BOS - October 27, 2015

BOS - October 27, 2015

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Board of Selectmen
October 27, 2015
Municipal Center Resource Room

7:00 PM

• Call to Order
• Pledge of Allegiance

1. Review, Approve, and Sign Special Town Meeting Warrant for November 16, 2015

2. Old/New Business

3. Adjournment
October 27, 2015
Approved - December 1, 2015

Call to Order
Mr. Hughes called the Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting to order at 7:03 PM in the Town Administrator’s Office at the Municipal Center.

Board: Mike Hughes (Chairman), Tim Bonin, Hal Davis, David Cortese, Kevin Morse (Vice Chairman), Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator), Jeanne Lovett (Finance Director), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant)
Other Staff and Citizens:

• Pledge of Allegiance (00:16)

1. Review the Special Town Meeting Warrant. (00:42)
In the packet is a draft Special Town Meeting Warrant and a budget abatement estimate from TRC Solutions.
Mr. Guzinski stated that only two changes have been made since the last meeting: a number has been added to Article 10 and Article 3 had an item removed that decreased employee benefits.
Article 10 relates to the HVAC, roof and windows for the municipal center. The original estimate for mediation was $15-20,000. The architect found this amount to be closer to $140-150,000, which would be a 33% increase in the cost of the project. Mr. Guzinski reviewed the cost estimate. The funding source for this would be Free Cash.
TRC will do some research to see if sealing the floors with three inches of concrete is allowable. The most expensive part of the mediation is dealing with the soil. The crawlspace is entirely soil. Mr. Guzinski is investigating to see if insurance will cover any of the costs associated with the recent boiler fire claim. He feels they will have to go to Town Meeting with the assumption that they will not be reimbursed for that.
Ms. Lovett stated that $398,623 from Free Cash will be used if all articles are approved at the Special Town Meeting. She reviewed Free Cash.
Mr. Guzinski stated that he will be meeting with the insurance company and continue to pursue more effective methods of remediation. He will be meeting with the Capital Committee next week to discuss in detail. The Finance Committee will be meeting next Monday to vote on their recommendations on the articles.
Mr. Guzinski explained the underestimate of the environmental remediation. There is no guarantee of what the bids will come in at. The priorities for the municipal center are as follows: HVAC, roof, windows.
Article 12 is the Economic Development Initiative which is asking to transfer $15,000 to pay for consultants for planning and grant writing associated with economic development. It may be a consulting firm or the Town may bring on a part-time economic development professional. Mr. Guzinski does recommend that the Town continue to invest in working to increase economic development in the community.
If the article reads “consultant” the Town may not be able to hire an employee. The language in the article could be left as is, but the motion may be more precise. The BOS leaned more toward hiring an employee vs. a consulting firm. Mr. Guzinski will check with Town Counsel to see if the language in the article can be changed to read “…to pay for consultants and/or the salary of an economic professional…”
Mr. Morse made a motion to approve the Special Town Meeting warrant as amended and to sign the warrant. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. All-Aye.

2. Old/New Business (23:59)
Old Business: In response to Mr. Bonin’s inquiry, Mr. Guzinski stated that they are still trying to get the exact number for the close out for the school building project. The Town is still in discussions with their OPM regarding fees. A final settlement with CTA cannot happen until their settlement with Travelers Insurance is finalized.
The third party consultant has provided some clarity, and they are waiting for Heery to respond regarding the current offer. Nothing will be settled until the School Building Committee approves a negotiated settlement.
New Business: There was no new business.

3. Adjournment (26:05)
Mr. Morse made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:28 PM. Mr. Cortese seconded the motion. All – Aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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