February 24, 2015 Planning Board Meeting

February 24, 2015 Planning Board Meeting

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A meeting of the Planning Board was held on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. Mr. Marks called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM and announced that the meeting is being recorded and will be available on cable and on the website.

PRESENT: Ernest Marks (Chairman), Ken Ballou, Eben Chesebrough (Vice Chairman), Michael Greco, Tracy Sharkey, Robert Werme, Jr., Michael Zwicker, William Cundiff (Town Engineer)

1. 7:06 PM ALLEN G. RILEY: Application for a Preliminary Subdivision Plan Entitled “The Lane at Hunt’s Pond”, 229 Main Street & 175 Main Street.
Eric Bazzett of Heritage Design Group and Mr. Riley joined the meeting to present the plan. The plan is for a 32-lot subdivision on 43 acres. They are proposing two roads into the subdivision. There is a single wetlands crossing on Road A. There is town sewer and town water on both roads. They hope to save a cottage and a barn at the end of Road A.
They have asked for waivers. The most important waiver concerns the width of the right-of way. The subdivision regulations call for a 60 foot wide right-of-way with sidewalks on both sides. The applicant would like to have a 44 foot wide right-of-way with 24 feet of pavement with a sidewalk on one side so that the lots can be larger. Mr. Cundiff stated that several years ago, discussions were held regarding changing the layout from 50 feet to 60 feet. They found that the 50 foot layouts were too narrow. He would like the Board to consider keeping the right-of-way at 60 feet. Residents usually maintain up to the edge of the sidewalk.
Regarding granite curbing, Mr. Cundiff asked the applicant to consider granite headers on the catch basins and structures. Mr. Bazzett agreed.
Another waiver is for the street jogs. The requirement is for 125 feet from the center line. Mr. Cundiff does not feel that this waiver would cause a significant issue.
Mr. Cundiff stated that the current plan leaves the existing lot, map 170 parcel 28, at the end of The Lane without frontage on a way. He consulted Town Counsel who stated that this would qualify as a modification under Chapter 41, section 81W and recommended that the applicant’s submittal be done through a modification process. Mr. Cundiff believes they can work with the applicant on the schedule. The modification would combine map 170 parcel 28 with the cul-de-sac. Lot 3 has a similar problem.
The area is very congested. The applicant has not done a traffic study yet. The residents of Cummings Court performed their own traffic study. Mr. Cundiff will share that information with Mr. Bazzett. One intersection in this area would be preferable to two. Mr. Cundiff feels traffic will be the biggest issue with the project. Ms. Sharkey spoke about the dangerousness of the area based on her personal experience.
Mr. Cundiff feels that waiving the grade requirements for the intersection of Road A and Road B may result in an unsafe intersection. Mr. Bazzett will wait until the definitive plan to provide better information on site distance. Mr. Cundiff stressed that Mr. Bazzett should try to meet the regulations. Mr. Cundiff stated that the Safety Committee members will go over the plan at their next meeting.
Mr. Cundiff suggested the applicant consider having a paper projection, with no intention of constructing anything, going to the projections that are left at Brookside Estates.
Mr. Bazzett has looked at a flexible development for this site but the optimal development was the VR zone.
A discussion was held regarding the waiver request for the width of the right-of-way. The Planning Board would like to keep the right-of-way at 60 feet and only one curb cut.
Drainage and diversion of stormwater was discussed. The applicant will include an operations and maintenance plan for all the stormwater components with their drainage analysis. Mr. Cundiff asked that the basins be as close to the road as possible and have the outlets go overland.
The Board does not care to see trees planted along the side of the road and suggested the applicant ask for a waiver to allow for just a grass strip.
Mr. Bazzett described the plan if they were to only construct Road A. The existing driveway would be used, and a new driveway the same width would be built. The new driveway would not provide road frontage. Mr. Cundiff stated that the Town has had a bad experience with that situation with lots being created on emergency access roads. A discussion was held. Mr. Zwicker suggested stopping the road at the old Schuster house. Mr. Bazzett was in agreement. He will need a waiver for length.
The Board was in consensus for the following: one road with no emergency access road, right-of-way width of 60 feet, no trees planted along the road, applicant’s proposal for site distance on Road A is fine, one sidewalk is fine, utilities underground. Mr. Bazzett will need to show locations for a central mailbox and utilities. The applicant needs to consider the traffic and parking issues with a central mailbox. The Board would like to be sure there is lighting on Rte. 16.
The Board commended the applicant for presenting a preliminary plan. Mr. Bazzett and Mr. Riley left the meeting.

2. 8:17 PM PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED: DIANA DUBE (SR141112). Application for a Scenic Road Permit, 69 Oak Street.
Mr. Marks continued the public hearing. The applicants were not present. It was decided to continue the public hearing where final action will be taken.
Shirley Mosczynski, 60 Oak Street stated that water drains along the applicant’s leach field into her pasture. She is concerned that a break in the applicant’s leach field would leak onto her land.
Mr. Chesebrough made a motion to continue the public hearing, Diana Dube (SR141112), Application for a Scenic Road Permit, 69 Oak Street to March 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

1. Stonegate Estates Modification Plan Endorsement. Norm Gamache of Guerriere and Halnon joined the meeting. Mr. Cundiff stated that the second modification plan, which was approved by the Planning Board, was never recorded at the Registry of Deeds. A discussion was held. There were no objections.
2. ZBA Application: New England Realty Ventures, LLC, 74 Main Street (Drive-through window). Ms. Sharkey had no objection to the application, as long as the traffic issues are addressed. The presence of a drive-through window or kiosk requires a ZBA Special Permit. Mr. Ballou feels the drive-through could be located at the back of the building.
3. ZBA Application: Islamic Society of Greater Worcester, 170 West Street. Mr. Zwicker stated that the application is for a frontage variance on West Street to allow 200.91 feet of frontage for a cemetery instead of 300 feet. No hardship was documented. There was no letter from the Building Commissioner. A discussion was held. The Planning Board objected to the application. The lot meets the current dimensional requirements for the zone for allowable uses, but does not meet the frontage requirements for a cemetery.
4. Cardinal Drive: No Build Covenant. Mr. Cundiff stated that Town Counsel reviewed the covenant and had no objections. The mylar was signed and Mr. Cundiff will give the mylar and the covenant to the developer.
5. Meeting Minutes: 2/10/15
Approval of the February 10, 2015 Planning Board meeting minutes was deferred to the next meeting.

1. Stonegate Estates Modification Plan
2. Cardinal Drive: No Build Covenant.

Mr. Cundiff stated that Gleason Court will be going forward with a layout and acceptance with the Board of Selectmen, and he is working to get Old Carriage Lane accepted as a public way at the Town Meeting.

Mr. Greco made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:57 PM. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

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