Minutes August 26, 2014

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Minutes August 26, 2014

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
August 26, 2014
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara VanReed, Betty Holden, Merritt Tetreault and Ramona Lachapelle
Absent: Danielle Morrow, Karen Boyle and Ann Carlsson

The meeting was called to order at 7:13 PM.

Minutes for the July 22, 2014 regular were accepted were accepted with an abstention from Lachapelle.

Treasurer’s Report
Lachapelle reported that as of June 30th the Library Fines account had a balance of $924.43; was any used in July?
The report was accepted unanimously.

Director’s Report
Carlsson has posted the first E-Newsletter on the website. The program, Book Sizzle, provided both staff support and a webinar. The Library staff is working on further refinements.

The Library’s LEGO club for young adults will debut soon.

One of the Library’s patrons, Chris Blatchford, approached Debbie Soderman and asked if she could paint the children’s reading room upstairs in the library to make it more appealing. For the past 2 weekends, Debbie, Gail Bowen, Jim White and Chris volunteered hours to paint. It is warm and inviting and a much welcome change from the peeling walls that were there previously.

Summer Reading Program is now over. Henry the Juggler was the last performer to which 71 children and parents attended. The final count was 86 children who participated in the Summer Reading Program

Library Incentive Grant/ Municipal Equalization Grant, LIG/MEG, is a grant received by certified public libraries in the state. There are two reports required by the State: in August, the ARIS Report, Annual Report Information Survey, lists holdings and circulation information for last year; in October, the Financial Report, a report of what was spent the previous year and what was received.

When the requirements for certification which include hours open, having a certified director, meeting the MAR (Municipal Appropriation Requirement), and spending 19% of the total operating budget on materials are met, the Library receives certification which allows for reciprocal borrowing privileges with other certified libraries as well as State Aid for LIG/MEG, approximately $7000 a year

Last year, the Library’s circulation was 48,572, a number that Carlsson feels illustrates that what the Library is doing and how the Library is doing it, is successful.

Chesebrough asked that Carlsson’s email list be updated to remove names no longer Trustees or emails that are not viable.

Old Business
Building Renovation
Biagioni will ask Carlsson to get an update from the Credit Union and Town Engineer Cundiff for the easement and ROW.

Phasing Construction
Carlsson included in her report which is attached to these minutes a letter from Architect VanVoorhis concerning different ways of approaching the building project. Biagioni will ask Carlsson to chat with Assessor McCay about reassessing the Library’s property. According to VanVoorhis, the assessment is what the MAAB uses to set a 30% limit from which the town does not need to address the Mass Architectural Access Board requirements.

Library steps and roof problems
Biagioni will ask Carlsson to check with Adam Furno how best to address the roof problem as well as why the estimate ($9,250) for the step repair by P&P General Contractors was different from the Dixon Salo estimate ($5,200). It was felt that since Dixon Salo had been paid $1,500 for their estimate, it should not have had such a discrepancy.

Chesebrough reported that the Friends are officially recognized as a non-profit organization by the Secretary of State’s office. She will next apply for an employee identification number from the IRS.

New Business
Chesebrough reported that Finance Director Lovett has requested an updated vote to authorize a primary and in their absence, secondary signers for the payroll. It was nominated, seconded and unanimously voted to authorize Merritt Tetreault as the primary signer and Ramona Lachapelle and Barbara VanReed as secondary signers.

Chesebrough noted that payroll for hourly paid Library employees was 14.4% over budget to date. There was opposition to allowing this line item to go over budget for FY 2015. There was much discussion and it was agreed that Biagioni would ask Carlsson to report back on how she will resolve this issue.

Biagioni reported that mulch has been placed at the Library and next on his agenda for the beautification project is lighting the sign and installing a flagpole.

The next meeting will be September 23, 2014.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary


I have looked the plans over some more since getting back from vacation last month and have a few thoughts for you...

One of the things I would recommend the town doing is setting the assessor's valuation of the library to a replacement cost value. That could be more than $2M. That will raise the amount of work that can be done in an initial phase without triggering the MAAB 30% limit and requiring the entire building to be brought up to the Mass Architectural Access Board requirements. Since the work will likely exceed $100,000, an accessible entrance and an accessible toilet room will be required at a very minimum.

This logically should be the starting point for your project. If you follow the design as a master plan that would mean that Phase I would include the addition (stair & elevator), one of the toilet rooms (I know there was discussion about the one on the first floor, but that may make the most sense for an initial phase), the elevator machine room, the new electrical service and fire alarm and a new boiler and mechanical room. The first phase would also require some site work, but perhaps require only a couple of accessible spaces in the back.

The other two toilet rooms, the bulk of the interior renovations, heating system distribution and piping and most of the power and lighting work could be delayed until a subsequent phase. I have done some quick math and the cost for the first phase would be approximately $750,000. That would be very, very close to the 30% trigger. Except for some of the site work that will have to be done over for the larger parking area and new exit, most of the work of Phase I will not be touched in the subsequent phases.

While Phase I will certainly be less expensive than the complete project, I think it is important to note that breaking a project down into phases increases the total cost of a project. The GC will have to mobilize a second time and the library may have to relocate a second time. There are fewer economies of scale and some pieces of the work will need to be redone as part of the later phase. All of these issues add cost to the project. It is difficult to be specific about how much that will add, but 15-20% seems like a reasonable figure.

My work will take the better part of two months (four weeks for the drawing revisions and three weeks for the revised cost estimate) and my fee for this work would be $15,000.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.


Charlie Van Voorhis, Principal

Durland • Van Voorhis Architects
PO Box 1169
Mattapoisett, MA 02739

508.993.6567 w
508.277.9225 c

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