Personnel Minutes 2015-04-28

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Personnel Minutes 2015-04-28

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April 28, 2015
Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, , Kristen Stevens, BettyAnn McCallum

 MINUTES: Minutes from March 24, 2015, accepted as amended.
 SICK LEAVE: Many non-union employees were in attendance to ask questions about the new sick leave policy. Since neither Mike nor Jeanne was available, the Board was unable to answer any of their questions. Mike will schedule a meeting with employees regarding the new policy which has already had 3 readings at Selectmen’s meetings and been approved. It will go into effect on July 1st.
 CYBER-STORAGE: Kris has done a great job of organizing the information for this. A grievance form and the Policies & Procedures Manual will have to be added to our site.
 DOUGLAS HOME PAGE: The Personnel Board should be listed under committees & boards. It was unclear whether Suzanne could do this or if John Ducharme would have to do it. Ellie will email Mike regarding this and ask him to email us the latest copy of the Policy & Procedure Manual that he has.
 POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL: BettyAnn will try to finish this for the next meeting.
 PERSONNEL BYLAW: The bylaw in use needs proofreading. There are several errors.
 POSITION EVALUATIONS: Kristen provided the Board with a spreadsheet updating all of the positions and the ratings for each.
 JOB DESCRIPTIONS: We still need the following job descriptions:
Combined Sr. Center Director/Outreach worker
Board of Health (title and hours)
Facility Maintenance (titles and hours)
Fire Department-various positions
 NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 19, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. Ellie will
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