BOS - November 28, 2005 - Workshop Superintendent Search

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BOS - November 28, 2005 - Workshop Superintendent Search

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Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop With Interim Superintendent Bob Melican
Superintendent Search Meeting Minutes
November 28, 2005
Approved February 21, 2006

Call to Order: Madam Chair Shirley M. Mosczynski called the workshop meeting to order in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center at 7:00 pm.
In Attendance: Paula Brouillette Vice-Chair, David A. Furno, and Executive Administrator Michael J. Guzinski.
Others: Pamela Holmes FinCom Chair, Bob Melican Interim Superintendent, Caroline Willard Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Tom Devlin Cable Advisory Committee Chair and Ann Hackett Devlin.
Absent: Richard E. Preston

Shirley introduced Bob Melican who came to the workshop to discuss and receive input regarding the search for the new superintendent. Bob offered his time and has set up various dates and times to conduct “focus group” meetings. He will be putting together a brochure that will go out to everybody about the position and the Town of Douglas probably in January 2006. The only cost will be for the postage to send it out.
Suggestions: Dave-someone who will work with all the boards-priority number one. Shirley-good communication skills not only working with the boards but also communicate with them. Honesty, integrity, accountability. Pam-team player, knowledge of Mass General Laws that not only pertains to school. Paula-financial skills-working in a team environment to get that done. Accepting of direction from people who perhaps have more experience and knowledge of an area of all the Towns goings on. Mike-someone willing to have an “open door” policy as far as willing to meet with him either here at the Municipal Center or at the school office, and for people in general on a regular basis. Someone that’s not “green” going into this position. Bob agreed professionalism is important however there is a need for ethics. The preference to get someone “as seasoned” as we can get but the position will be filled if someone has the right potential and characteristics.
Salary Issue-Bob thought it was on the high side but Douglas is now in the Central Mass belt and salaries are increasing everywhere.
Skills-Paula-the Administration empowers the kids to interact. Not only being involved with the peer groups, but encourages the kids to take part in the community. Bob told of an example-The first time a student saw the superintendent (of his school) was when he graduated and received his diploma. Shirley-getting knowledge of resources within the community and use them to bring into the school.
Bob asked the following:
Top Five/Six Qualifications Wanted-team player, open door policy, communication, accountability, experience, finance. The new business manager position will be hired by the new Superintendent.
What challenges/tasks do you expect the new Douglas Superintendent to undertake within the next 6-12 months? Some people think they’re going to come in and change the world that first day. Staff issues will need to be addressed again and will be brought up to the Selectmen and FinCom. Pam-the system is out of skew, it needs to undergo a total review of what programs are currently on board, whether they address what parents are looking for in regards to MCASS scores and fundamental education and whether they are within the realm of possibility with Douglas and it’s finance. Paula-within 12 months-not an immediate priority. Capital planning and the planning for the buildings and space the kids are going to occupy. If we have a plan that we’re going to continue occupying the same buildings and school buildings for 20 years what’s the minimum we need to do? What’s the state of the art people would like to see? What can we afford? The Old Elementary which is the oldest building needs updates and probably needs to be done in the next year. Bob met with Mike today for a tour of the Municipal Center as potential future use for the school. Shirley-more important to make sure the students pass MCASS and SATS. Paula-challenge with the previous superintendent-a new person coming in will have to deal with past perceptions. Shirley-the new person will have to earn creditability. Pam-the School Committee has to be strong and do their job. Dave-nobody is slipping anywhere now they have to stay on top. School Committee does not always see what’s going on-negative things at the school.
To Rap Up-Paula stated it seems completely obvious but needs to be said. We as adults are working for the best interest of the kids and the town. That’s the biggest task any of us can undertake. Bob agreed so true. Have to keep preaching what’s the best for the children. Shirley-they are the future of the community, the country and the world.
Information-Bob commented this is good information for the screening Committee. The ad (for new Superintendent) will get in the paper, the mass mailing will be done and hopefully will have someone signed up to start July 1st (2006). Bob would like the person to work a few weeks prior with him on the job.
Feedback-from the “focus groups” would be interesting to see

Shirley thanked Bob for asking for the Boards’ input and wished him well, then asked if anyone had anymore to offer.

Adjournment-Dave Furno made a motion to adjourn at 7:37 pm. Seconded-Paula Brouillette.

Respectfully submitted,

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