BOS - February 9, 2006 - Personnel Bylaw Workshop

BOS - February 9, 2006 - Personnel Bylaw Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
February 9, 2006
Personnel Bylaw Workshop

Douglas Board of Selectmen
Personnel Bylaw Workshop Minutes
February 9, 2006
Approved February 20, 2007

Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the workshop to order.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, David Furno, Executive Administrator-Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant-Suzanne Kane
Dave St. George-Personnel Board and Clark Rowell-Financial Counsultant

Dave Furno – left the room during the Bylaw discussion.

Mike (Handout)- the Personnel Board has submitted a Draft Bylaw and Policies for the Board to review. Taken off the Warrant last fall due to questions regarding bylaws vs policies and to come back after further study. Employees requested the following be considered for the Warrant:
Holidays- Day after Thanksgiving added
Sick Days- Sick Leave Buyback and Sick Leave Conversion Provision
Tuition Reimbursement- New Section
Longevity- New Section
Met with FinCom to get feedback. In full support of Tuition Reimbursement as it benefits both the Town and employee.
Longevity- Implementation cost to the Town $28,500 per year. Police Union currently has it.
Sick Leave Buy back- Cost would change year to year based on the buy back. Depends on how many people have maxed out their sick leave. Review of 90% of employees the cost at this point in the vicinity of $7000- $10,000 per year but would fluctuate year to year.
Police do have this conversion in their contract. A different structure is set up that is not a cash provision-it depends on the number of sick days used per year.
Sick Leave Conversion- Have to put together total liability, you can’t guess year to year, not knowing how many people will be retiring and how much sick time they’re going to have. Possible domino affect with the school.

Congratulations and a great credit to the Personnel Board for an outstanding job.

Discussion/Questions: In comparison with Police Contract: vacation days the same, Police have a floater holiday, tuition reimbursement-every Police Officer can go to one class per year up to $2000 per class. Salary vs. hourly rate employees, a week is a regular work week-what you’re scheduled to work. Sharon is putting together everyone’s current accumulations, sick time and vacations starting July 1st which will be tracked permanently and be on their pay stubs. Town Clerk will have the official copy of the Bylaw, as far as the policy, the pages should be properly identified on the bottom that it is an official copy. After Town Meeting, April 3rd that should be an item for the Board to review and vote on.
Dave St. George- reminded that Sick Leave Buyback takes affect after the employee has accumulated 120 days. He informed the Board that the next task with the Personnel Board is to go through the step program.
Future meeting with FinCom and Personnel Board – Tentatively March 1st or 2nd.

Dave Furno- returned to the meeting.

Yacino Settlement Spring 2005-$767,000 Mike & Clark Rowell: Mike – at the time thought the best course of action was to borrow those funds, DOR approved, payment was made April of last year with approval at Special Town Meeting for bonding that amount. Clark put together a letter to the Governor with a request to file Legislation to allow the Town to go ahead and borrow necessary funds. He then gave a history of our trying to lobby our cause with the DOR.
Clark- Sorry we’re here talking about this. Borrowing authorization was intended to refund the “General Fund”. Per DOR, judgments to be paid off in one year. In September Bond Counsel had issued a prelimin stating we may borrow, but they didn’t realize judgment had been paid. Possible solutions: #1-Avoid DOR all together, have Bond Counsel approve borrowing and back date to June 30, 2005. #2-At Town Meeting the Town authorized a borrowing under C 44 S 8, § 9 which allows for emergency borrowing. Could not be done. Another approach is that the Selectmen ask the Governor to file an emergency bill and that’s where we are now.
Discussion: Paula- Doing the tax recap effectively for example, once you go through all Town Meetings for a fiscal year, you pretty much know the information that’s going to be on that recap. Part of the issue is this has dragged on so long and now feel more under pressure, should have been some review or process to have in place. When voted at Town Meeting, it should’ve started some actions for completion. Clark- This is an odd situation because when Sharon and I first realized this was unraveling not very well, she looked at that warrant that authorized the payment that’s the first time she saw the “Johnson Letter”, which promptly went to DOR to see if we could make this payment without appropriation. Your answer for future years is to make sure it is comfortably done before June 30th. Mike- Another fact that we were between accountants was huge that’s a check and balance that was lost in the process. We have a very conscientious accountant now who is very detail oriented and she assured this would not happen while she was watching the accounts. By the time Mike Daley came on that time had already passed. Dave F- What happens if the Governor doesn’t do a Special Act for us? Clark- Something like this there is just no reason why it would not happen at some point in Legislature. At some point a trip into Boston may be necessary. I will have Jim Johnson contacted to let him know the Town is going to put a Special Act through. Shirley- Make sure we have the proper information and if there’s anything we can do, contacting the Reps etc. We need to get this through. Spoke to Rep. Kujawski last night and will call Sr. Moore’s office tomorrow. Mike- contacted Sr Moore’s aid Tim Hoppi today and the Senator will deliver this to the Governor for us tomorrow or Monday.
Motion - Paula Brouillette to approve the request for a Special Act of the Commonwealth as presented. Seconded – Dave Furno. All - aye.

Old / New Business:
Free Cash:
Mike Daley trying to crunch and push those figures along, estimate of $450,000.
Interim Highway Superintendent: Spoke to Town Counsel today regarding John’s 90 day appointment. It would continue on even after expiration of 90 days unless the Board takes other action. Agenda: the 21st.
DPW Special Act: First Draft for the Board to review and get their feedback in a couple weeks. Sent to Town Counsel.

Permanent Building Committee:
Final meeting today, no more meetings planned unless requested. They’ve done a really nice job putting the draft together that will be checked by Bill Cundiff and hopefully the final draft will be added to the meeting on the 21st. Tom Descoteaux mentioned maybe being on the Permanent Building Committee.

Adjournment- Dave Furno made a motion to adjourn at 7:29 pm.
Seconded – Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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