8/9/2016: Public Shade Tree Hearing, Webster Street

Public Hearing Notices.

8/9/2016: Public Shade Tree Hearing, Webster Street

Postby Maria Lajoie » Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:34 pm


In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 87, Public Shade Tree Law, Section 3 (Cutting of Public Shade Trees; Hearing; Damages), the Town of Douglas Planning Board and the Tree Warden will hold a Public Hearing for MassDOT and the Town of Douglas to prune and remove trees that are dead or dying or impede the safe travel along Webster Street (Route 16) in Douglas. This work is being performed in accordance with a road safety audit performed by Hoyle Tanner & Associates, Inc. The specific trees to be removed are as follows:

Westbound on Route 16 (Webster Street):
Between pole 9 and 10 one 28”oak
Between pole 30 and 31 two 12” maples
Between pole 41 and 42 one 10” maple, one 12” maple, one 16” oak
Between pole 43 and 44 one large oak with three 18” spokes
Between pole 51 and 52 two 8” pines
Between pole 55 and 56 two 18” oaks
Between pole 74 and 75 one 10” oak
Between pole 75 and 76 two 18” oaks
Between pole 81 and 82 two 10 “ maples
Between pole 84 and 85 four 10” chestnuts and one 6” oak
Between pole 86 and 87 one 18” oak
Between pole 88 and 89 one 10” maple
Between pole 101 and 102 three 12” maples

Eastbound on Route 16 (Webster Street):
Between pole 24 and 25 one 24” pine
Between pole 51 and 52 one 14” oak
Between pole 54 and 55 one 10” maple

The Public Hearing is being held on August 9, 2016 at 7:45 in the Community Meeting Room, Municipal Center, 29 Depot Street, Douglas, MA.

Any person interested or wishing to be heard on the above matter should appear at the time and place designated.

Ernest Marks, Jr., Chairman
Planning Board

Leon Mosczynski
Tree Warden
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