suppression system, mainly if the entire building should be updated. Some consideration was given to the recent carbon monoxide leaks and whether or not the entire HVAC system needs updating as well. An article will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting in May to request funds for some general repairs of the Municipal building. Upstairs will not be ready for personnel until after the Fall meeting, but storage may be allowed after the kindergarten moves out this Summer.
Staff Hours: Pat provided a sheet detailing a per-pay-period example schedule with some fixed day and evening hours that he would start working towards. The Committee advised Pat to continue working towards a more regular schedule. Turnaround time has been faster and communications have improved with new hours. Tom mentioned that we should offer Pat to the School department to possibly help with their production protocol, as recent videos have had some audio issues. Mitch said he would set up an introduction for some possible recommendations.
Recording Assistant Policy Review: Second draft submitted of both policies. Mitch mentioned that Pat should use change marks in the future. Jeanne Lovett and Mike Guzinski weighed in on some small wording changes. Mitch asked Pat to send the drafts out to the recording assistants for any feedback before final approval.
Coordinator’s Report: Staff Review form submitted. “Goals” should be incorporated in the review of the Coordinator position, to be set at the next meeting. Each member will do a review and send to Mitch for averaging, which is then approved as a total review. Pat will be doing other staff reviews for June meeting. Pat submitted the March government monthly report of meetings covered. End of the fiscal year, Pat will run a summary so we can contact Committees with track record of “no show” or late cancellations. The taping of Open Mic Night at the Jenckes Store was successful. Pat used pieces of the recording rack to create a DIY “Flypack” for multi-camera recording. Without the promise of an actual production studio, perhaps a portable “Flypack” would prove more valuable to our needs. Pat was tasked to put together a recommendation, including a hard drive recorder and upgraded cameras. Pat submitted an email about a Post-NAB show at Access A/V in Concord NH on April 30, Committee was supportive of his attendance. The Winter video class has been completed, all projects have been submitted and final show has been taped.
Other Business: Possible State level debate may need to be recorded and/or hosted by Douglas.
Adjourn: Bob motioned to adjourn at 8:24pm, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
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