BOS - February 21, 2006

BOS - February 21, 2006

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Board of Selectmen
February 21, 2006

6:30 pm
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Chief Appointment

7:20 pm
5. TIP and Fire Inspection Policy

6. Extension of Interim Highway Superintendent’s Appointment

7. Town Use: USPS – Senior Center

8. Email from Library Trustees – Library Building Committee

9. Open Warrant

10. Minutes: May 4, 2005; Nov. 1, 2005; Nov. 1, 2005 Executive Session;
Nov. 15, 2005 Executive Session; Nov. 28, 2005

11. Old / New Business

12. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
March 7th:
7:15 pm Common Vic. License – Jumbo Donuts
7:30 pm Common Vic. License – Subway
7:45 pm Cable Committee Update
8:00 pm Perm. Building Committee

TBD: Audit w/School
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop with FinCom / Personnel and Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2006
Approved September 5, 2006

 Workshop with FinCom and Personnel:

Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette – Vice Chair, Rich Preston and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Absent – Executive Administrator Mike Guzinski and Dave Furno.
Personnel: Christine Hall-Chair, Cindy Levin, Ray Timpone, Dave St. George
FinCom: Pam Holmes-Chair, Todd Bari, Mike Hughes, Jerry Kocur, Gene Morin, Jim Roche
Others: Police Chief Foley, Kim Yargeau, Patti Brule, Chris Furno, Ricky Colonero, Beth Mackay

Shirley – Welcomed both Committees and invited them to join the Board. The workshop was posted and being taped not visually broadcast.
Discussion: Issues with “Sick Leave Buy Back” and “Longevity”. “Cost of Living” and “Steps” wasn’t anything the Personnel Board changed, has been in existence for a number of years and will be looking at those next and how surrounding Towns handle them.
-“Sick Leave Buy Back” – The Personnel Board looked at theTowns of Charlton, Dudley, Blackstone, Northbridge and Grafton and compared their policies with our Police and School Contracts. They felt appropriate to present it for review and getting feedback from the employees regarding comparison with the Police Contract. Proposing a bylaw consistent with surrounding Towns and Police contract which is much more generous. There is no abuse with sick time; the benefit to the Town would be considered an incentive, a reward to foster a more positive work climate and good recruiting tool.
Shirley – Mike G informed that it would change from year to year but the cost would be anywhere from 7 – 10 thousand dollars the first year.
Audience – The teachers got it when they retired so the checks were much larger and there was a bigger financial impact then. With the Police contract, they’re getting days versus a payout. Sick leave conversion versus sick time buy back, are both paying 50% upon retirement.

-“Longevity”– Same process used as “Sick Leave Buy Back”. The proposed Longevity Bylaw is identical to the Police Contract. Out of the five Towns above-two have longevity, one starts at fifteen years. Paula – Supportive of and thinks it should be comparable across all contracts whether they’re individual or union. Rich – Important distinction is the Police re-negotiate and can change, where this we’re codifying as a bylaw. I think there is real merit in that review. If there was some mechanism to force you to review it and bring it forward every few years, I don’t think that would be a bad thing. Questioned how easy it would be to revisit year to year. Chris – They can be modified or revised on an annual basis just like our pay scales. It could be part of the Bylaw stating it requires the Personnel Board to bring it forward every three years. Pam – The problem is that you’re working with a range of salaries and not dealing with the problem of retention as the Police department was. Chief Foley – It’s a way of rewarding people for being here. Ray – There are going be those who will perceive it to be out of line and bring it to peoples attention. One of the reasons why many of these are being addressed in the bylaws as they have been for this presentation, is because people have raised questions about what’s appropriate and what’s valid and going forward we’re going to see the same thing. Paula – Need legal opinion if expiration dates will pass legal review, whether you can vote something at town meeting or not. Dave – On the front of the document print “Adopted at a certain year until?” Shirley – Mike gave us a figure of $28,500 a year, very minimal compared to other things.
Questioned the number of Towns surveyed, union vs non-union employees, hours worked, source of funding, looking at full packages-i.e. health insurance, making sure competitive, sustainable costs. Risk of union community, positive work environment.

-Tuition Reimbursement – Possibly the Town would come up with a pool of money on a yearly basis. Help to benchmark and forecast for future years. Subject to approval of municipal funds.
Shirley – Put “Sick Leave Buy Back” and “Longevity” on the warrant for STM April 3rd which will be opened tonight at the Selectmen’s meeting.

Questions / More Information Requested:
-Check a few more communities of similar population
-Cost associated with the School
-Legality of Expiration Date
Adjournment-Rich Preston
made a motion to adjourn at 7:10 pm.
Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

1. Call to Order: Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette – Vice Chair, Rich Preston, Dave Furno and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Absent – Executive Administrator Mike Guzinski
Others: Police Chief Patrick Foley and Fire Chief Donald Gonynor
Keith Stratton, Gabriel Koneczy, Jacob Bloniasz, Chris Nelson-Bar Manager of the Blackstone Valley Beagle Club, Roger Manyak-President of the Board of Directors & Jim Kocur-Bar Manager of the Slovak Catholic Sokol Club. T&G Reporter-Steve Foskett,

2. Chair Announcements: (NO Backup) Shirley – read a letter regarding our Town Collector Pamela Carter being awarded The Designation of Certified Massachusetts Municipal Collector. A certificate was awarded on December 14th at Holy Cross College after successful schooling and testing was completed.

3. Citizen’s Forum: No One Came Forward

4. Chief Appointment Recommendations: Police Chief Patrick Foley named the following to the rank of part-time officers: Jacob Bloniasz-Douglas, Gabriel Koneczny-Charlton and
Keith Stratton-Uxbridge. During the course of their field training they were given three written exams and are being cross-trained. Rich – I believe we’re viewed as having a very professional Police Department, it’s a measure of good choices in our personnel and good leadership.
Motion – To approve those recommended by the Chief to the rank of part-time patrol officers. Rich Preston – So moved. Seconded – Dave Furno. All - aye.

5. TIP and Fire Inspection Policy: Suzanne – Chief Foley presented the memo regarding putting together a TIP (Training Intervention Program) Policy. The Board voted to have it sent to all liquor license holders-mailed out during the renewal process-and get their feed back.
- Tip: (Draft Handout) Rich – I think it’s important to clarify what is required in terms of collecting the information and presenting the information Chief Foley– Basic premise is to bring all alcohol serving establishments into same compliance and have documentation (certificates) readily available for law enforcement agencies to meet the criteria of the law. Also, who ever is in charge of dispensing and selling and either have a book with that information or given to the Police Department. Roger Manyak, Jim Kocur and Chris Nelson-The course taken was a life-time course, why re-new every three years? Chief Foley – So everything is up to date, the laws and rules are constantly changing, it’s the standard in the valley and can be done on a yearly basis at the time of renewal-you attach a list of everyone that has a certification rather than have it at their place of employment that could be gained by anyone.
Objection to giving out social security numbers-Chief Foley explained it’s a way of identifying people. (#3 Social Security Numbers will be taken out of the draft.)
Motion – to approve as amended the “Town of Douglas Training Intervention Program Policy” Rich Preston- So moved. Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

- Fire Code Compliance Policy: (Handout) Chief Gonynor- By enacting this policy of the Town-If you’re going to do business in the Town of Douglas you’re going to abide by the rules and regulations of storage of flammables, anything the Fire Department can enforce on you. The Board can dictate how to enforce or how severe to have this policy. Basically when a new business comes to Town hopefully they go to Adelle (Building Inspector), and the Fire Department can be part of it by inspecting the premises upon completion. I want to make sure the residents of Douglas know they are protected. Most businesses need a business certificate and there are established businesses that don’t realize that. That’s a policy on your part as the Board whatever the certificate looks like to have a place for the Fire Department to sign and every October when we do our fire inspections we know where they are. Chief Gonynor – The DBA (doing business as) are on the “radar” and we’ll keep track of them.
Motion – Rich Preston made a motion to approve the “Fire Code Compliance Policy” as presented. Seconded – Dave Furno. All - aye.

FYI-The Carbon Monoxide Detector Law is coming into effect March 31st – Every residential home and land lords to comply in the Commonwealth that burns a fossil fuel. January 1st of 2007 – the hardwiring goes into effect – of any new home built, business or establishment that burns a fossil fuel or has an area where you can reside over night.

6. Extension of Interim Highway Superintendent’s Appointment: (Handout) Shirley – Town Counsel informed Mike G, the position was still in effect for John Furno until the Board makes any changes. It was recommended the Board vote to extend the position for another ninety days which will bring up to the Annual Town Meeting.
Motion – Rich Preston made a motion to extend the appointment of Interim Superintendent of the Highway Department to John Furno for another ninety days.
Seconded – Paula Brouillette. All - aye. Abstain - Dave Furno.

7. Town Use: USPS Postmaster Installation – Senior Center March 23, 2006 from 12 – 5 pm.
Motion- Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the use of the Senior Center for the Postal Service on March 23, 2006 from 12 – 5 as presented. Seconded - David Furno. All – aye.

8. Email from Library Trustees – Library Building Committee: (Handout) Shirley read the October email voting to support the dissolution of the Library Building Committee. The Board has since met with the Trustees, again reiterating this request. Paula – Concern that the Board has an evaluation done of the building and what needs to be done so that it’s not managed on a crises basis. The Committee already had prepared plans for the addition. Shirley – Also requested a report from the Americans with Disabilities Act for a five year plan not yet received. Rich – In a transitional period and very close to having a “Permanent Building Committee”.
Consensus of the Board-Hold on Dissolution-Send letters to both Boards to obtain existing
information on the status of the building.

9. Open Warrant: Shirley – Mike G recommended the Board open the Warrant.
Motion – Rich Preston made a motion to hold a Special Town Meeting on April 3rd, 2006 to be held at the High School Auditorium at 7 pm. Seconded – David Furno. All – aye.
Motion - Paula Brouillette made a motion to open the Warrant for the Special Town Meeting on April 3rd, 2006. Seconded - David Furno. All – aye.

10. Minutes:
-May 4, 2005 Joint Workshop with School and FinCom:
Motion –
Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the minutes of May 4, 2005 as presented. Seconded – Rich Preston All - aye. Abstain - Dave Furno.
-November 1, 2005: Motion – Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of November 1, 2005 as presented. Seconded – Rich Preston All - aye.
Abstain - Dave Furno
-November 1, 2005 Executive Session: Motion – Rich Preston made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of the executive session of the Board of Selectmen November 1, 2005 as they are presented and released to the public. Seconded – Paula Brouillette.
All - aye. Abstain - Dave Furno
-November 15, 2005 Executive Session: Motion - Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the Executive Session meeting minutes of November 15, 2005 and release to the public. Seconded – David Furno. All – aye.
-November 28, 2005: Motion – Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of November 28, 2005 as presented. Seconded – Dave Furno. All - aye.
Abstain - Rich Preston.

11. Old / New Business:
-Old:4Town Group – Paula –
Joint meeting with the Selectmen (Sutton, Uxbridge and Northbridge) on Thursday night here at the Resource Room.

-New: Charter/Bylaw – Paula – Some residents aren’t sure what we’re trying to do. As a point of interest:get recommendations from General Code Publishers and DOR on Website
-Put on website “Looking for Bylaw Committee Members”
Concensus of the Board -
to put both on the Town website.

-Mass Electric/National Grid Open House – Shirley and Dave attended. Making progress doing up-grades that will affect us. Low voltage still on Rt 96, South Street-Mike Peterson made aware of the problem.
-CMRPC Shirley – No one was able to attend these meetings regarding traffic. Requested Rich write down some of our concerns and will forward this input to CMRPC.
-Town Government Fair Day – Rich:Thursday, April 13th , open to the public.
- Cable Committee – Rich: Video Production Classes – Starts Thursday March 2nd, from 7 – 9pm for 8 classes. Open to the public, information will be available in the Selectmen’s Office.

12. Adjournment- David Furno made a motion to adjourn at 8:25 pm.
Seconded – Paula Brouillette. All – aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

Jane L. Alger, Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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